Artistic Photography: Generating a Visual Impact

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Talking about artistic photography is a subject that lends itself a lot to subjectivity, not only with photography but with any other artistic discipline. And photography is one of the most important elements that we occupy for expression, but we really have to know how to differentiate between the image content itself as a document and photography as an artistic discipline.

Art can be understood with one’s own study and criteria, if you have asked yourself: Are my photographs art? Is there an intention in my photographs? Are they capable of transmitting something to the viewer? You are in the right article to answer these questions, remember that artistic photographs evoke an emotion through a photographic process.

What is fine art photography?

Art photography allows to convey the way each photographer sees the world , it is visually very creative, as well as being a very personal interpretation. The purpose of artistic photography goes far beyond the mere representation of reality.

If you want to take photographs of this style, you must be clear about what you want to communicate, so that you can convey your ideas, emotions or message. Also remember that it consists of the visual description of the reality of each photographer, and keep in mind that each reality is objective, the intention is to deliberately capture or transmit an idea or sensation to the viewer.

What kind of photography is considered art?

During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in which we currently live, it is much more difficult because technique is no longer so important, since many artistic currents have minimized the importance of technique in art and have prioritized the issue of expression and emotion.

An artistic photograph is not one that is pretty because it may or may not be pleasant, but it can have certain characteristics that make it artistic, such as composition, lighting, subject, how you approach a topic and how you express it. Elements can be technical or creative.

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How do you make an artistic photograph?

The photographs are visually attractive since as a photographer you should not sacrifice any aesthetic aspect, so that they are in a balance of both reality and the imagination that you seek to represent, you must have take into account some elements.

Here are some points:

Define the concept: You can be inspired by a book, a work of art, a song, after a trip , etc. Think carefully about what you want to communicate and express.

Choose the location: You have to find a good location so that the conditions are favorable or a set with the elements that you want to use is adequate.

Play with perspectives and angles: By experimenting with perspectives you will get different meanings in your photos.

Image editing: You can highlight colors, optimize settings, adjust frames and compositions.

Color in artistic photography

Color is essential to show how you see the world , it is a fundamental and decisive component in photographs, it allows to stimulate feelings, influences the emotions and is part of communication in visual language. Each pain has an expressive meaning, generating contrasts and harmonies.

You will be able to guide yourself with the theory of color so that you can better conceptualize your photographs, since color affects both the sensitive and the emotional, so your viewer will be able to distinguish the information that your photographs contain with a associative meaning , that is, that which we relate to reality, that which we perceive through common visual experiences: blue sky, green grass, etc. And for a symbolic meaning , since it alludes to psychology and the emotions that different colors convey to us. Remember that it is not an exact science and may vary culturally.

To talk about the symbolic meaning of a color you must know its fundamental characteristics, these are:

The brightness: Related to light, which indicates the lightness or darkness of a color.

Saturation: Refers to the level of purity with respect to gray. The more saturated a color is, the more primitive, expressive and emotional it will manifest; and if we desaturate it, it will lose strength in favor of gray, becoming more subtle and reassuring.

The hue: It is the property that allows us to distinguish between three elementary colors and their different shades.

These three primary colors are: Yellow, red, and blue . Yellow is the brightest and warmest, red is the most emotional and dynamic, and blue is the coolest and most serene. Both yellow and red are warm colors, and therefore have the effect of expanding, while blue would enter the cold ones that it contracts.

If we mix them, they activate each other or become muffled, giving rise to colors with different meanings . Thus a bright, soft and clear yellow can represent happiness, likewise a desaturated and dark one, can represent envy, greed or lies, and if we mix it with a more grayish green, illness. In the same way, red is more emotional, it symbolizes different passions, love, violence, the forbidden. And blue can be distant and sad, but also harmonious and spiritual.

So decide what your style will be and experiment with the use of colors.

How do we differentiate between the artistic photography of everyday photography?

The lines that make a difference can be a bit blurry. But simply put, fine art photography is best viewed as any other art form.

