Develop your business – we know how and where

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We’ve looked for courses for entrepreneurs to help you take your business to the next level. Improve your marketing, website, social media presence, or work productivity.


Freelance Business

More and more freelancers are praising the shift to professionalism they have seen through Robert Vlach Freelance Business Training.

If you don’t like lectures and tedious presentations, try the all-day Lesa pán consultation, which takes place during a walk with the seasoned freelancer Pavel Ovesný .

Marketing, pricing

Consultant Magdalena Čevelová will teach you how to set the right prices and marketing to make your business really good. We asked her about ad-free marketing and other tricks in our interview.

Personal Branding

How do you get your handwriting radiating from your site, communications, and the work done? The Personal Branding course will help you. Experienced teachers from EKS guarantee quality.

Social networks, content

Who isn’t on the networks like he’s not. Eliška Vyhnánková will show you how Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter bring you business.

Web / blog creation

Are you hesitant to break into the secrets of web design? Try the I’m Creating a Web course. When you come to taste web design, Czechitas will teach you php and much more.


You can learn proven copy tricks in the comfort of your own home. Try the online course Write a great website by experienced lyricist Michaela Mužíková .

Creative Writing

You can expand your vocabulary and stir up creative cells at popular creative writing courses led by René Nekuda .


You will learn how to present your products, culinary creations and much more at the workshops organized by FotoŠkoda , a photo studio and shop.


You will be introduced to the basics of graphics by Linda Martišková at the Basics of Graphics for Non-Graphic Artists webinar, which runs individually and via Skype.

Video Creation

Video content is becoming more popular, but it’s not just like shooting it professionally. Learn how to shoot and publish a video from a video newsletter directly from CTK .


The Hack Design e-mail course introduces you to the design craft. It’s in English, but it’s completely free. Each week you will receive lessons with materials on one topic (typography, web design, UX design, prototyping, user testing ).

Design thinking, UX

Tune your services to your customers’ needs. Tereza Kosnarová Venerová will show you how to do it at the Suggest Better Services workshop. You will learn to create people, map the customer experience, prepare a convincing offer (value proposition).


Tune your website or e-shop to really make money for you will teach you the proven business courses organized by the E-Commerce Association . You choose in the course calendar.


Learn how search optimization works and how it can help your business. The Smart SEO training, led by Pavel Ungr , is aimed primarily at freelancers and copywriters.

PPC advertising

The well-known expert on “PPCs” is Petra Větrovská . In addition to training in PPC advertising in Google Adwords and Sklik, you will find a lot of useful articles on its website.

Online marketing

You can learn about PPC advertising and SEO through the Taste Collabim webinar series. They are free and you will learn from the experts on the word taken.

GDPR, customer rights

Lawyer Petra Dolejšová Introduces you to privacy policies, and e-shoppers will appreciate its training on online sales and e-shop complaints.

Gsuite / formerly Google Apps)

Learn how to get the most out of Google Apps in the Google Apps course – What Why? at Radek Pohnána , a certified expert on Gsuite.


Jiří Benedikt will teach you how to use a spreadsheet editor to really listen to you. in Excel course. You will master the art of PivotTables, prepare for MS Excel at the interview.


Keep your articles and knowledge organized online. Evernote and Daniel Gamrot will help you work with Evernote – your way to organizing information.


Get an overview of the flood of tasks and responsibilities with Trello. The Trello Master course is individual and highly praised. It is also suitable for organizing responsibilities in personal life.


How do you keep your time running out of your fingers and see the finished work behind you? Learn it in the Productivity in Three Steps course by Mark Sýkora , author of Better Memory.

Presentation skills

Show yourself in the best light. Petr Jasinský will teach you how to get rid of tremors and engage your audience with the first sentence. His presentation skills courses are entirely practical and action-packed.

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Develop your business – we know how and where

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