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Do you want to become the owner of the best website? Or develop a web application and captivate users? We can help! KOLORO is the best web studio and this claim is backed by facts:

  • More than $ 1 billion in annual sales of brands created by us;
  • we have been in the industry for over 7 years;
  • we write applications, create websites, create trademarks, develop branding. With us you will not only get a cool application or web resource, but also be able to promote it on the market;
  • we carry out a free quick examination, based on the results of which you will already receive useful information.

KOLORO – the best IT studio . We worked with the brands Globino, Raiffeisen Bank, Obolon, Kyivstar, Velmart, Myasniy Myasokombinat and many others.

Лучшее IT агентство

KOLORO is the best website company

We provide a full range of services for creating applications and sites, from drawing icons to creating a full-fledged online store. Our staff includes the best IT company of experienced experts, and you do not have to waste time searching and checking employees. Below we will take a closer look at what you can get from us.

Website development and promotion is our specialization. KOLORO agency experts know how to make a user fall in love with your site!

Responsive website design – web resource design for any device. We optimize the site for computers, tablets, Android and iOS phones, Smart TV. The resource will look good on all platforms, automatically adjusting to the desired resolution and size. The site will always look good and work efficiently, which means it will retain potential customers.

Website layout development – the best development agency provides a whole range of services. We create the appearance and structure of the future site. This is the stage in development following design and prototyping. We make single and multi-page resources, template and unique structure. We draw a simple layout in a week, and a complex one takes about one and a half months. Together with you we:

  • choose a type: fixed, proportionally resizing, responsive, responsive layout;
  • outline the structure of the site based on how the user acts;
  • we develop design: style, scale, fonts. We offer several options for the visual style, creating a different atmosphere;
  • we make the structure in more detail: we develop a header, footer, site navigation;
  • making edits;
  • creating an interactive layout;
  • typesetting the layout. After its approval, you can typeset the site itself.

Разработка макета сайта

Website design – website development starts from this stage. We design resources for any business and audience. The price and terms of the project depend on the goals, objectives of the site, marketing research, the type of resource being developed. We research the market, select content, develop a structure, create a prototype, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail – right down to the font and icons.

KOLORO web studio Kiev is a team that creates sites specifically for the Ukrainian consumer. Contact KOLORO agency!

Website branding – we are the best agency for websites, because we do not just a web resource, but create a corporate individual style. As a marketing agency, we develop a recognizable brand, work out the style in detail and make the site user-friendly. Here’s what we pay attention to when thinking about the brand of the resource:

  • color scheme , creating different emotions and associations from the site;
  • character – what character does your brand have? We reflect it on the site;
  • emotions – what emotions does a visitor experience on the site? The site conveys the mission and values ​​of the company, inspires a certain mood;
  • consistency – the youth site chooses bright colors and positive emotionality, while the conservative brand site shows confidence and reliability in colors;
  • logo – we place the company logo correctly;
  • value proposition – the site makes it clear how the brand is useful to the consumer.

We are the best web development company because we know from our experience which elements of the site are important for page traffic. We have our own team: account manager, graphic designers, copywriters, marketers. You will immediately receive a comprehensive service. In addition, our specialization is to follow trends, so you will receive a guaranteed modern design. The best IT development is done in a systematic and complex manner, and this is exactly what we offer our clients.

Брендинг сайта

UI design creation – we create a convenient and beautiful user interface. We create an attractive image of the site, increase traffic and sales of the company. We are developing a resource for different platforms so that users can effectively work with the site from any device.

The best IT agency is KOLORO. Our experts understand the logic behind placing design elements, shorten the path of a visitor on the site to 2-3 clicks, and perform the interface in a uniform style. Then the site user enjoys the resource and will definitely return to you.

Creating a catalog site – we make directory sites with fast navigation, convenient filters and well-sorted offers. The user quickly finds the desired product and just as quickly places an order with you. We make a beautiful design with large photos and human descriptions. Choosing the optimal CMS platform: WordPress, Magenta, Joomla, Drupal. We are testing and developing several directory options.

