5 tips for your company to succeed on Black Friday

5 tips for your company to succeed on black friday 61b08990103f2

Black Friday is one of the most important dates for companies because we can considerably increase our sales. This event is originally from the United States and kicks off the Christmas shopping season, with significant discounts. This 2021 will be held on Friday, November 26.

We want your company to take full advantage of this event, so in this blog we leave you 5 tips for your company to succeed on Black Friday.

1. Create a marketing strategy

Most important of all: PLAN. You must have your marketing strategies in mind at least a month before. To succeed on Black Friday, you have to be one step ahead of our competition.

It is important that you also establish a communication plan with your prospects and clients. Try to start communicating your promotions a week before the date so that your prospects are aware and consider you for their purchases. This can be done through email marketing campaigns and on social networks.

We also recommend taking out blogs in advance that you can help your prospects decide on your product, and that way, they are prepared to make the purchase on Black Friday.

2. Establish the products / services that will be promoted

If you have a wide range of products, you will surely know that there are some that are more attractive to customers. Identify which ones you can get the most out of and above all, prepare your stock !.

For products that have not sold as expected during the year, Black Friday can be an opportunity to give a great offer, sell them off and then lead to new products.

3. Build trust

A large percentage of sales on Black Friday are online and it is not a surprise to find fraudulent online stores.

Your online store must generate trust and for that, there are some things you should consider, for example:

  • Have high quality and real images of your products.
  • Offer guarantees to your clients.
  • Offer various payment methods.
  • Show reviews from past buyers.

Visiting a secure online store is considered a decisive purchasing factor for people.

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4. Check what type of promotion you are going to offer and which one you can get the most out of for your business

  • Months without interest plus some discount percentage.
  • 3 × 2.
  • Offer a complementary product to the one that the user buys (example: make a package that includes a bucket of paint, primer, brushes, etc)
  • Promotions with participating cards.

What is the promotion you offer, analyze it and check that it leaves the highest profits for your company and at the same time, that it is attractive to your prospects and clients.

Black Friday

5. Follow up after Black Friday

Whether they bought from you or were only interested in your product, offer a follow-up.

During Black Friday, look for a way to obtain the data of those people interested in your product (example: a form in a LP), so you can later increase your database and have marketing automations >, which will be an excellent way to provide personalized communication.

You can reduce manual labor and increase efficiency, making your clients or prospects feel more satisfied with your attention.

Create workflows that lead your leads along the most effective path to better clarify their doubts, and that at the same time, make them more interested in your company, nurturing them so that in the future they can be your customers and achieve loyalty with them.

You can also communicate future discounts or new product launches. You can do this through tools like RD Station Marketing.


Now you know! Focusing on a plan, having good communication about what you are going to offer and being able to follow up on your leads, is the best thing you can do for your company to succeed on Black Friday.


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5 tips for your company to succeed on Black Friday

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