Today, manipulated photographs (usually taken with a computer) or black and white photo development are techniques for creating contemporary photography. By doing this, artistic photographers can adapt the images and make them even more their own, further communicating any messages they may have.

Another way to think of photos as works of art is to look at how they are classified. Paintings are classified into art movements based on the time period in which they were created, the interests of the artists, or the style of the piece. And the same can be said for fine art photography.

While fine art photographers work with the same styles and movements as artists working in other media, they also have the ability to create their own categories. To appreciate a painting, you must also consider what is beyond what you see immediately. Artistic photographers after much research and thought, and try to capture the social, political issues or thoughts they have behind the subject of the image.

The most important thing is to record your view of the topic as they see it. Therefore, in art photography, there is a feeling that the image is being captured by an artist, not just the camera.

Is artistic photography different from author photography?

Art photography is absolutely subjective and deliberate , so we can notice the different elements and styles that make it up.

When we mention artistic photographs , we refer to images that contain elements such as landscapes, animals or some composition with people. The frames, angles or some other detail are what differentiate the essence of the photographer.

The author’s photography has a relationship with the gaze of each photographer, it is an element that lasts for a long time , it is type your brand or personal signature through your photographs, it can be very subtle elements but it contains all your photographic work.

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Techniques for making artistic photography

The message you want to convey should provoke some reaction, such as awakening feelings to your audience, try to capture unforgettable moments.

You can consider the following techniques to take your photos:

The movement

Movement conveys different feelings and sensations. You can go experimenting with the camera settings, to achieve sweeping or panning, zooming or zooming effect or long exposures. It also requires a variety of elements, resources and techniques to achieve incredible results.

Light painting

It is a very creative technique to take photographs, to obtain good results your camera will have to take long exposures. A key element for painting with light is a tripod or getting a good support to achieve excellent stability.

The darker your environment is, the better the light will be achieved, so that a good contrast is generated, experiment with this technique and take your time.


By photographing silhouettes you can capture emotions you want, they are able to convey a whole story. It is a good resource to add a touch of drama, mystery or emotion so that something is said in your photographs.

The climate

You would be surprised what it is to do a session in good or bad weather, it is surprising what rainy, sunny, foggy days or an electrical storm transmit to us . We associate the weather with universal feelings as well as mystery, fear, innocence, happiness or melancholy.

You can learn more about photographic composition to complement the order and harmony of your photographs in the following article:

Artistic photographers you should know

The more photographs tell you the less you know, they are the very expression of freedom, which allows us to discover and discover ourselves.

Behind a great image is a photographer with a clear idea and willingness to move heaven and earth and do whatever it takes to achieve the desired result.

We present you some artistic photographers so that you know their work and can serve as inspiration.

Mario Olvera: He is a photographer and digital artist, his work is influenced by cinema and science fiction, is characterized by the level of details and the use of vivid colors.

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Rebeca Saray: She is a photographer and fashion specialist , and is characterized by a very artistic work, in addition to defining all the fantastic elements. She is very expressive and detailed in her photographs, in subtle things like her eyes, hair, skin tones.

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Emily soto: She is a fashion photographer and which makes artistic portrait , is characterized by pastel tones, by putting elements in the foreground out of focus, to give an appearance of dreams.

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Krishna Valdez: Photographer specialist in portrait and fine art, marked by a painterly and surrealist style.

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Photography websites artistic to inspire you

Yellowkorner : It is an artistic photography website where you can buy at an affordable price, and sell your work on the page or you can simply use it to inspire you.

YellowKorner photographs are selected by an artistic committee made up of a dozen experts under the authority of the founders.

REPRODART.COM : It is a website with more than 25,000 artists who enrich their online catalog with new additions every day.

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Artistic photographs capture very deliberate moments about reality and this is what it allows the artistic essence itself, it is changeable and even difficult to define. However, it is a completely expressive style, if you are already advancing in this world or are about to start, remember that you have endless resources at your disposal.

Remember that taking artistic photographs is making an image production to fulfill the creative vision of a photographer. Be creative, unique and make a difference in your work.

Artistic Photography: Generating a Visual Impact

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