Landing page creation – we make a selling site with a high conversion rate: that is, more visitors turn into buyers. We make a simple interface, beautiful appearance and focus the landing page strictly on the target audience. We analyze the market situation, your brand, think over the style and presentation of content.

KOLORO web studio Moscow creates excellent sites for Russian and international business. We can handle projects of any scale. Contact KOLORO agency!


Business card website development – we create a website resume for your company. With a business card, you attract and hold the visitor’s attention. For this we come up with an exciting design. You get a highly detailed website that boosts conversions with amazing designs and accurate audience engagement.

Development of the corporate website of the company – the corporate website offers the visitor a portfolio of brand goods and services. The user finds out the news in the corporate blog, subscribes to the newsletter, orders goods in the catalog, reads the documentation. This is a fairly large site with a lot of useful information.

We think over everything from resource structure to menu icons. We design the site, plan the content, develop the design and code of the site. We will coordinate each stage with the customer. The first three months we support the site for free, then technical support is included for a fee. LL

Creating an online store – our IT company makes online stores with convenient and simple functionality that work effectively on all platforms. We select together with you the CMS system and the necessary tools for the resource’s operation. We connect secure payment systems and discuss which design you need. Then we design the site – our team of designers, programmers, testers, SEO specialists, managers and copywriters work together and according to a single plan. This creates a complete and seamless online store.

Создание интернет-магазина

KOLORO is the best mobile app development company

iOS App Development – we create modern designs using the latest technologies. The contract includes mandatory technical support for 2 weeks, the time can be extended. We develop applications for transport and entertainment companies, restaurants and travel companies, training and fitness courses.

The approach to each client is strictly individual. We analyze the target audience in the market, develop functionality, select tools, make layouts. Each stage is coordinated with the customer. Therefore, we are the best IT company in the CIS.

Development of applications for Android – we make applications for retailers and small businessmen, for private clients who want to start monetization. We strategize for each sector – whether you have a food delivery business or an entertainment application. We monitor the market, monitor competitors, select tools and optimize the application for all device formats.

Mobile application testing – an important step before any application is released to the market. We approach testing systematically. A large group of people with different skills and knowledge is working on the project. Then we draw up a detailed test report: how the functionality works, how the application withstands the load, how convenient it is to use it. The best application development is one that passes a lot of tests.


Design and development of a mobile application for an online store – mobile commerce captures an increasing market share every year. We are the best app company because we can both adapt the site for any device and create a special mobile app for sales. The second option works faster than an optimized website and in more locations.

We conduct market research before starting development so that the application works as efficiently as possible. And we create a beautiful professional design with a user-friendly interface. Together with you we choose the platform – iOS or Android. And we’ll show you how to promote your app.

KOLORO – the best app agency because we know all about apps and marketing. We will create the product you need and help you promote it.

Application interface creation – if you have code but no user interface, please contact us! We think over an interactive, contemporary design that is available on all platforms. It is easy for a common user to interact with the application. Thanks to competent UI / UX design, all software functions will be implemented. We make three options so you can decide on the best interface.

Создание интерфейса приложения

Creating application icons – we draw not just icons, but road signs so that the user does not get lost in the sea of ​​application functions. Each picture helps to identify what kind of function it is and to take the desired action. Our experts create icon sets in a style that exactly matches the purpose and audience of your application. After creation, be sure to select a focus group and test: do you like them, is it clear from the pictures of their functions.

Mobile App Security – We are the best app studio because our experts think about protection against hackers and internet hackers. Protected applications work efficiently, without a single opportunity for hacking. We design security for personal information and payment services – the most vulnerable and critical areas in applications. We investigate the architecture of the application, find flaws, simulate all possible threats and check the code for security.

Contact KOLORO IT agency Moscow or IT agency Kiev and get a product for everything 100% match your brand!

Best website and app development agency
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