Development of a corporate identity for an airline: the experience of major players

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The corporate identity of the airline must “fly” no worse than aircraft!

The face of each company is a logo. An airplane adorned with the company’s flowers, if it does not fly faster, it will certainly be more elegant. Back in World War II, air force combat aircraft were adorned with menacing, toothy images of sharks and the outlines of the wings of proud eagles, instilling fear in enemies and courage in allies.

Modern airline logos reflect not only the level of quality of services, but also give civil aircraft a touch of aesthetics – you must admit that flying on a bright heavenly beauty is more pleasant than on an ordinary maize with identification marks and numbers.

Airline logos should symbolize the main advantages of the company, reflect the main areas of activity (cargo, standard passenger transportation, charter flights, low-cost airlines), and the plane, barely showing up on the landing strip, guarantee the queue at the reception and the desperate crush of passengers when climbing the ladder. Our professional branding agency will create a style for aircrafts that you can’t even call them “airplanes”. At least – “bright swallow” or “heavenly eagle”. As a maximum, even regular pilots will buy tickets for their own plane on weekends in order to once again “ride” on their favorite air beauty.

Direction of the airline – only up!

When creating a visual branding for an airline, it is important to take into account the specific area of ​​work. Airlines provide cargo or passenger transportation services. Passengers are divided into business class, economy class and first class. For large airlines, there is the concept of a corporate brand and a sub-brand – one and the same airline may have several sub-brands for cargo and passenger transportation. During the development of the visual component of the company, it is important to take into account the field of activity, since certain directions and classes of air transportation focus the attention of customers on different advantages of services.

Направление работы авиакомпании — только вверх!

The following characteristics are important for passenger airlines:

  • Ticket price. This factor may become a key factor for low-cost airlines offering air travel at reduced prices. The low cost of services can attract a large number of customers, especially to popular tourist destinations. If ticket prices are relatively high, branding can help justify the increased cost or offer customers additional in-flight services, an extended list of daily flights, or a simplified baggage screening regime.

  • Diversification by class. The same airline may operate business and economy jets, as well as provide charter services on dedicated premium aircraft. In addition, one and the same plane can accommodate seats within different price categories, has several floors, salons, restaurants, and so on.

  • The list of services during the flight for different categories of passengers. Some airlines can afford to treat economy class passengers to martinis and olives, while others provide a relatively meager list of services even for first class passengers.

  • Staff professionalism. For diplomatic flights, it will be ridiculous to provide the cabin with a couple of flight attendants – VIPs sometimes require almost personal chefs and masseurs for a comfortable flight. For economy-class aircraft, a few professional flight attendants will suffice. Aircraft coloring rarely has anything to do with the level of professionalism of the crew, but the color of the uniform and the color of the aircraft paint should be similar within the developed corporate identity of the company.

It is worth noting that large airlines have more freedom in developing their own brand and in creative marketing. A low-cost airline with several planes is unlikely to have sufficient funds to fully paint. The very technology of painting “heavenly birds” requires expensive equipment, special paint, and it takes a lot of time to paint, which puts the plane out of action for several days and costs a pretty penny. Such delays negatively affect small companies, for which the absence of even one plane for a week can seriously affect the total income.

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Creative Advertising Campaign

Advertising in all information directions is important for the full development of an airline brand. It is important to present aircraft coloring in a creative and recognizable manner and provide the company with memorable advertising for stands, billboards, TV or online broadcasts. Comprehensive, comprehensive and professional rebranding includes not only logo design, aircraft color schemes, personnel uniforms and slogans, but also creative commercials or images. The professionals at KOLORO will help create a key visual identity for your airline.

We present to your attention some successful examples of brand promotion of famous airlines:

1. Pacific Airlines. Advertising campaign of the season of discounts on air travel

1. Pacific Airlines. Рекламная кампания сезона скидок на авиаперелеты

2. Student Flights. Fly to Australia for 372 cans of beer.

Student Flights. Летайте в Австралию по цене 372 банок пива.

3. Iberia Airlines. “Dandelion branding” for the ease of air travel.

4. “Sleep in Tel Aviv, wake up in India.”

As you can see, there are no limits to creative air travel. The limits are just the imagination of creative marketers. In the development of full-scale visual advertising for airlines, all characteristics of the flight play an important role – from the speed of communication between cities to the level of professionalism of the staff. Even fast track check-in and baggage screening can be a key factor in an effective advertising campaign.

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Logo design for the airline

Our firm’s creatives and marketers will provide you with several breathtaking (considering the average altitude of a civil aviation, this epithet suits perfectly) options for developing an airline brand, reflecting the main advantages of aircraft in the logo and corporate colors. Examples of work and interesting solutions for branding, rebranding and other cool words that are understandable only to a little crazy marketing professionals can be found on the website of the KOLORO company.

So the company needs to differentiate its aircraft from the countless aluminum birds of its competitors. Well, as the pilots say: “The first thing, the first thing is the planes. But what about the girls? And the girls – later. ” In general, first we will decorate the fuselage, and then we will dress up the flight attendants, as marketers already say.

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Разработка логотипа для авиакомпании

The development of the corporate identity for the airline takes place in several stages:

  • The client provides us with data for an overall assessment of the company’s advantages over competitors.

  • We collect detailed information about the company: the founder’s hometown, country, aircraft manufacturer, previous logos, colors, development history and everything that can help maximize the display and highlight the logo and style of the future visual design among competitors. By the way, it is especially difficult to do this if your competitors have already been our clients – we do not abandon work to the wind and aerodynamic thrust. But it’s always fun to compete with ourselves.

  • We combine all the information received and start from scratch to “draw” your company. In some ways it may be similar to cinematic detectives: believe me, we will definitely have a separate board with photographs, threads and facts about your company – both clearer and more interesting. And in a chaotic and creative, a little noisy and crazy process, the best ideas are born.

  • When the stage of development of corporate identity and aircraft coloring is ready in several versions, three concepts and generally presented in all its glory, we leave the final choice to you.

Our ideas are always cool, creative and a little crazy, which makes us and you stand out from the competition. If you want a memorable branding of your own company, contact the industry’s most radio-free location-tower specialists – KOLORO.

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Development of a corporate identity for an airline: the experience of major players
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