Digital Marketing

How to Design the Perfect Business Listing

The business listing provides the necessary information and contact details for your business on the internet. Based on this information, customers can locate your website or profile. To create a business listing to increase the visibility of your website, you must list your company’s website and your company’s information on a listing website for businesses. […]

Branding: what it is, tips, best books and how to work managing your brand

Branding (or brand management) are actions aligned with the positioning, purpose and values ​​of a brand. Its objective is to awaken sensations and create conscious and unconscious connections, which will be crucial for the customer to choose your brand at the time of purchase decision. In other words, the objective of Branding is to conquer […]

5 reasons to install a live chat on your website

A version of this post is available in your country. Change to . What a frustrating situation it is to visit a website and not be able to answer a question immediately because it is not possible to communicate with the brand directly and expeditiously. Well, that’s exactly what your visitors (actual and potential customers) […]

Account Based Marketing (ABM): what it is and how to place it in practice

A version of this post is available in your country. Change to . ABM or Account Based Marketing is a Marketing strategy focused on predefined accounts. That is, you first select who the potential customers are and then run campaigns to attract and interact with them. ABM reduces the risk of showing your campaign to […]

Is it difficult for you to generate results through Digital Marketing?

A version of this post is available in your country. Change to . What was an objective ended up becoming an obligation: faced with the forced inactivity of most physical establishments, many entrepreneurs and managers saw the digital way out of the crisis that has been accentuated in many countries. Simply enter any delivery application […]

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