104 free fonts to create your logo

104 free fonts to create your logo 61b083e9c9550

How good a logo looks is largely determined by the performance of the font you choose. It’s great if he is able to provide high-quality brand awareness. From this it follows that the chosen lettering style must be unique, but easy to read. A well-chosen font will help a company stand out from the crowd of similar brands. One of its functions will be to convey the basic idea of ​​the organization, so the designer should pay due attention to the style choice.

The font used in the logo should meet not only the requirements of uniqueness and consistency, but also relevance. A correctly chosen style of the inscription should serve the company for many years, and not become outdated in a couple of months.

When choosing a font for a logo, problems with licensing restrictions may arise. To avoid legal trouble, designers are committed to leveraging publicly available free fonts for branding. Typically, the use of these headsets is allowed in commerce. For start-up companies, free fonts are a great way to save money as they don’t have to spend on paid versions.

Font value

With the help of a special font, a company at the initial stage of its development can declare itself on the market and attract potential buyers. Also, a well-chosen logo text style creates a pleasant impression of the brand among clients.

There are no specific requirements for the typeface used – for example, light or massive, or elegant or business. It is important that the font suits the brand, conveys its essence and the main characteristics of the products it sells. Even if a person does not understand design and advertising at all, he can still easily determine if the logo is designed poorly and does not at all harmonize with the main idea of ​​the brand.

Serifs are for and against

All fonts can be divided into two groups, based on the presence of serifs in the letters. In each of them, you can choose the right option for yourself, but this makes the selection process even more difficult. There are no hard and fast rules about where you can or cannot use a particular font, but there are basic guidelines for applying them in a logo.

A font with serifs will look more serious and formal than without them. The other group’s typefaces are more suitable for brands positioning themselves as a modern and dynamic company. You can use decorative fonts, but this is not the best option, as the lettering will be difficult to read.

List of the best free fonts for logo design


butler бесплатный шрифт

The letters in this font have small serifs, and their style resembles Dala Froda and Bodoni. When developing it, the designer relied on the ideas and main features of the ageless classics. This font is optimal for a logo that is planned to be placed on large advertising media. Also, this style can be used when printing posters, designing book covers and trending items. The main purpose of this font is to indicate the elegance of the presented product.

Butler has 7 types of stencil and regular style, as well as ligatures, numbers and fractions. Central Europe uses it heavily, so it is freely supported by some foreign languages.



The letters in this font are rounded and not serif. Moreover, all their lines are of the same thickness. The style of the font reflects the spirit of modernity, and its appearance is perfectly harmonized. It is rather uncomplicated, but it looks good on the logo.

The inscriptions made in the Arciform font are used on the signs of brands specializing in the sale of perfumes, cosmetics, products for children and even software. This font has Cyrillic support and can be used in personal and commercial projects.



The specified font was created based on classical proportions, and has some similarities with ancient Latin characters. The austere touches preserve historical traditions, but at the same time look quite modern. It is advisable to use it in any lettering if you want to focus on elegance.

You can use this style in your logo and not be afraid that the sign will go out of fashion. But if in the future it is planned to change the direction of the company’s activities, then the use of this font should be reconsidered.

Cinzel looks great on digital projects as it reads well on the screen. The font is supported by most European languages, but does not have Cyrillic support.

Download CINZEL font



Has a distinctive elegance and attractiveness. The letters have an elongated look, which is similar to Bebas, which was created by designer Ryochi Tsunekawa. This font style has gained wide popularity, which is why it is equivalent to the free version of Helvetica.

The developers of the creative studio called Fontfabric have created 4 types of font styles: Thin, Light, Book and Regular. When creating a logo design, you can use any of the variations presented. Attention should be paid to the peculiarities of the brand, opting for the optimal look for your company.

Developed new styles do not change the main idea of ​​the original font. This is the presence of clean lines, elegance of forms and ease of reading. We can say that this style is suitable for any logo due to its fairly universal characteristics. The font is publicly available and has Cyrillic support.

Download BEBAS NEUE font



Serifs are great for logo text when you want to use a font that is light and elegant. The creator is Vernon Adams, who tried to create a style that acts as a new version of the vintage typefaces of the typographer Vincent Figginsom. The final result of the designer is clearly not worse than the initial versions.

In the style of the inscriptions, echoes of the early slab type, which were at the height of fashion in the 19th century, are visible. It is optimal to use it in a logo if the emphasis is on its durability. The name of the typeface comes from the name of the Scottish novelist Alexander Trokka. Supported by most European languages, no Cyrillic.

Download TROCCHI font



The font group consists of 18 style variations, 9 of which are italics. A distinctive feature of this style is its excellent readability, which allows it to be used in logos implemented in a digital environment. It was the classic grotesque fonts that laid the foundation for the origin of this family.

The letters are distinguished by the presence of a certain roundness, which makes them look friendly. The lettering in this font is easy to remember. It is a versatile option for use in a logo, as it is suitable for almost any brand. Also used in headings and text blocks. The font is available for free and has Cyrillic.

Download GLOBER font



An example of a modern geometric font with massive strokes and obvious serifs. It was developed based on the ideas of the Camton typeface group, which was distinguished by neutrality, simplicity and tightness of forms. We can say that Choplin is a derivative of the letter from this font family. But at the same time, the font acts as an independent unit and is actively used to create a bright and memorable logo.

It can be used in the development of application design for gadgets, print production and corporate design. It has many variations, so you can choose the most suitable one. The font has 2 free versions, but they do not have Cyrillic.

Download CHOPLIN font


Created as a corporate typeface for the Wang & Lynch brand. When creating it, the designers relied on the styles of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras, but they tried to give the symbols more modernity. In the final font, you can trace echoes of retro, reflected in the simplicity of the shape and contrast of strokes.

The font combines massive and super thin lines, which is clearly different, although not for the better. This option is not recommended for creating web products, since the written text will be

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104 free fonts to create your logo
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