Cosmetics packaging design: the key to the consumer’s heart

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Cosmetics packaging design gives the consumer the first impression of the product. The correct design of cosmetics carries several important messages : helps to position the product, attracts the consumer and tells information about the product. Each element of the packaging – material, color and shape – reflects the brand’s values ​​and personality. Cosmetics packaging design is an important step in creating a cosmetic brand.

The original design of cosmetic packaging draws the attention of the buyer to the products on the shelf. It also encourages you to make a purchase .


There was a poll conducted among residents of European countries about their attitude to packaging design. Residents of the southern regions pointed to the importance of aesthetics and the emergence of an emotional connection with the product. And Westerners paid more attention to functionality. More than a third of consumers surveyed said they extract useful information about a product by looking at packaging .

Mary Ann Lovre (President of Audrey Morris Cosmetics International) assures that cosmetic packaging design should be functional while aesthetic pleasure . In her opinion, the most important aspect of cosmetics design is storytelling. Cosmetics packaging that elicits an emotional response from the customer increases sales.


Cosmetic packaging design: how to attract consumers

When buying a product, the buyer pays attention to such design features of cosmetics.

1. Color. Consumers pay attention to it first of all. According to research by psychologists, each of packaging colors evokes certain associations . The consumer associates dark colors with more effective products. Blue is associated with reliable products, red with energy and strength. The blue color adds an elitism to the product. Green is associated with well-being, naturalness and organicness. White and silver colors are able to emphasize the purity of the ingredients, which was used and the effectiveness of the product.

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2. Shape. Unusual shapes help stand out and highlight the originality of the product . The design of perfume bottles is one of the most unusual among cosmetic products. They look like real works of art. The design of the perfume helps to understand the scent by the appearance of the bottle.

Packaging form may complement the product name . This is what the manufacturers of Woman Cosmetics did when creating the Bamboo shampoo. According to the name, the bottle resembles a bamboo shoot. A non-standard approach to the form allows you to stand out from the competition . Contrary to tradition, EOS released lip gloss not in a tube, but in a round package and made a splash on the market.

3. Symbols. Vivid images that grab attention . Graphics are often used. They help to highlight the characteristics of the brand. Companies that make organic cosmetics love to display flowers and plants in their cosmetics packaging designs. This helps to emphasize the sustainability of the brand.

4. Words. Development of cosmetics packaging design includes the placement of a slogan and supporting texts on it. In short form, they provide the consumer with essential information.

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Cosmetics packaging design: main trends

Simplicity . This trend is reflected in the fact that the buyer must at first glance understand the purpose of the product . It is popular to create packaging designs using simple geometric shapes. An example would be the Basic Products cosmetic line. Consumers are increasingly demanding the functionality and safety of packaging. They want the packaging to be convenient and easy to use.

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Mobility. Cosmetics are no longer a product that is used primarily at home. There was a need to make the packaging design more compact. During the day, cosmetics may be needed at any time and small packaging makes more comfortable to use . Small jars and bottles are more convenient for people to buy . According to research, consumers like to store large packages at home and take a compact copy with them. The release of products in different package sizes increases sales .

MAC listened to consumers’ opinion and released line of miniature products Little MAC. This format is more convenient for travel. Stowaway Cosmetics argues this approach with a safety issue. Poor design with too much packaging forces people to use cosmetics after the expiration date.

Improved usability. Proper packaging helps the consumer to intuitively understand how to use the product. Nails Inc Paint has created varnish packaging that allows products to be sprayed from a bottle directly onto nails. The consumer no longer needs to use an awkward brush.

Dosing is important in design products. Dispensers avoid contamination of food. Thanks to them, you can not immerse your fingers inside the jar. Such packaging demonstrates that the product is protected and underlines its status. The design of Less Soft by Jung Hyun Jee shampoos is distinguished by the ease of use. The company has developed a soft suction bottle. It can be attached to the bathroom wall. This helps free up shelf space and makes the product easier to use.

Sustainable . The trend came from the organic cosmetics market and has become a full-fledged cosmetic trend in recent years. Brands use materials that are friendly to the environment . They can be recycled or reused. For example, Pangea Organics uses materials that dissolve in water to produce packaging. Manufacturers are finding alternatives to traditional materials . The packaging design of cosmetics often emphasizes its organic nature. Some brands use wood for decoration. Luxury brands Armani, Guerlain, Lalique and Burberry are turning to Technotraf for this purpose.

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Multifunctionality. Another important trend is the rethinking of the usual designs of packages. Corpack has launched the Twinpack product: two 150 ml containers are combined in it. one bottle contains two products , which are poured from different sides. This allows you to combine products that complement each other: shampoo and conditioner, before and after tanning.

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Retro. This trend has covered all segments of the cosmetic market. Retro can be a whole brand concept. For example, Californian company Benefit designs its packaging based on vintage style. Sometimes famous brands find inspiration in the past and release separate retro lines. Manufacturers can draw inspiration from different eras . TheBalm cosmetics packaging design refers to 40-60 years and the then popular pin-up style. Christian Louboutin, while designing the packaging of Silky Satin lipsticks, relied on works of art from the Art Deco era and oriental motives. The effect is enhanced by a black package tied with a silk ribbon.

More brightness . Many consumers want to add some flashy elements to their daily lives. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to the sense of the self. The Korean brand Gwiyomi (from Korean for cute) began to massively place playful and funny images, for example, of cartoon characters on their packaging. The Korean brand Tony Moly, thanks to the original approach to the design of cosmetics packaging, has become popular all over the world. Their packaging is made in the form of various fruits and vegetables.

From Asia, this trend has spread throughout the world. For example, Paul & Joe has released a collection featuring American cartoon characters. For another line, they used stylized images of cats.

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Дизайн упаковки косметики

Materials for making cosmetics packaging

When choosing materials, it is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • sustainability;
  • strength;
  • interactivity.

Very the physical properties of the material are important, from which the packaging is made. The sensation of touching the surface of the package is important to the consumer. Packaging allows for a sensory experience. Sales of the Babor brand have grown since the launch of a new packaging design. The manufacturers used a special material that creates a velvety feeling when touched. Such packaging design for cosmetics fully justifies its cost.

It is useful to periodically redesign the packaging. Typically, a design becomes obsolete after 5-7 years.

Good packaging design achieves several goals:

  • matches the lifestyle of the target customer;
  • makes you want to buy a product;
  • displays brand values.

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Cosmetics packaging design: the key to the consumer’s heart
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