Capsule autumn wardrobe: fashionable looks

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A capsule wardrobe is not a set of basic, but characteristic, style-forming things. Composed on the basis of 1 bottom 3 top. Items from a capsule wardrobe should ideally be paired with the basic clothing you already have in your closet. Also, all things from the capsule are combined with each other. Of course, we are talking about a combination of the top with the bottom. Also, it is easy to create multi-layered images from the elements of the capsule. The capsule can be elegant, for dates, rest, for work, meeting with friends, for the period of pregnancy, or it can be seasonal.

Autumn capsule in military style with grunge elementsIn this article we will look at several autumn capsules. Let’s take a closer look at the autumn military-style capsule wardrobe. The capsule contains:

    • Bomber;
    • Leather pants;
    • Sneakers;
    • Rough boots;
    • Cargo skirt with pockets;
    • Leopard print turtleneck;
    • Hoodie;

Logo T-shirt;

  • Plaid shirt;
  • Black leather bag with chain;
  • Bag with military print .

Let’s consider what from the basic wardrobe can be combined with the things of the capsule. Leather trousers – with a white T-shirt, shirt, biker jacket, gray coat, black turtleneck, voluminous gray sweater. T-shirt with logo and bright turtleneck – with basic jeans, straight black trousers, pencil skirt, black jacket. Any other item also works with basic items.

Of course, a capsule wardrobe would not be complete without accessories and jewelry. Sometimes, to change the mood of the image, it is enough to wear accent earrings. Headwear will give character to the images.


  • Baseball cap;
  • Panama;
  • Bandana;
  • Scarf with leopard print;
  • Belt;
  • Mask;
  • Sunglasses in black;
  • Sunglasses in thin frames;
  • Gloves without fingers.


  • Massive earrings;
  • Short chain;
  • Wide choker;
  • Brooch;
  • Signet ring;
  • Plastic bracelet;
  • Leather bracelet;
  • Pearl decoration.

7 items – 14 looks

From 7 items, changing shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry, you can create more than 14 looks. Consider the looks for two weeks. Think, just seven things will allow you to walk in a new way almost every day.

The capsule must contain trendy, topical items. A cargo skirt with pockets is a sharp, complex thing. We combine it with a two-tone hoodie, boots, a bag on a chain, aviator glasses, a baseball cap. The image can be complemented with fishnet tights, a wide choker.

Add a cropped T-shirt to a high-rise cargo skirt, change boots to sneakers, a black bag to a bag with a camouflage print. You can add a bandana or panama to the bow.

An example of a three-layer look: first layer T-shirt, second layer of hoodie, third layer of bomber. If it gets hot, the hoodie can be removed and tied over the chest.

Shirt pockets match with skirt pockets. Red shirt and turtleneck prints do not argue with each other, black leather adds sharpness to the image.

Capsule autumn wardrobe

With a skirt, the image was complex, with leather trousers it becomes brutal and understandable.

Do turtlenecks always need to be worn on top layer? No, but to make the look complete, complement it with accessories.

Not only leopard print, but also camouflage, goes well with red check.0

A rock-n-roll look was obtained when a hoodie was combined with leather pants, rough boots, an inlaid baseball cap. A camouflage bag and panama hat could replace current accessories.

Where can you tie a scarf in this look?

  • On the head;
  • On the neck (dynamic image, scarf on his neck will not grow old);
  • On the bag.2

It is desirable that there is a dress in the autumn capsule. A shirt dress is the perfect example of how you can use all things in as many looks. Chunky black or mesh tights will make the look harmonious.

See how stylish a look comes from simple pieces with a twist. Don’t feel like you have to have a huge fall wardrobe to look stylish. You just need to plan every purchase, ditch the spontaneous, make a shopping plan and stick to it.

How to give tough looks a touch of femininity? Of course, with the help of jewelry.

Where can you go in a bomber jacket, leather pants, a T-shirt, boots and a Panama hat? Of course, for a meeting with friends, walking with children.

Accessories helped to revive the bow. When composing the sets, we did not use all the declared jewelry, but this did not prevent us from making the maximum of images from the minimum number of items.

Autumn capsule in a romantic style

A romantic style means delicate colors and prints, pink, flounces and ruffles. When there are dresses in the capsule, there is no need to grieve. Yes, they limit the number of kits created, but thinking over the image, you do not need to suffer for a long time.

A Chanel style jacket is combined with two dresses, a turtleneck and a skirt, jeans and a white blouse.

Boho style autumn capsule with retro elements

Boho style lovers must have a long dress in their wardrobe. We combine it in a capsule with a vest, jacket, raincoat. A blouse with a bow goes well with flared jeans, a pleated skirt and a jacket. In boho style, print and color play an important role.

Form your individual autumn capsule, thinking about your character, lifestyle, appropriate style and colors. Do not be afraid of mistakes, any item can be returned.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

Capsule autumn wardrobe: fashionable looks
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