Alcohol design: 8 trends you missed

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Alcohol bottle design has the main goal of to stand out . There are so many wines, beer, cognacs and other spirits on supermarket shelves that it will not be difficult to blend in with the crowd. It is much more difficult to develop a unique alcohol packaging.

Research & Branding Group has conducted a study on the choice of alcohol in Ukraine. About 60% of Ukrainians occasionally drink alcohol , with the most popular drinks being vodka and beer (49% of respondents). Ukrainians with secondary and higher education prefer vodka, drink much less dry wines (27%), champagne (19%), brandy and cognac (18%).

If there is such a demand, then the supply will not lag behind. How can you make your product unique ? Package design ! This will allow you to:

  • brand the audience correctly;
  • focus on your products;
  • to please the buyer.

We will tell you about the 8 latest trends that have won fans of intoxicants, and we will help you create alcohol design.

Bottle design trends

Focus on form

The creative shape of a bottle with wine or cognac is not just an interesting design solution. The form will help to reveal the concept of packaging, tell more about the drink, to position the consumer .

For example, Moscow designer Pavel Gubin played on basic human instincts by offering metal packaging for milk cream liqueur. It has the shape of a woman’s chest, flirtatiously decorated with contrasting lace. Drinking straight from the bottle is recommended.


Playing with color

Color always carries a specific association for audience. For example, transparent tones are associated with the design of vodka. The design of the youth cocktail implies bright colors, and craft beer has a packaging that is aged in two or three soft shades.

The design of a bottle of vodka by José Luis García Eguiguren is based on the relationship of color and emotion. The bottle consists of two spirally intertwined tubes, one filled with vodka and the other filled with fruit. The yellow bottle is for the joyful, the red for the lovers, the blue for the sad, and so on.


The capacity and conciseness of the statement is a special chic in the design of alcohol. There is only one rule – buyers understand simple packaging well . Don’t overload the design with unnecessary details.

An example of such packaging is the concept of Yegor Myznik. The unlabeled bottle wrapped in craft paper grabs attention and creates a unique brand philosophy.

Дизайн алкоголя

Non-standard materials

Glass and plastic are a boring tandem that you just want to separate in the design of a bottle of expensive wine, cognac or other drink. This is how alcohol appears on the market wrapped in fur, jeans, accompanied by cardboard and wood.

The Kracken rum gift batch offers an alternative material for the bottle – ceramics. The outlines of a creepy creature from myths appeared right on the walls of the container, which capaciously supports the brand’s style.

Дизайн бутылки

It is not uncommon for it to rejecting any material for good . Carlsberg has created Green Fiber Bottle, a biodegradable wood fiber bottle. The functionality of the packaging has not suffered, but the company has made an invaluable contribution to environmental protection.

Дизайн пива

Interactive packaging

Interactive packaging involves the customer in interacting with the product. Such packaging will certainly evoke vivid emotions. to your audience. All you need is a game element .

Дизайн вина


The elite alcohol category is governed by special rules. To spur fan interest, brands are releasing limited edition spirits with unique designs. For example, designer Zaha Hadid created a wine bottle concept for an Austrian winemaker.

Дизайн винных бутылок

Bottle design of elite class champagne should combine both luxury and style . An example is the work of Reynolds and Reyner, a concept called Colier.

Дизайн шампанского


Vintage never loses its uniqueness. As in the previous point, the company invites the buyer to get something exclusive, individually created . In some cases, designers use hand styling.

In some areas of the alcoholic beverage industry, vintage is a necessary style element. Craft beer packaging doesn’t seem to look any different. Vintage perfectly complements concepts for rum, gin and other spirits.

Дизайн пива

Дизайн алкоголя


Functional packaging attracts attention no less than striking design or stylish shape. Practical trends have swept the alcohol industry as well, so brands are increasingly offering customers reusable packaging, as well as looking for new technologies that can impress audiences. For example, a Japanese company, in order to protect sake from direct sunlight, releases it in opaque frosted glass bottles, and Marks & Spencer recommends drinking wine from glass containers.

Alcohol design0

Alcohol Design: How to Develop a Successful Rebranding

Design becomes obsolete over time, customer desires are changing. Therefore, many alcohol companies are conducting, if not a complete rebranding, then at least a redesign of their products.

Scottish craft beer Brewdog now comes with a hand-styled label. Its creators state: “We did it with one goal – to develop packaging that better emphasizes our beer “. A handcrafted craft drink and a label design made with wood and metal prints – an organic union.

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One of the best-selling beer brands in the US and the most recognized worldwide, Budweiser has got rid of unnecessary elements in its packaging. The logo has become more concise, as has the label for all types of containers. This is not a complex beer design, but a stylish refresh of a mass-market product.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an inexpensive beer popular with student circles. While conquering the Chinese market , the company formed a different image . The rebranding of the packaging resulted in the name being changed to Blue Ribbon 1844, priced at $ 44, making the bottle more suitable for spirits. The beer is now crafted from caramel malt and aged in whiskey barrels.

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Rebranding of Ukrainian alcohol

Ukrainian companies are not lagging behind and are renewed as actively as foreign ones. In May of this year, a new brand of non-alcoholic beer with the name “O” appeared on the market. Obolon decided to develop a separate brand of alcohol-free beer instead of a position in its assortment. The recipe of the drink has not changed.

Odessa Brandy Factory faced a problem, producing both vodka and cognac under the single brand “Shustov”. Search for brand hierarchy and detuning of vodka from cognac forced OKZ to look for a solution. The Shustov brand acquired a clear brandy direction, while dividing into two directions – classic and modern drinks, and also changed the design of the cognac bottle. This increased sales 25x and increased brand awareness.

Old trends go away, new ones appear. The main rule is quality design. IN KOLORO the design of your alcohol will be developed by professionals!

Alcohol design: 8 trends you missed

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