Asian style of dress and its features


It is worth starting with the fact that the Asian style really has its own characteristics and differs from the usual Western or European ones. Even the items of some mass-market brands are created with the preferences of local residents in mind.

What features can be distinguished in the Asian style?


There is freedom of expression and freedom in clothes in the literal sense. Oversize is popular in China like nowhere else. Asian fashionistas skillfully create sets of several voluminous items without creating a baggy effect. The images look harmonious and, despite their volume, emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Who can wear oversized and how.
The biggest misconception is that oversized things are suitable only tall and slender girls. In fact, everyone can wear bulky clothes, regardless of body size.

Try to follow these rules:

  • Open the thinnest parts of the body: wrists, ankles, neck
  • Shift emphasis on the part of the body that you want to emphasize – a belt to highlight the waist,
    trousers or a skirt with a print to emphasize the legs;
    bright top – for the opposite effect.
  • Last but not least, find your balance between a slim fit and an overly baggy silhouette to suit you.

Imperial layering

Since the time of imperial rule, the wealthy Japanese and Chinese had the custom of wearing 7 or more robes one on top of the other. This trend has continued to this day. On the streets of Shanghai, every now and then there are guys and girls, on which you can count several layers. And even the hot summer season is no exception.

How to combine

It’s best to play on contrasts:

  • Invoices. Combine embossed and smooth fabrics, thick and light, matte and glossy, etc.
  • Prints. A layered but monochrome kit can look a little boring. Try adding a printed item to this look. In addition, you can combine 2 or more items with different prints. However, be careful not to overdo it with this.
  • Colors. This is another pretty simple yet beautiful way to combine things. In addition to adding a bright accent to your look in the form of a single piece of color, it is possible to achieve mastery by combining several colors or shades in one set. The scheme of harmonious combinations of colors on Itten’s circle can help you with this.

Mini – trend

Trend for mini skirts in this season he was seen at the shows of many famous brands. Is this a trend in Asia? For a long time! Mini skirts and shorts have become a completely common wardrobe item and are not a way to emphasize sexuality.

How to wear mini skirts and not look vulgar.

В the image must have a balance. Therefore, you can wear a mini skirt and look stylish using the following style techniques:

  • A mini skirt can be balanced with the top, wearing a bulky sweater, shirt, or using layering.
  • An elongated oversized jacket in a masculine style is also perfect.
  • For simple looks that are not intended for an evening out or a stylized event, straight or trapezoidal skirts are suitable. It is better to give preference to fabrics of dense or medium density: leather, suede, denim, etc.

Why are we talking about these trends? After all, they are popular not only in Asia, but all over the world. However, it should be borne in mind that it all began back in the distant 13th century, when the Polo brothers made their journey across Asia and took many ideas with them. Not everything is a copy made in China. Today, countries such as South Korea, Japan and China have a great influence on the formation of world fashion trends. So, if you want to be on trend, take a closer look at the Asian style.

Author: stylist Yana Mehrina

Asian style of dress and its features

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