World Photography Day: August 19

August is a month to celebrate, professionals, students and amateurs have, since 2010, a special day to honor the wonderful craft made into art such as photography with the creation of the day world of photography. Every August 19, Photography Day is formally established to commemorate an event of great significance, Paris being the cradle […]

Sports Photography

With the rise of sport as a means of entertainment, sports photography plays a fundamental role in the exposure of athletes, matches and games that allow appreciation and visually portray it. In this article we will investigate in detail about its definition, characteristics, importance and practical advice that you find useful for your immersion in […]

Nature Photography

With climate change, the destruction of biodiversity, landscapes and natural ecosystems, nature photography or environmental photography plays an extremely important role in the times that pass. Also known as environmental photography or ecological photography, it was created to portray those natural spaces that have not been disturbed or intervened by human beings. It is remarkable […]

Photographic composition

Photographic composition is one of the main elements that make up photographic art. And it is that, human action will always be governed by a born instinct to “compose.” We spend them constantly searching for order and harmony in everything we do. When we arrange our room, we choose and order the right colors, textures […]

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