Create packaging design: main rules and main secrets

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Packaging done correctly and creatively promotes the sale of your product. She grabs attention, informs about the content and the manufacturer, tells a story and lists useful qualities. The packaging evokes certain feelings among consumers. It plays an important role in brand awareness, consumer acceptance and loyalty. KOLORO packaging design studio knows how to make your brand recognizable and loved.

Development of packaging design: species division

There are three types of packaging. Most often, companies invest only in primary and do not spend time or money on other types. The price for packaging design depends on the terms and volume of work.

Primary packaging is what consumers see on the shelf in a store, such as a glass bottle of their favorite beverage.

The second type of packaging is a container for the first type. Such packaging is used for transportation to points of distribution or sale, for storage before unpacking. For example, this is a box in which glass bottles with your favorite drink are transported.

The third type of packaging is freight trains, trucks and shipping containers that store and transport the second type of packaging.

Packaging must ensure the integrity and safety of the product contained in it. Branding is meaningless if the product is damaged.

The design should be consistent with the overall branding goals and also consider how the product will appear on store shelves. Will it be noticeable to customers or will it get lost in the store’s gastronomic variety?

Create a package design: general rules

In the food industry alone, 21,435 new products were released in 2016. Add to this quantity products in all categories. Now imagine the number of competitors.

But at KOLORO they know how to design packaging and labels that will help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Choosing the right target audience.

The first thing to learn before starting the design process is the target audience. A packaging that is designed for a female-only product will be significantly different from a packaging for a male-only product. If you are planning to target both men and women, then you need a third concept – unisex.

Factors such as the client’s age, income level and education are also important.

  1. The psychology of color.

There is a certain psychology for choosing colors for packaging design. The first thing to consider is the purpose of the product and its positioning. For example, green should be used for an environmentally friendly product. And blue, white and green are often used for packaging cleaning products because they symbolize cleanliness.

  1. Caring for others.

Think of other products in your niche. By evaluating the efforts of competitors, you can make a more visible packaging design for your products: a little higher or wider. It’s a fun way to get attention. You also need to make sure that the product will fit on the shelves where you plan to sell it.

  1. Symbols and fonts.

The symbols and font you use on packaging can also affect how well a product sells. Symbols are a great way to reinforce branding for your product. If you use the purple tree on your website, letterhead, and other advertisements, then use that symbol on your packaging as well. This will make your product easily recognizable both online and in store.

The symbol shouldn’t be complicated. For example, the Apple logo, the bitten apple, has become one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

The same goes for fonts. No need to use fancy curly fonts that are hard to read.

  1. Unique product abilities.

“Kills 99.9% of germs” – they write on cleaning products. Thus, you can make a statement about the uniqueness of the product. However, it is worth making sure that the statements are honest. Consumers are fed up with companies that grossly scratch fables in order to make quick money. Yes, at first sales are high. But then the consumer will understand where the dog is buried. And he will forget the way to your products.

  1. Convenient and easy to use.

Have you often opened Chupa Chups? What thoughts have visited you at the same time? The consumer must love you. A stamp line or pell packaging will make life easier for the buyer.

  1. Contrast.

It is important that the product packaging design is visible. When creating packaging, use color contrast to highlight the most important elements.

  1. Add illustrations.

Packaging may seem pretty simple without adding any illustrative element. It is also an opportunity to tell the story of a brand.

  1. Pattern

Patterning is a great way to make packaging visually interesting. You can also use this method to distinguish different products in the line.

  1. Layering.

Unpacking can be very similar to opening a gift. Outer box, then tissue paper and product. Using several layers of packaging is an original option for presenting your product.

  1. Security.

Product packaging should present beautifully, as well as be a protective barrier between the product and the outside world. When choosing a packaging solution, it is important that you take this consideration into account, in particular when selecting the material.

packaging design

  1. Type of closure and usage.

Convenient when the package can be closed / opened. For example, a magnet, snaps, pockets, or other latches. You can use wooden or cork packaging, which can be used later. Tissue paper printed with a logo, monogram, or pattern is another way to add elegant detail to your packaging design while saving money. This option is often used with glass packaging for wine and spirits. These bags can then be additionally used for scrapbooking.

  1. Professional.

In order for the packaging to attract attention, meet all the requirements of the manufacturer and the wishes of the buyer, you need to contact COLORO.

  1. Eco-style.

Eco-packaging is an innovative solution that is in vogue today. IKEA, for example, unveiled a new packaging made from mushroom mycelium that is completely biodegradable.

  1. Tactile.

The packaging can be textured, for example, by writing the name of the product and company in Braille.

Our designers will create a new packaging design that will attract consumers. Want to know more about our approach to packaging design? See portfolio.

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Create packaging design: main rules and main secrets

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