Bread packaging design: European experience and Ukrainian trends

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Requirements for bread packaging in Ukraine are not strict and mandatory. But responsible manufacturers use it to keep their produce fresh and maintain sanitary standards during transport. The packaging also serves informational and marketing functions. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are striving to create original, memorable packaging for bread.

Evolution of bakery packaging in Ukraine

About ten years ago, a common picture in the store was bread trays, from which the seller took the product and immediately put it in an individual plastic bag.

Эволюция упаковки хлебобулочных изделий

As a result, this product of daily consumption did not have the most attractive characteristics:

  • quickly stale;
  • crumbled;
  • did not always meet hygiene requirements.

When bread packaging became the norm in Ukraine, producers began to use:

  • flexo bags;
  • stretch film;
  • polypropylene film;
  • shrink polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film;
  • lacquered cellophane;
  • paper bags.

These materials are used by manufacturers of bakery products not only in Ukraine, but also in the EU. The manufacturer’s logo was applied to the branded packaging, as well as the necessary information about the product. However, most types of packaging materials cannot be used at high temperatures. Therefore, a technological break is required to cool the bread before packing.


PVC film, for all its convenience, is not the best option for packaging. Bakery products are packed at a temperature of about 100 ° C, and heated PVC film can release chlorine and dioxins, which are harmful to the body. In Japan and several European countries, PVC food packaging is prohibited.

Cheap, durable, safe and convenient packaging materials – polypropylene and polyethylene. You can even pack hot bread in polypropylene bags. In addition, transparent branded packaging has a positive effect on the perception of the product. You can put logos and other information on the bags, or stick a label on top, attach self-adhesive tape.

For the convenience of the consumer and the safety of products, polyethylene and polypropylene bags can be supplied with:

  • with a closing flap or clip;
  • perforations.

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Kraft paper is the most modern, environmentally friendly and most functional packaging material. Brown unbleached paper is more commonly used for packaging bread. The structure of the paper ensures the necessary air exchange even when packing hot bread.

Paper bags can be printed with logos, production date information and other marketing data. Sometimes paper bags have a cellophane window for better product display.

Bread packaging design – European experience and global trends

In no European country will you see a seller wrapping baked goods in an ordinary rustling “bag”. In Germany, Italy and Spain, paper bags are used for these purposes. They are marked with information about the manufacturer, date and other useful information. French rolls, bread and other baked goods are packed in polyester shrink wrap. A self-adhesive label with the baking date and logo is applied on top of it.

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A great example of minimalism and eco-friendly is the paper wrapping of bread from Honolulu (USA).

Бумажная упаковка хлеба из Гонолулу

A privately owned bakery owned by Christopher Sea, supplying fresh bread to restaurants, cafes and individual families. The unique properties of his product are emphasized by packaging with identification elements: stamp and monogram.

Упаковка с элементами идентификации

It seems that the packaging was designed for the design of the bread, but in fact, paper bags are universal. To fix the package, branded self-adhesive tapes are provided:

Брендированные самоклеящиеся ленты

Vivid examples of original bread packaging

The private bakery Bread & Butter (Toronto, Canada), which produces organic bread, emphasizes the concept of its products with original designer packaging. The originality of this bag lies in the fact that it not only helps to preserve the product, but also serves as a support for slicing bread.

Примеры оригинальной упаковки хлеба

Outside on the packaging, we see all the necessary advertising information:

Упаковка хлеба: дизайн Bread packaging: design

Lithuanian manufacturer Vilniaus Duona, known for its traditional pastries, supplies bread in colorful packaging with its logo. The name Breadberry itself echoes the English word berry, and the packaging resembles wrappers for sweets or sweets. The packaging has been designed specifically for the export brand to give it an identity.

Красочная упаковка с логотипом Each package features a corporate character – a bird with a baker’s hat. The bird is presented as an expert who chooses the very best grains for bread. Transparent packaging material allows store visitors to see the product before purchasing.

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Designer packaging that helped diversify the serving of breadsticks:

A collage of vibrant pictures reminds you that eating healthy isn’t necessarily boring.

The Polish bakery MMM, founded by brothers Magic, Mark and Martin, supplies baked goods locally and nationally. Packaging is used to play up the brand’s story: three brothers who live up to tradition.

The transparent material allows for familiarization with the product, and the color coding makes it easier to identify the types of bread.

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Development of bread packaging design: trends and prospects

Packaging is not only the identification of the manufacturer, but also the care of the buyer. Materials for packaging bread must be recyclable and not harm the environment. High-quality and functional bread packaging, which helps to keep the product fresh and soft, will be appreciated by customers.

When developing the identity and design of bread packaging in 2018, we recommend referring to the trendy minimalism and simplified retro and “childish” style, which are present in our examples. Elegant, informative and at the same time simple packaging with color identifiers allows the buyer to see the product and be convinced of its quality.

Remember that packaging design shapes the consumer’s attitude not only to a specific product, but also to the manufacturer. Turn to the professionals when you need packaging design. KOLORO knows how to create strong looks.

Bread packaging design: European experience and Ukrainian trends

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