Boho style and fashion trends for the season 2021-2022


In other words, the boho style is called bohemian. Boho style in clothes is chosen by people of creative professions. There are always notes of love of freedom, lazy calmness, negligence and hedonism in it. Boho with chic and without chic is a little about ethnicity, hippies, gypsy motives, needlework, femininity. Ornaments, prints, maxi, curls, an abundance of jewelry, fancy bags – this is also about boho. In summer boho – long dresses, in winter boho – painted sheepskin coats.


Boho colors

    • Natural, dusty shades.
    • Intense reds and greens.
    • Blacks and shades of gray.

Bohemian prints

Boho, of course, is about floral prints, but it’s also about ethnic ornaments, abstraction, oriental cucumbers and carpets, watercolors and even graffiti. Appliques also have a place within the stylistic direction.

Tribal prints, inspired by African culture, are another bold and bold boho style.

Bohemian style

      • Macrame – often used to create vests, beach capes and bags.
      • Tie-dye – print borrowed from the hippie culture of the 60s.
      • Scuffs. Vintage and worn are trademarks of the bohemian style, while worn denim and leather are the most popular options.
      • Patchwork – used to create bags (textiles or leather). The entire product or applique can be made in technique.

Boho style 2021-2022

What brands are broadcasting in 2021 and 2022 boho style in their collections.

Stella Jean

Ornaments, eclecticism, fur vests. At first glance, the ensembles may seem tasteless, rustic, unfashionable, but we are not talking about fashion, but about style. And, if we are to be completely frank, it is in high fashion today at the peak of handmade, a riot of colors and femininity, smoothly emphasizing the forms.

Temperley London

Vests, but not fur, but from black suede, dresses from white sewing and black silk with embroidery. Boho is often mixed with the cowboy style, hence the Cossacks, and the cap is an element that connects the boho theme with the current reality.

Ulla Johnson

The brand has boho with hints of ethnicity and western style. Does bohemian style allow for mini lengths? Yes, if you have fishnet tights on your legs.

Veronica Beard

Skirts with flounces, jumpsuits made of velvet with floral print, patchwork – it is difficult to attribute this explosive mixture to a different style.

Pierre-Louis Mascia

The brand is more about ethnicity than about boho. Moreover, the designers added sports elements to the images – a baseball cap, sneakers, puffy vests. But velvet and a riot of colors allows you to catch boho in the collection.

Johanna Ortiz

What is bohemian in this brand? Dresses with high boots, pajamas, scarves-stoles with fringe like on a sofa bedspread, deep neckline.

Kevan Hall Designs

Not a woman, but a Shamakhan queen – the heroine of a fairy tale created by the brand.

Leonard Paris

What do the brand’s outfits have in common with boho? Long dresses, deep V-necks, floral prints. But the flowers are too large for the classic boho style, so there were notes of gypsy.


Etro is almost always about boho, but a boho woman from Etro can afford pants, sundresses and even a hoodie.


What else can bohemian style contain? Knitting, lace, lace, satin. After all, we wear boho-style clothes not only in the summer, so knitted things are a must-have of the bohemian off-season.

Isabel Marant 

Again a little Western – Cossacks and a bandana around the neck, a little ethnicity – folk embroidery.

Anna Sui 

Anna Sui’s outfits are an example of hippie and boho interweaving.

Boho Icons


      • Boho Minimal: Jane Birkin.
      • Boho Gypsy: Stevie nix.
      • Boho Glam: Kate Moss.
      • Boho British: Sienna Miller.
      • Boho Street: Erin Wasson.
      • Boho-hipster: Zoe Kravitz.
      • Embodying the values ​​of Florence Welch’s style.

Bohemian details

Bohemian details

      • Large jewelry is often made of silver, with stones such as turquoise. These are rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces.
      • Fringe. She often weaves boho with a cowboy style.
      • Turban. Boho-chic style attribute. But the turban is not as a style-forming element, but as one of the details. That is, those who will look at you will not see the eastern diva, but a bright unusual girl in a turban.

Fabrics and textures


      • Cotton and ivory lace;

Leather, including worn out;

      • Jeans. Denim can be not only clothes, but also shoes.
      • Chiffon;
      • Crepe.
      • Knitting. In summer, a bag and a swimsuit can be knitted.
      • Suede – used to create vests, jackets, accessories and shoes.
      • Wood – used for shoe platforms, bracelets, beads.
      • Turquoise is the most popular Bohemian gem for rings, earrings and necklaces.

You can also use straws for shoes and bags.

Bohemian style highlights


      • Dresses and skirts to the floor, preferably fitted, but trapezoidal is also possible.
      • Flared jeans and tunics with embroidery. Tunics will be back in fashion soon.
      • Knitted long cardigans and fur vests.
      • Rings with stones, a hat, round glasses, a bag with fringes.
      • Belt. Belts and straps accentuate the waist for a feminine, style-shaping silhouette.
      • Red flat sandals with straps.

The top item in the bohemian style is a kimono.

Boho style in winter is a long cardigan with ethnic patterns or ponchos, flared jeans and suede ankle boots. Maxi-length dresses can also be warm; scarves, stoles, cowboy boots and hats will also help to keep warm.

Bohemian Bags


      • Fringe Bags.
      • Perforated Leather Bags.
      • Cross body.
      • Embroidered backpacks.
      • Beaded clutches with boho trim.
      • Canvas bucket bags in folk prints.
      • Tassels and pom-poms decoration.
      • Macrame bags.
      • Patchwork bags and clutches.
      • Straw bags.

Boho Shoes


      • Gladiator Sandals.
      • Suede ankle boots.
      • Flat boots with laces.
      • Wooden platforms.
      • Perforated boots.
      • Embroidered shoes.

A girl in a bohemian style is always a bit of a rebel who mixes colors, fabrics, decorations, styles , wears new and vintage clothes. Boho is not a crazy avant-garde, but wildness and unpredictability are also present in it.


Boho style and fashion trends for the season 2021-2022

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