10 mistakes not to make in the event of a heat wave

10 mistakes not to make in the event of a heat wave 61b0f8c32e1dc

How to keep your house cool? Find out what not to do to keep out the heat.

In France, the heat wave is announced when the minimum temperatures, especially at night, are above 20 ° C and the maximum at 33 ° C for at least three days. During these hot periods, it is essential to protect your home and to adopt good habits to cool your home as much as possible. Decryption of the mistakes not to make!

1. Open windows during the day
On hot days, outside temperatures are often higher than those inside. Even the wind is hot, so keep it out at all costs by closing all windows between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Also avoid any contact with sunlight and keep your shutters, blinds and curtains closed during the same time slots. In short, make sure you live in a vampire lair to be sure to keep the house cool …

2. Sleep with the windows closed
On hot nights, don’t try to protect yourself from mosquitoes or street noise by closing your windows. Take advantage of the only time of day when temperatures drop below 30 ° C to refresh your interior. This is the best time to freshen up a bedroom before sleeping. Tips: If the mercury does not drop enough, copy our grandmothers by hanging wet cloths at the openings. As the water evaporates, it will create a much appreciated sensation of freshness.

3. Point the fan towards you
After braving public transport in 40 ° C, you are naturally tempted to stand in front of your fan when you get home. However, this is not the best solution for freshening up a room. Air should be circulated throughout the room for optimal ventilation. Tips: As with windows, perfect your fan by placing a wet towel in front of it. Another trick is to place large bottles of frozen water next to the device. You almost feel like you’ve turned on the air conditioning.

4. Turn on the air conditioning to maximum
Your home has an air conditioning system and you tend to push it all the way to cool yourself down faster. End this habit, which is dangerous for the body. Going from 35 ° C to 20 ° C in no time can indeed cause thermal shocks, ranging from loss of consciousness to respiratory failure. So make sure that the temperature difference between the room and the outside does not exceed 8 ° C, as recommended for health. Professional tips for choosing the right air conditioning system

5. Drying your laundry in the garden
You need your favorite pants for tomorrow and you have decided to dry them in the garden with the rest of your things. Bad idea: You’d better find another outfit for your date and hang out your wet laundry indoors. Water and humidity are known to cool the atmosphere during a heatwave.

6. Cooking hot
Forget about casseroles, gratins and other roasted meats for your meal tonight. It is preferable not to use ovens, hotplates and electrical appliances which may create heat and warm your interior. Plus, in this weather, your guests will be delighted to taste fresh, raw foods like salads, gazpachos and other ceviches. Also avoid turning on the blender and use your hands.

7. Turn on all the lights
No matter their size, light bulbs produce heat. In order not to increase the number of hot springs during a heat wave, it is advisable not to turn on all the lamps at the same time. One light is enough to see clearly. Also note that the light attracts mosquitoes after dark.

8. Have a TV night
Like all other electrical devices, such as a computer, the TV creates heat when it’s on. So now is not the time to throw a retrospective of your favorite director and spend the whole evening in front of a screen in a non-air conditioned room. You will be much better outdoors enjoying the breeze.

9. Mowing the lawn
Beyond the physical effort that it represents, not recommended in very hot weather, mowing the lawn is not good for your garden ecosystem. In a heatwave or drought, a taller lawn shades the soil and keeps plant roots cool. By letting it grow, you protect the plants in the garden.

10. Watering the garden early in the morning
Watering early in the day is not beneficial for plants because water evaporates too quickly with heat. It is therefore best to do this in the evening, just before dark when the sun goes out. If the heat wave is not accompanied by a drought, bring an abundant amount of water to the base of the plants to minimize their suffering.

What are your reflexes in the event of a heat wave? Share your tips in the comments.

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10 mistakes not to make in the event of a heat wave
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