Good text on the website, which is what?

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Read how to create compelling text for a website that grabs the attention of your readers.

Websites are currently one of the basic tools for communicating with the client, so it is worth making our website attractive and refined with due diligence. Today we will focus on an element that does not seem to require a deeper analysis, namely the text. It turns out that creating a good text is not always obvious. So what should a good text on a website look like? What should be remembered and what should be avoided?

Readability and clarity of the text

It is obvious that the website should contain all the important information about the business, offered services or goods, and the text should be attractive. Attractive, which is what? After all, each of us has different tastes. Yes, but by following certain guidelines, you can construct a text that will be able to interest and attract the attention of Internet users, i.e. potential customers.

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Text length

The text on the website should not be too extensive – searching for information on the Internet is not conducive to delving into long essays. It even happens that long content scares off readers. On the other hand, should also not be too laconic descriptions. As is often the case, there is a balance to be found. Before starting to create a text, let us ask ourselves the following questions: Would I like to read such a long text? What would I or would like to learn from the website myself? What do I pay attention to when looking for information on the Internet? It’s also a good idea to create a framework that greatly simplifies the process of converting your thoughts into written text.

Headings and bold text

The rule is simple – better a few shorter paragraphs than a long, solid text . Let us separate the paragraphs with headings. Thanks to this, the reader will be able to find information of interest to him without having to wade through the entire content (assuming that he would even like to look for an interesting fragment in a sea of ​​words). It is also worth highlighting important sentences – it is natural that we scan the text first, i.e. we jump over the headings and fragments that stand out visually.

Linguistic correctness

Linguistic correctness, incl. Spelling and punctuation are essential! Misspelled text looks unprofessional and does not inspire confidence. If you are not sure about something, it is better to check the dictionary (nowadays you can easily find online dictionaries and sites with language advice). Linguistic correctness is favored by the use of shorter sentences, which are more easily understandable to recipients. When writing long, repeatedly complex sentences, it is easier to lose the meaning, which does not affect the readability of the text. Avoid repetition – the Polish language is really rich, and synonyms can be easily found in online dictionaries. Before publishing the text, please read it carefully again . You will probably find that there are some typos in it, and some sentences need to be reformulated to be understandable.

Good text on the website, which is what?

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