Development of corporate identity for the company using the example of TNK WOG

development of corporate identity for the company using the example of tnk wog 61b08682d7f3b

Corporate identity development on the example of TNK WOG

Identity and corporate style of the company – the cover of the 21st century business. Multinationals require a lot more work on the outside of the brand. They need a single identity: unification of the appearance of offices, industrial buildings and vehicles.

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WOG Marketing Strategy

TNK WOG (West Oil Company) was founded in 2000 and until 2015 expanded its business within the framework of the usual strategy of promoting the oil corporation. One of the key features is the increased attention to customer service in roadside cafes. Nowadays it is no longer possible to find a gas station without a store, but the WOG management decided to go further: Their WOG Cafe stands out against the background of competitors with a high quality of service and technical support. The company brags about the quality of its products in advertising campaigns, expanding its image from a gas station chain to an umbrella brand with a range of services. WOG Cafe opened separately from gas stations: in the center of Kiev. The company also won a tender for the provision of services on Ukrzalznitsa trains.

The redesign of the corporate identity allowed the filling station to be positioned as a cozy roadside establishment. The color scheme remained practically unchanged – green (with several shades) and yellow prevail. Traditionally, green symbolizes calmness and the energy of life at the same time, which is the best fit for the network. On the one hand, the use of green makes the filling station feel warm and cozy. On the other hand, it means providing the guests’ cars with the necessary energy. The use of fonts with a minimum of sharp corners is pleasing to the eye and emphasizes the coziness and home atmosphere of the web. Many drivers stop at the station even with a full tank – just to have a coffee and take a break in a relaxed atmosphere.

The TNK logo is somewhat reminiscent of the image of a battery on smartphones, where filling with green means a gradual “charging” of the car with gasoline, and the driver and passengers – with home warmth, comfort and delicious food. At the same time, the image can be viewed as a winding path with a geolocation sign – the expanded network of WOG stations is one of the most numerous on the territory of Ukraine, therefore, on almost any highway, regular customers can hope for cozy pit stops.

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Various shades of green allow you not to deviate from the concept of energy and home comfort and, at the same time, provide room for imagination and design ideas. Different shades of the same color allow the website and branded products not to look monotonous and boring, but in combination with yellow elements and a white background allow you to experiment. The fuel is thoroughly cleaned, and the green color emphasizes the high quality of gasoline.

Корпоративный стиль компании WOG

WOG corporate style

Decorating petrol stations with green and yellow colors has several advantages at once.

  1. Against the backdrop of monotonous landscapes when traveling between cities, the colors of the WOG are immediately noticeable and easily recognizable.

  2. In the process of boring trips, green combined with yellow attract drivers with the image of comfort and “recharge”. Taking into account the extended service at gas stations, drivers will be able to rest and even feel at home after spending 10-20 minutes with aromatic coffee in a cozy atmosphere.

  3. A distinctive feature of the product is the high quality Mustang gasoline, which has the highest purity and is imported from European countries. It complies with the generally accepted Euro-5 standard, and the silhouette of a running horse symbolizes the highest energy value of the fuel.

The interior of the store premises fully complies with modern European standards for supermarkets. Here you can easily find everything you need for travel, picnic or car maintenance. Soft lighting and colors with a predominance of green-yellow shades do not burden the eyes, tired after a long journey.

For the cafe, a soft brown shade was chosen as the main color, symbolizing aromatic and tasty coffee. The abundant use of wood finishes and natural materials create a truly homely atmosphere of the establishment. In combination with the main colors, a kind of picnic is created within the walls of a cafe. Green and yellow are perceived by vision as light and “summer”, soft brown – the color of the earth, wood, fertility. Surrounded by such pleasant, natural shades, visitors relax not only thanks to the service, aromatic coffee drinks, but also psychologically – being in a pleasant environment for the eyes and soul.

Маркетинговая стратегия WOG

The corporate identity concept has been played out in a variety of advertising materials. The slogan of the advertising posters: “There is no more route” means that any trip can be pleasant if the company’s filling stations are encountered along the way. Wherever you go – a charge of positive energy for you and high-quality fuel for your car is guaranteed by the European quality of the corporation’s services.

Слоган рекламных плакатов

In just a year, from 2015-2016, coffee sales at WOG Cafe increased 6 times, and the influx of customers gave a start to a new direction of development. Separate WOG Cafes with German coffee, coffee machines from Switzerland and self-service coffee brewing options open. The successful and creative development of the corporate identity and the integrated marketing campaign of the organization led to an increase in profits and the entry of WOG into the restaurant market.

How much does it cost to develop a corporate identity and how to make a business recognizable

Creation of a corporate identity for a company is an integrated brand development that emphasizes the merits and provides a single recognizable visual image for the company’s goods and services.

The cost of ordering the development of the company’s corporate identity depends on the following factors:

  1. Industry. For TNCs or retail chains, the cost of the service will be higher, since they have a larger number of identity carriers.

  2. Order quantity. If, along with the main order, customers are interested in ordering a complex package of services, then each of them will cost less.

  3. Corporate identity elements. Ordering the development of a corporate identity for service documentation costs more, since corporate standards are taken into account.

It happens that at the initial stage a company is not ready to develop a corporate identity and wants to limit itself only to a logo. It is a key element of the identity.

How much does it cost to design a logo in KOLORO

The correct logo should evoke positive associations with the activities of the organization, have a silhouette and laconic form.

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Creation of corporate identity of the enterprise – the business card of the 21st century business

Visual support of goods and services is recognition and a guarantee of sales growth. Over time, many slogans become common nouns and are included in speech like aphorisms. For example, Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It,” has become part of modern culture and has been used numerous times in the media and the Internet. Even the famous actor Shia LaBeouf played with this phrase, expressing the energy of the phrase in a motivational video that has become a real Internet meme.

Ordering a corporate identity from creative marketers and designers gives you a chance to enter popular culture and glorify your brand all over the world. Considering the optimal cost of the services of the agency KOLORO, a unique corporate identification is not even cheap and cheerful, but inexpensive and interesting.

Corporate style development: stages

  1. Audit of the company and business area . Experts study the history of the foundation and development prospects. Consideration should be given to the possibilities and benefits for formulating the correct positioning on.

  2. Market, customer and competitor analysis. Evaluating the activity of competitors will allow marketers to correctly position the brand and draw up a detailed portrait of the buyer.

  3. Concept of the main elements of the visual image . At this stage, the main strategy for the further development of visual display is determined, corporate colors, a logo are selected, a font for documentation is selected, etc. Creatives provide complete freedom of choice for customers, offering 3 concepts at once with display on the main media: for a cafe it can be a service one. clothes or dishes, for entertainment establishments – posters and signs.

  4. After choosing a client in favor of one of the options provided, specialists will begin to design additional elements, goods and services.

Websites deserve special attention. Most of the clients try first to get acquainted with the company’s activities virtually, and creating a unique design will provide brand recognition.

Разработка фирменного стиля: этапы

Creation of a corporate website and the importance of the logo as a face and “highlight” of the organization

The website is a showcase for goods and services, a virtual lobby for the main office. A significant proportion of clients study the company’s website while surfing the Internet. KOLORO will help you create a business card website for your company.

The WOG developers managed to combine functionality and unique design in a business card site.

You can order the development of a logo and corporate identity for the company in KOLORO. Contact us and your look will be complete!

Development of corporate identity for the company using the example of TNK WOG

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