Digital strategy tips as the basis of your online entrepreneurship

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As an entrepreneur, you may have gone through the common question: how to make your idea known to your Buyer People ? Maybe you came up with several options, but the online world definitely caught you.

A Content Marketing Agency could advise you to attract customers through content, and will tell you that one of the essential aspects to publicize your online business is SEO, knowing how to position yourself in this world.

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It is proven that we are facing the era of content consumers, users thirsty for information who seek answers to their doubts and concerns about their daily lives.

And the days of traditional advertising full of repetitive messages are behind us and a door has been opened for all entrepreneurs that will not close, at least for a long time.

Many companies are still not clear about how their potential customers look for them online, how they know them and how they can contact them; and the latter is decisive if it is about closing a sale.

On the other hand, the website of an online venture when starting does not represent anything for search engines like Google, since there is nothing or no one to guarantee that the website has original and quality content.

Therefore, Google will take its time to evaluate this site and if it is worth ranking in its first search places. Demonstrating from the beginning that your venture is valuable is essential to achieve the desired success.

If you analyze it carefully, the same thing happens with your online business as if you set up a physical store on a busy street; Not everyone will visit your store the first time, but some strategies, such as handing out flyers giving more information, can get the word out and more customers come to your door.

Therefore, here are some tips that will be useful in the digital strategy of your online business. Much success!

Explain why your online business exists

If you want to inspire someone to take action or take action in your online venture, you should start by explaining why you do what you do. Not what or how.

Apple is a great example of a company that sells “why” as it continually challenges what should be, and its products are just examples of what this is.

For its part, Dell has not achieved a why within its business: they only sell computers. But while Apple talks about pushing humanity forward and challenging what is established, Dell talks only about the characteristics of its computers.

Although Dell and Apple products are similar, it is because of the second brand that people stand in long lines for products.

So, does your message communicate why your startup exists? You know why? If not, this is an important step to take before moving forward.

Make your business website responsive

It goes without saying that your website should look good and organized. In addition, your online entrepreneurship site must have a responsive design with an updated CMS (content management system).

The key is to have the right combination of design and functionality. A good website that takes more than 10 seconds to load shows no sign of being a great site; Neither is a website that looks so cheap and cluttered that the visitor begins to question the credibility of the brand.

According to research, 48% of online visitors decide the credibility of a business based on the design of its site, and 94% of people reject a site based solely on its design.

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Go Viral and Growth Marketing

The ability of a startup to go viral depends on two variables: time and the “viral coefficient”, that is, the number of new users that each user generates.

Every online startup is unique, so there are no detailed tactics to go viral.

However, there are two general strategies to mention: The first is to create a product worth recommending. If each user recommends two new users, you will have exponential growth.

The simplest method of measuring the likelihood that a user will recommend your product is by using the Net Promotion Score, a simple test in which you ask users “on a scale of 1 to 10, what Are there any chances that you will recommend our product to a friend? ».

The second strategy is to align your “growth hack” with the channels your ideal customers use to get to know your product.

In the context of Growth Hacking, it is useless to generate enormous exposure for your brand on Facebook, when 99% of your best customers come from reading B2B technical documents.

If that’s the case, a better approach would be to produce user-generated content that can be used to scale the generation of high-quality documents.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

And even more so if, like you, they are just starting out.

Take into account that our brain classifies similar pieces of information together, a process known as Gestalt. Because of this, the more it looks like something similar, the less impact each additional thing will have.

It’s not about first-player advantage: it’s about observing what everyone else is and being the opposite. Apply this from the macro aspect of your digital strategy to the micro, and you will be surprised how important it is.

Use Affiliate Marketing

If your startup benefits from offering a high-margin product and has a good conversion rate, then it can benefit from offering an affiliate program through a network like Amazon Affiliate.

It is not advisable to dive into Affiliate Marketing until you have established your brand and found other Marketing channels.

Consider it more as an accelerator than as a base fuel for your online Marketing strategy.

In conclusion, your online venture should not only remain in the creation of your website; The strategies described here will help you to take off and leave anonymity to enter to compete in the market.

Digital strategy tips as the basis of your online entrepreneurship

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