Author: Reid

How to Design the Perfect Business Listing

The business listing provides the necessary information and contact details for your business on the internet. Based on this information, customers can locate your website or profile. To create a business listing to increase the visibility of your website, you must list your company’s website and your company’s information on a listing website for businesses. […]

Rules for creating the perfect wardrobe

We all want one formula to create our ideal wardrobe with ease – hence the popularity among checklists, where ready-made universal solutions are collected: leather jacket, white T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, etc. …As it shows practice, such ready-made formulas are not suitable for everyone and do not cover our needs for clothes for different occasions. And […]

6 tools for creating a brand

A brand that needs to reach and convince customers needs a professional image. We will advise you on how to give your brand an effective visual appearance so that you can start presenting it on social networks, business cards, a website and in e-mail. We’ve already written about how branding works. Today we focus on […]

30 best logos in history

What is a logo? Logo – a graphic image of a trade mark. It is created for easy recognition of the company’s brand among consumers. The logo should be unique and of high quality, to attract the attention of the buyer. The logos were created to distinguish products from manufacturers from the same industry. There […]

Vodka design – trends 2016

Looking at good packaging, we feel the taste and aroma of the product . We want to become the owner of beautiful shapes, along which a tear of coolness runs, there will be a desire to try a drink from a bright and attractive bottle. Modern packaging for vodka products should be just like that. […]

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