5 stylist secrets for the perfect look


Every girl dreams of having a magic wand that will turn a pumpkin into a carriage, and home clothes into a ball gown. Today I will be your fairy godmother and reveal little secrets about style so that everyone has such a magic wand.

First, let’s figure out what it means to be stylish?

Someone may understand by this the need to be fashionable, and even sometimes confuse these concepts. For some, this is just a beautiful and harmonious image. For someone, oversize cannot be stylish, but for someone – ruffles and lace. Everything is individual. But still, I would like to talk about how we, stylists, define this concept.

A stylish image is up-to-date, modern styles, a harmonious combination of colors, prints, textures, interesting and appropriate use of accessories. But first of all, it is a reflection of a person as a person, his tastes and values, his character and preferences. Clothing is a peculiar way of self-expression that distinguishes us from each other. Well, great, you can relax and not chase fashion, you say. Indeed, you don’t need to chase fashion, and you can’t keep up with it, but it’s still better to be aware of modern and current styles.

I will reveal to you 5 win-win tricks that we, stylists, always use when building any image.

1. VerticalsAlways stretch any image and make it visually slimmer.

Verticals can be not only in the form of the usual stripes for us, but also in the form of an unbuttoned blazer or shirt. The arrows on the pants will also create an extra vertical line. Verticals can be located both on shoulder (upper) and waist (lower) products. By the way, this rule also applies to the selection of accessories and even hairstyles.

2. Layering

For several seasons, multilayer has been holding its leading positions. Moreover, this technique is relevant both for the female image and for the male one. By adding one or two additional layers of clothing, we allow the eye to travel, we increase the number of so-called “routes”. Thus, I would like to consider a well-assembled multi-layered image.

Also, this technique helps very well to correct various flaws in the figure with the help of additional vertical or horizontal lines, various textures and colors. This is achieved, among other things, due to the fact that the gaze does not cling to “imperfections”, but focuses on clothes, on the same lines and “routes”. Autumn is ahead and this is a great time to create layering.

3. Accents

We place accents correctly. We emphasize what can be emphasized. It sounds a little ridiculous, but examples will make it clear. For example, we emphasize the waist only if it is pronounced. We emphasize thin wrists with bracelets or watches, and thin ankles with socks or shoe straps.


4. Color

It is a well-known fact that color greatly influences the subconscious of a person. Each of the shades has its own character and message. Therefore, using this or that color in our wardrobe, we communicate something to the people around us. For example, blue means calmness, reliability, consistency, depth. Red – strength, passion, drive, determination, danger. And pink speaks of tenderness, care, some childishness and naivety.

However, if we talk about using color as a stylistic device, then there are a lot of ways. And the topic of color deserves a separate article. But the simplest thing is to add 1-2 color accents to a neutral base or to put together a monochrome look. Colors achromats (white, black, gray) are also colors, and they can also be worn stylishly, but here a lot depends on what styles (how modern they are) are used and how to combine them.


Any look will be incomplete without accessories. This includes jewelry as well as bags and shoes. Sometimes they can be part of the overall image, and sometimes even serve as an accent. In the modern world, more and more people prefer the second option. Accessories can radically change the mood of the image, the degree of dressiness and even the style. Feel free to experiment: choose glasses with unusual frames or wear shoes in a bright color to the monochrome base image and see how things immediately sparkle with different colors. With the help of small details, a casual look can be easily turned into an evening outfit (by changing your handbag or wearing bright earrings).


5 stylist secrets for the perfect look

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