6 tools for creating a brand

6 tools for creating a brand 61b095fa4a105

A brand that needs to reach and convince customers needs a professional image. We will advise you on how to give your brand an effective visual appearance so that you can start presenting it on social networks, business cards, a website and in e-mail.

We’ve already written about how branding works. Today we focus on online tools and resources that you can use for free or at low cost. We’ll show you how you can design your own logo, website, professional email signature, and visual style for posts on social networks . If you start a business and don’t have a big marketing budget , our tips will come in handy.

1. Find a free domain

It starts with the domain. And sometimes it ends – when the “yours” is not free and the thinking starts again. Therefore, it is good to have several variants of the brand name ready. Verifying free domain names at DOMAIN.com is easy and speeds up your work. We have some tips

for inventing a striking domain name.

2. Logo design


You can design the logo yourself and for free in the tool Canva . You can choose from the proposed compositions and complete the logo yourself. The tool is very easy to use. In the design, you can change colors, sizes and font styles, add illustrations and various graphic elements, which are available in Canva (and most for free). Finally, you can download the design as png or jpg (pdf is also possible, but we recommend the first two formats for the logo).

Logo designed in Canva


In the Logojoy you will be even easier . You enter the name of your company (or your name), slogan or subject of activity. Then you can choose from a menu of different styles, colors and possibly graphic motifs on different topics. In a short time, Logojoy will serve you several variants of the logo and a visualization of your brand. You’ll see your logo printed on your T-shirt, business cards, signboard, and letterhead.

Návrh loga použitý na tričkuNávrh použití loga vytvořeného v nástroji Logojoy

You can further edit the logo, change the text, colors, fonts, and add graphic symbols.

A simple, low-resolution design is available for $ 20. You can get a design in various formats and colors, plus a graphic manual, business card designs and telephone support for $ 65. Disadvantage: Not all fonts in Logojoy know Czech diacritics.


The Logocrisp tool works very similarly . You enter the text, the field of your activity, you choose from the menu of styles and you immediately get countless different proposals. You can further customize each of them.

Návrhy loga pro instalatéra z nástroje Logocrisp
Logocrisp Installer Logo Designs

For $ 19 you get a jpg logo a png. If you pay extra, you will also receive your logo as eps, svg, pdf, png and jpg, as well as social networking materials, favicons, watermarks, cover images on Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube and a brand manual (for $ 34).


Branding in these tools and in Tailorbrands differs mainly in the payment model. You will pay as a subscription for outputs here. With an annual payment, the basic logo variant (high resolution, transparent png variant, landing page, seasonal logos, brand strategy planner) will cost you $ 2.99 per month. The Premium option costs $ 9.99 per month.

3. WebsiteMockupy vytvořené v nástroji Tailorbrands

Web Business Card

Click Web Business Card in a sleek design you can handle in a quarter of an hour . Including buttons on social networks, maps and other elements. You can choose from sixteen font and color combinations, insert your logo and your own cover photo. You will receive a free Business Card for each domain registered at DOMENA.cz . We will guide you through the Business Card step by step .


Tool Webnode offers more advanced features, but you’ll pay extra for a site on your own domain. It will allow you to create a personal or corporate website or e-shop according to one of the templates, of which there are a large number. Using Webnod is very easy, you can immediately see what your website will look like.


Web design in Mioweb combines the benefits of a content management system WordPress with an editor where you can see the result right away and you can rearrange the individual blocks of future pages to your liking. It does not offer a free variant, but a domain is included in the price of the subscription. MioAcademy is useful, where you will learn how to create and manage pages.

4. Professional email signature

An email signature lets you promote your brand seamlessly – with every message you send. You don’t just have to have an address, phone or logo in your signature. For example, photos will introduce you to people with whom you are only in e-mail contact. The notice of a new article or e-book will get you more readers. You can easily create a signature in the email signature generator . You choose a color solution (again with the option to insert HEX code ) and you can also add an action button that brings people to the website (such as upcoming events).

Ukázka podpisu v e-mailu - tvorba značky nesmí zapomínat na detaily

5. Branding using fonts

Well-chosen and consistently used fonts will subconsciously associate people with your brand . Every document that customers receive from you will bear your hallmark. The good news is that many fonts are available today for free and with Czech accents. You can find them, for example, on the pages Czech fonts or Typo.cz (which also offer a list of quality websites with Czech fonts) . Another free resource is Google Fonts. At It’s time You can find samples of them and instructions for using them on the web. You can find a lot of useful information about how the font affects readers (and customers) on the psychologiefont.cz website.

6. Social graphics

The clear winner is the Canva tool, which offers social media contribution patterns prepared in the prescribed dimensions. Here you can create collages, combine images, illustrations and text, change fonts and colors (including entering HEX code ), and insert your own photos. You can download the finished designs in png, jpg and pdf formats and also save them under your profile.

6 tools for creating a brand
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