10 steps to follow before embarking on the renovation of your kitchen

10 steps to follow before embarking on the renovation of your kitchen 61b0f981d65d0

The secret to successful cooking? A well thought out project and skillfully distributed costs. Explanations

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the central rooms of the home and must adapt to the pace of life and the daily needs of each of its inhabitants. In particular, it must be able to combine speed of execution (increased use of the microwave by the youngest) with the parents’ demands and desire for expression (arrival in homes of household appliances formerly reserved for children). professionals). But the rising cost of housing often forces households to make more concessions. So even as the kitchen gets one of the biggest budgets allocated to the home during its villa renovation in Dubai, it fits into ever smaller spaces.

A kitchen is renovated on average every 23 years, it is better not to go wrong when choosing its layout and equipment! To help you, here are 10 steps to follow before you get started.

1. Determine your budget
The cost of a kitchen varies depending on its size, finish and appliance equipment. For an entry-level kitchen, budget between € 1,000 and € 5,000 depending on its size. A mid-range cuisine varies between 5,000 € to 10,000 €. For a custom-made kitchen with quality materials, you will have to pay more than € 10,000.

2. Define your current needs and anticipate your future needs
A family does not have the same expectations as a single person. The majority of families prefer to move towards separate or semi-open kitchens rather than American kitchens which will appeal more to singles or young couples without children.

3. Define a space
Before going to see the kitchen designer, it is important to define the space in which your kitchen will fit. This space is conditioned by the proximity of the evacuations and water inlets. Remember to choose a location as regular as possible because the reverse will force you to order tailor-made and increase the bill.

4. Consider the practicality of your kitchen
It is important to choose the arrangement of each piece of furniture. The dishwasher near the sink, the oven preferably halfway up, storage near the hotplates for pots etc. The practicality of the kitchen will be real if the location of the furniture meets your daily habits.

5. Consider furnishing solutions
Many innovative storage solutions can save space. To get around the difficulty of accessing your utensils stored in a corner cabinet, consider installing “ magic-corners ” or even carousels. They will allow you to have easier access to your items.

6. Define the finish of your furniture
Kitchen designers have developed a multitude of coatings. Polymers or melamines, these linings are distinguished by their ease of maintenance, but they are sensitive to heat. Lacquered doors are more sensitive to scratches while solid wood, a noble and resistant material, requires light maintenance. New coatings such as granite, Corian or porcelain stoneware are also appearing on high-end facades.

7. Opt for a worktop and a splashback
Again, there are plenty of choices available to you. Materials such as granite or porcelain stoneware stand up to all tests. Corian, quartz, wood, laminate or stainless steel are more sensitive to heat and / or scratches. For the splashback, it is important to opt for a washable surface at the level of the cooking plates in order to easily clean any splashes of grease.

9. List your household appliance needs
The opening up of kitchens to living rooms has prompted builders to work on product aesthetics. Built-in appliances, more expensive than freestanding ones, fit in and out completely in the kitchen, which also saves space on the worktop.

10. Request a 3D plan
3D makes it possible to materialize the kitchen in space and to realize the final rendering of what you have chosen. Using 3D to project yourself is to avoid disappointments on arrival and misunderstandings with the architect or the kitchen designer.
10 steps to follow before embarking on the renovation of your kitchen

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