Alcohol design: 7 and 1 trend of 2017

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Packaging design for alcoholic beverages has received a lot of attention in recent years.

People in the advertising industry place great value on packaging design because of its impact on consumers. Design plays an important role in the shopping experience.

The team of branding agency KOLORO has been specializing in the creation of packaging for alcoholic beverages for many years. You can see our work here .

Current Design Trends : Results Statistics

Stunning alcohol market statistics show that design is one of the most important investments: 36% of customers chose their purchase due to packaging design, which is several times higher than the results of TV advertising. The label design of the new product attracts 64% consumers, and 41% of consumers makes them come back to this purchase, turning them into loyal fans of the new brand.

Rating of alcoholic beverages

In this thread, we cannot ignore the rating directly on the alcoholic beverages . The buyer has now become an experimenter and is confidently changing the statistics of consumer preference.

So which alcoholic drink is in the lead?

  • First place in the world is confidently taken by whiskey . Sazerac’s Fireball, Jägermeister and Jack Daniels, Irish Jameson have all boosted sales with new spicy varieties.
  • Despite the saturation of the market, craft beer has not yielded to anyone its second place for several years.
  • Wine occupies third position. Now more and more consumers are experimenting with different alcoholic beverages, rather than remain committed to one. This fact explains the increase in sales of beer and spirits in recent years. But wine still has a bright future thanks to its loyal fans.
  • In fourth place tequila . They say that all whiskey drinkers also drink tequila, they just don’t know it yet. Brands such as Patrón and Casamigos have helped transform consumer attitudes towards the Mexican spirit. A new idea – think of tequila as a whiskey that you can gently pour into a glass and enjoy the smoothness and complexity of the flavors.
  • Fifth place vodka. It remains a tricky category to define. On the one hand, sales growth was relatively small in 2016. On the other hand, vodka still accounts for 33.7% of all alcohol sales, more than in any other category. It looks like vodka lost the battle but won the war.

Such a variety of categories and brands in the TOP indicates the readiness of the modern consumer for a variety of tastes. Today’s consumers are actively expanding their knowledge of alcohol, its history, recipes for alcoholic beverages and production methods, and the industry as a whole. This is why we are seeing an explosion of tourism in breweries, wineries and distilleries.

But not only tourism and history give bonuses to the brand, but also the creation of a recognizable logo, packaging for alcoholic products, current and fashionable label design, using appropriate colors and shapes that position the company.

So what will appeal to your senses on the shelves of stores and bars in 2017 ?

New design trends 2017: alcohol

We were absolutely blown away by the quality of the liquor label designs found on store and bar shelves around the world. Also KOLORO specialists highlighted the following design trends:

  • Simplicity, courage and clarity
  • Handmade illusions
  • Brightness of colors
  • Repeating Patterns
  • Stories embodied in the label
  • Vintage design in resonance with the times
  • Postal parcels
  • Selling emotions

People tend to become addicts to certain alcoholic beverages (let’s not talk about addicts), and any means must be used to influence the decision to buy a new product.

The alcoholic beverage industry is investing heavily in attractive designs for bottles, labels and packaging. Marketers and designers all over the world (and specialists of our agency, including) annually work on visual traps that force customers to make a purchase of their alcohol.

1. Simplicity, boldness and clarity in alcohol design

Keeping bottle and label elements to a minimum is a brilliant move! And the originality of the bottle back label, which is visible through the glass, creating a bold and clear look, provides increased brand appeal.


2. Handmade illusion

Almost every designer likes to insert a certain “autograph” into his work. They do this in order to get an organic effect – a personal connection with the buyer. Creating an emotional connection creates a sense of nostalgia in the customer and a special attitude towards the product.


3. Brightness of label colors

We will not reveal to you the secret that colors evoke emotion and influence purchasing decisions. Because of this, color has always been one of the most important decisions in packaging design. Lately, bright colors and vibrant associations have been playing out on the shelves of alcoholic shops and bars.

Agree that sometimes you can’t remember the name of the drink that made your last night funny (well, or shameful), but you will certainly remember it if the packaging was bright orange or even combined several flashy colors. This is the psychology of colorfulness in design – words are not needed if everything can be said with color.


4. Repeating a picture in design “repeat, please!”

While the idea of ​​repeating shapes may sound simple, it can be a dynamic and very compelling message to the customer when done right.

By echoing the visual motif that captures the essence of the brand, designers are sending you a powerful message. And we are sure that you have become an admirer of an alcoholic brand with such a stylish bottle design more than once.


5. The whole story in the label

Every design has a story. Our hearts respond to stories that give us a sense of participation, interest and admiration. Therefore, the designers of the world alcohol producers began to skillfully take advantage of our weakness and include plot illustrations in the label design.

This style can take you into the world of fantasy, ethnic epic, real story, or create intrigue. Such a bottle of alcohol will evoke a special mood and a sense of presence in this story.

6.Vintage design in resonance with the times

Vintage label designs have always been in favor. But everything flows and everything changes. And now designers are striving for modernity in a vintage style. This design of alcohol brings back memories to people that have already experienced a lot and remember a lot, and at the same time satisfies the curiosity of the younger generation who wants to explore the past.

The idea behind these brands is to find a balance between the past and the present, evoke nostalgia while maintaining a sharp and modern look.

7. Old postal parcel in modern design

Remember the joy you feel when you receive something in the mail? In the modern world, we are less likely to receive parcels in paper bags. Only rubberized plastic packaging from private international transport companies with our own orders from foreign sites. But how nice it is to receive a parcel wrapped in the paper tradition of the old mail!

The trend of paper packaging “the old fashioned way” briskly bursts into the ranks of glass on the shelves. It brings nostalgia to the customer at a glance.

Alcoholic beverage packaging design : Conclusion

Modern and fashion trends in alcohol design dictate their terms and you must comply with them. And the important thing about this coin is that trends can come and go (and come back again), but only those that carry brand values ​​and help create human connections light up with eternal radiance.

At Branding Agency KOLORO we pride ourselves on offering our customers unique and original label and packaging ideas that become the soul of new successful brands. Contact us today and tomorrow your products will become a recognizable brand.

And you and I, our readers, will continue to enjoy alcoholic beverages, only occasionally changing our preferences in strength and aftertaste. And remember

“Drink with a worthy one who is not more stupid than you.

Or drink with your beloved moon-face.

Don’t tell anyone how much you poured.

Drink wisely. Drink parsimoniously. Drink in moderation. “

Omar Khayam

Alcohol design: 7 and 1 trend of 2017

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