Divi Editor Review for WordPress

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What is Divi

Divi Theme Builder allows you to create websites and templates through the WordPress content management system. It uses various elements (headers, footers, post templates, etc.) You don’t have to be able to code to create pages, you work with modules that you compose into the final look.

Divi editor is suitable for:

  • WordPress site builders who want to make their work easier
  • Anyone who wants a quality website, not just a dozen templates
  • Anyone who likes the flexibility to customize the look of your site
  • Freelancers
  • businesses
  • One-page and multi-page sites

Divi is definitely not suitable for:

  • Users who just want a very simple site and don’t need details
  • Those who don’t have time to learn the tool

TIP: If you only need a simple page, you can create one in a moment on the IGNUM domain.

Biggest benefits

Divi is one of the most widespread tools in the world, currently used by over 1.4 million websites and one of the most popular in our country (almost 8,000 Czech websites are designed in Divi). This means that a lot of people are looking for instructions on how to work with Divi, and you can find a large number of them on the Internet, even in Czech.

With such a large number of users, you can also 100% expect the Divi editor / template to be regularly updated and expanded with new features.

What else is great about Divi

Price and License

Divi Editor has two paid versions . Regular annual subscription for $ 89 + VAT, which you can terminate at any time, and a lifetime license , which will cost you $ 249 + VAT. For some, even an annual membership can be a lot, however, other templates with similar features range in price from $ 60-80. A closer look reveals that Divi has far more useful features than most similar WordPress plugins or templates.

A $ 249 lifetime membership pays off because you’re on the same amount every 3-4 years when you renew your license for other paid templates (which gives you access to new updates).

Good to know: You’ll get a Divi license for an unlimited number of pages you create in it. For other templates, you may only have one license included.

In addition, with a Divi license, you get another 87 WordPress templates from Divi creators, the Monarch social sharing plugin (one of the best on the market) and the Bloom email collection plugin.

TIP: Divi creators offer regular discounts, sometimes up to 40%. Just follow Facebook Elegant Themes regularly or subscribe to the newsletter.

Lots of predefined templates

Divi creators regularly add new designs for a variety of purposes, which you can import directly through Divi with a few clicks. There are currently over 160.

Divi editor nabízí spoustu hotových designů webových stránek
Divi editor contains a lot of ready-made designs

TIP: Useful site where you will find a lot of templates in Divi: divi.cz. divilayouts.com, divi-den.com, divicake.com.

There’s even a divi.express site where you can download nicely designed sections like contact forms, satisfied client references, price lists and much more for just a dollar.

Large selection of elements

Divi has over 40 elements that will save you the time spent searching and installing plugins, through which you would have to add the necessary functionalities such as contact forms, galleries, price lists, references and more. In short and well, in Divi you can put together almost anything.

Divi editor obsahuje velké množství hotových modulů
Page in Divi you can compose from already prepared modules

Visual Editor

The Visual Editor feature allows you to edit the page directly on the frontend and see the changes in real time. So you don’t have to change anything in WordPress first, save and then “switch” to the page.

Recommended reading: If you’re going to the WordPress site, read our 10-Step Guide.

A / B testing

This feature will delight anyone who focuses on web performance. You can test anything you create in Divi to see which variation of the page you create better meets your goal.

Simple page cloning

WordPress as such does not offer the ability to clone pages, only with a special plugin. Divi has a great deal of this. If you have a page pattern that you only want to change in terms of content, such as a product page where you only edit text and images, you don’t have to click everything again. You can create a new page with one click, or create your own template library.

Divi editor vám umožní snadné klonování stránek
In Divi you can easily create a new subpage in the same design


Up to 50% of users go to most sites on a mobile device. The Divi template automatically adjusts all elements and allows you to customize the display for mobile devices, or hide some elements and show them only on a specific viewport (mobile or tablet).

Loading speed

Divi templates load quickly only if you help them. Various tools (such as PageSpeed ​​Insights) allow you to get a decent score, such as 85+ out of 100. This article provides instructions on how to speed up web loading.

What are the disadvantages of Divi

Although the review has so far been very positive, there are features that may not suit you at Divi.

There are a lot of templates or editors that boast that you can create a website in them without a programmer, but in most cases you only have to settle for an average-looking page. Beautiful sample templates look great just because they were designed by a professional graphic designer – and they don’t have to look so great after adding your content.

Attention: Without a sense of design or the help of graphics, you can’t make a nice page in Divi.

In practice, pages are created by first creating a concept and then creating content and design in parallel. Only in the end is everything coded. Divi has the advantage of composing the page from individual elements. But this does not give you an artistic feeling. Not even the best template or editor will give you that.

Unless you have a professional graphic, you can’t automatically expect to be able to put the page together in a few clicks.

It is in Czech, but…

Divi is translated into 32 languages, including Slovak. But there is one catch. Some words are not translated correctly and show a “?” . In the administration, you would turn a blind eye to this, or set your English.

But when the language version doesn’t display right on the page, such as in comments, it’s awkward.

Fortunately, you can solve the situation by installing the Divi child template from wplama.cz or translate the language changes through the Loco Translate plugin.
You can’t change everything without knowing the code

You can customize a lot of things to your liking. But you only cover some details via CSS and you still need some programming knowledge to do so. It is similar with some functions. For example, if you need users to be able to copy the banner insertion code with a single click, an expert must complete this feature for you. You won’t find such an element in Div.

TIP: WordPress’s worldwide popularity has its drawbacks. The system is a frequent target of attacks. Learn how to secure your WordPress site in this article.

Everything is fine, only if you have Divi

If you decide to switch to another WordPress template, the content you created in Divi will not work. The page will only display correctly in Div. This is not a problem with a small website, but if you have a website with many subpages or a blog with dozens or hundreds of articles, you will have to re-cast all the content and it will take you many tens of hours.

Author: Miroslav Beňo is an online marketing strategist and SEO / content marketing expert. In his free time, he grinds his marketing skills on the website https://fitnessrevolution.cz.

This article is an updated version of an article originally published in Slovak on the WY hosting company’s blog.

Photo: Divi.cz

Divi Editor Review for WordPress

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