5 reasons to install a live chat on your website

5 reasons to install a live chat on your website 61b08a6e386d7

What a frustrating situation it is to visit a website and not be able to answer a question immediately because it is not possible to communicate with the brand directly and expeditiously.

Well, that’s exactly what your visitors (actual and potential customers) experience if you don’t have a direct communication channel on your website. In that sense, live chat has proven to be the best option.

According to information released by SuperOffice, live chat is the channel with the highest customer service satisfaction with an astonishing 82%.

Attention via mail has 61% satisfaction, while calls have 44%, almost half of the satisfaction of live chat!

That is why we prepared this list with 5 reasons to install a live chat on your site if you don’t have it yet (or put it to better use if you have forgotten it).

(KIT) Use of Technology to sell better and faster

Learn how the use of Technology can help your sales team to increase the sales of your company efficiently.

1. Direct communication in real time

The reason why other communication channels do not satisfy consumers is the waiting time to obtain an effective response.

While a response via email or social media can take days and telephone attention several minutes, an average live chat query is answered in 46 seconds.

If you know the hours your audience visits you, you have enough online customer service agents and you acquire the appropriate tools, the quality of your attention takes a turn for the better, which not only translates into more satisfaction for consumers, but in a better use of opportunities to generate leads and sales.

A maxim of digital marketing says that your true audience is the one that is in your contact list, that is why it is necessary to generate conversions from those who follow you through networks.

But it’s worth going a step further and saying that your audience is never as close to you as when they are on your website. Having a live chat means making a direct communication channel available to your visitors to answer their questions at key moments.

Having a live chat allows you to be in contact with your client in a different way.

No matter how complete your Buyer Persona is and how perfect you think you have designed your Buyer’s Journey, there are always ways to improve them. And a live chat can help you more than you think.

2. Get to know your audience better

In addition to responding to their queries, you can also adopt a more proactive attitude and be the one to write to them. This function is known as proactive chats or invitations .

The best live chat tools include a feature to monitor visitors , which lets you know exactly which page of your site they are on.

You can use this to your advantage to schedule messages when they visit you on specific pages, such as on a product page. You can also use proactive invitations to help them find what they’re looking for on your site.

Not only will this help you generate more sales, but the ability to monitor your visitors will help you get to know your audience better.

From this information, interesting conclusions can be drawn on how to improve your up-selling and cross-selling , as well as possible effective promotion strategies and a better knowledge of the route that do before buying.

3. Attention 24/7

Live chat is not only immediate, it also provides availability that other customer service and support channels cannot.

While it is true that you can have an attentive team to answer emails and take calls at any time, live chat has an unbeatable auxiliary tool, the chatbot .

The best tools in live chat include a chatbot or allow integrations with one, so that you can schedule responses for visitors who enter your site at times when there are no customer service agents.

In case the chatbot cannot answer a question, you can leave a contact form for an agent to take care of the matter. Something that undoubtedly helps improve your KPIs related to getting leads and converting them.

Chatbots can also serve as a filter and answer the simplest questions, so that agents take care of the most complete queries of proactive chats

Going back to the 24/7 point of care, it’s no secret to say that human agents experience fatigue. And while by voice it can be difficult to serve with the same animosity at the end of a long work shift, the best live chat tools have quick messages and automatic responses that allow you to always maintain the quality of care, no matter the time.

Some E-commerce activate promotional strategies for a limited time. Keeping the chat active at all times, including at night and at dawn, could enhance the results of this strategy.


4. Another platform to promote your offers

There is a lot of talk about mailing as one of the marketing tools with the best ROI (3,800% according to HubSpot figures). However, its effectiveness is strictly tied to the open rate and the average value of the products , so the metrics for sending bulk emails can be somewhat misleading.

On the other hand, live chat is also among the marketing channels with the best ROI, with the difference that it is a format that successfully fulfills the mission of having your message read.

You can use it to inform your customers about an offer or promotion, you can even experiment by using this channel as the only one through which to do a certain promotion and thus you can better measure its performance. You can even promote your lead magnets , it all depends on the phase of the marketing funnel the visitor is in.

5. Eliminate the language barrier

If you have a live chat, you can have multilingual customer support , even if you or your team only know one language.

A great advantage of these tools is the ability to provide answers in various languages. Although it all depends on the capacity of the tool you choose.

The best ones guarantee you at least the most used languages, although many offer some more exotic ones. Before choosing, keep in mind the location of your audience.

Phone calls do not yet have a live translator function, and using translators to respond via email can lead to misunderstandings, as it is usually a more formal communication. The informality and straightforward nature of communication via live chat makes translated communication much more effective.

Install a live chat on your site and transform your customer service into a tool that really serves effectively and will also help you sell.


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5 reasons to install a live chat on your website

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