Advantages of the blog: do you need one as a company or professional?

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Blogs are of fundamental importance in our visibility and the construction of our brand on the internet. In the case of companies, this visibility and this reputation are correlated with the acquisition of new clients. We learned its usefulness from the rise of the first blogs in the early 2000s, which came to surpass the conventional media and content writing services in dealing with topics that interested them.

The popularization of social networks (which are actually microblogging tools) has led to people questioning the advantages of the blog today, but in reality neither Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, nor any other can substitute , at least for now, to blogs. And the reason is very simple: it is one thing to be a speaker and generate conversation and another to produce quality content . The first does not lead to the second and instead the second does lead to the first.

Blogs and social media are allies, not competition. Therefore, when we design an online visibility strategy through periodic content, we must combine these two elements.

Why write a blog

Blogging is a way of attracting quality regular traffic to our website that we cannot attract through product or service pages. Each entry published on our blog is one more page with content that Google can index , and therefore an opportunity to appear in its results ranking and attract visitors. If our website does not generate content, you can only attract more traffic through advertising.

The more frequently and of quality our new content is, the more arguments we will give to Google to show that our website is active and that it should be checked frequently to index new pages that we may create. Therefore, the answer to the question that we asked in the title of this post is ‘yes’, and now we will reel off some of the advantages of the blog.

Advantages of the blog in companies

To maximize the advantages of the blog on a company website, it is very important that it is not understood as an advertising tool that uses positioning techniques to make it appear as information to Google, as was the case years ago. The multiplication of web pages and the subsequent improvements in Google’s algorithms to better index them, in addition to the diversification of dissemination channels such as social networks, has made it necessary to reorient the online content production strategy of companies.

To offer our products we already have the pages dedicated to it within the web, so our blog must conceive it as a specialized means of communication about our products or services and our sector, where to share interests with other users, who can be potential customers, and build loyalty. For this, we must offer them content as periodically as possible, with a vocation of service to the user, and if possible they can be commented to generate conversation between them and solve doubts.

A website that relies on numerous sources of traffic to numerous pages, ideally faithful (returning users), who invest time on the web, interact in comments and share content on social networks, is a mine that does not It has nothing to do with Google with a website in which only a few pages have regular traffic, which is what happens in companies that do not have a blog, that use it improperly or from time to time.

A website that takes care of your blog will have a very positive impact on your global positioning, and therefore on your chances of attracting customers to your products and services and on your reputation in general.

In general, publishing posts on a company blog helps us, among other things, to:

  • Be a source of authority in our sector
  • Generate a community of users that can be potential clients
  • Know what is being said about our sector on the internet
  • Check our online identity

This approach to potential customers is a form of marketing called ‘attraction’ ( inbound marketing ), which consists of paying attention to what may interest them and generating content that may be useful to you. It is the other side of the coin of invasive advertising ( outbound marketing ), which tries to persecute the user to get them to be interested in the message they propose, like the catchy ditties of television commercials or television commercials do. advertising panels for motorways.

As we can see, the usefulness of the blog for a company is linked to making our content periodic, of quality and encouraging interaction, and that requires monthly time to think about articles, write them, give them a good presentation and, if appropriate, respond to comments. If we do not have it, it is preferable to delegate this function to content marketing professionals.

Advantages of a personal blog

Although companies have taken advantage of the potential of blogs to strengthen their presence on the Internet, they are not only their heritage. They continue to be very useful for people who generate content for a hobby of an activity or to make their way into the job market.

Writing in a blog about topics that interest us, that we master and that we believe may be of interest and teaching something new to users allows us to forge a specific online identity and build loyalty to a community of users that we It can generate great potential in the labor market or in the field to which we are passionate to dedicate all our leisure time.

In general, writing a personal blog helps us, among other things, to:

  • Express ourselves and share our passions
  • Have a portfolio of our work
  • Gain ability to influence online
  • Establish ourselves as experts in a subject
  • Improve our written expression

It doesn’t matter if we write about very specific topics, on the contrary. Very often very specific topics have a very loyal audience , since there are difficulties in finding good information about them, and any that come up are highly valued.

For example, it may seem that writing about Afghan or Filipino cuisine is not very interesting. Nevertheless,
Can we imagine who a newspaper will call that needs an expert for a specialized report? Maybe someone whose blog ranks high on Google when searching for those keywords. Or can we think of the potential that a website about Afghanistan or the Philippines may have to include a link to our blog after having discovered it by searching Google?

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How should a blog be developed?

A blog differs from the structure of a website in that the pages (entries) that are published are ordered chronologically from most recent to oldest, and can also be classified by other criteria, such as thematic, similar to a digital newspaper . A page generated within the web can only be easily located by including it in the menu, and of course, the space in the menu is not unlimited, it would be chaotic to include in it each new page of content that we generate periodically.

There are many platforms to register a blog , although the most common and currently experiencing the most growth is WordPress. There are countless free or paid blog templates that are very attractive, although the best thing to do if we want a blog that helps us attract new customers to our products or services is to integrate it into the development of the company’s website or our brand as professionals. , something that WordPress also allows. That is because the volume of traffic that we attract to our blog will also affect visits to other pages on the web, causing Google to detect that the web in general is interesting and position it better. In this way we will achieve better visibility of our products and services.


WordPress has the advantage that was born precisely as a platform to create blogs , so it has an advantage when it comes to optimizing content for easy indexing in Google compared to other content managers, who have not had the periodic generation of content as a starting point. WordPress is the content manager that most easily manages to position pages in Google (as long as the web in question is well built) and that it offers the best tools to work on SEO.

WordPress is the most used content manager in the world, especially for blogs, and allows you to integrate any type of online store or corporate website. It is the friendliest manager for content positioning.

What to write in a personal or company blog?

First of all, we must bear in mind, as we have explained, that a blog is not a corporate news page of our company where we can talk about our events or how wonderful our products or services are. Remember that we must be persuasive and tell things that interest people, not what interests us that interests them. We can allocate a blog type section on our website for corporate news, but the function of the blog for inbound marketing is another.

A blog should serve to explain interesting things about our products and our sector in an informative, not advertising, record. If we have an appliance company, we can write about the keys to choosing a washing machine, or about the advantages of class A + dishwashers. If we have a pet food store, we can explain a thousand and one things about the types of existing feed, the food for dogs intolerant to cereals, or what diet we should give our cat after sterilizing it. If we have a tube cutting company, we can explain the applications of mechanical tubes, or the news in European regulations for cutting structural tubes.

If we have doubts, it is best to contact content marketing professionals, who will teach us how to guide our strategy so as not to invest time in something that may not generate the expected results, to create content and focus on positioning using the appropriate tools .

In addition, we also make this post available where we explain the keys to writing in a blog.

Advantages of the blog: do you need one as a company or professional?

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