How to look expensive and stylish without spending a fortune?

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Each of us has a moment in life when we feel that we want to grow above ourselves and look more expensive and stylish, but at the same time not spend all our savings. Someone tries to buy branded things, someone completely ignores the very existence of brands, and someone dreams of one day buying a “cherished” clothing with a well-known logo. It seems to us that if we buy a blouse from a famous designer, we will immediately look different. We are all so different, but at least once in our life we ​​want to know how it is? Feel like a “million.”

But if I tell you that it is not necessary to buy a blouse from a famous designer in order to achieve the desired result? Not many people know that it is not price tags that make your image expensive, sometimes only some knowledge and little tricks are enough.


The first thing you should pay attention to is your appearance. What does your hair or your face look like? Have you done styling in the morning or just decided to tie a ponytail? Details like these tell more about us than we want them to. Just train yourself to always keep your hair clean and your face well-groomed. It would seem that such inconspicuous rules, but how often can we neglect them.

Now about the hands, and no, I’m not saying, you quickly run to the salon to do a manicure. Your nails may not be varnished, but it is important that they are neat and visually aesthetically pleasing. After all, our hands are always in sight, when working at a computer or shaking hands.


It is appropriate to recall those cases when we rush out of the house in a hurry and forget to iron a T-shirt or clean our shoes. It seems that no one will notice, on the way everything will be straightened out by itself. All of these details affect your overall look. You may have expensive shoes, but if they are dirty, they are unlikely to give you the same polish as before. The same applies to well-worn clothes, even if your cardigan was once bought for a large sum, but today it does not look the best, you should think about it before putting it on. Such details not only make the image cheaper, but they can also make you look not in the best light.

Color palette

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This seems to be the most common problem since we are used to using only the colors we see in stores. It so happened that the last couple of years naturalness has been in vogue, and to make the image more expensive, you need to turn to the natural color palette: beige, brown, green, white, black, etc.


In this issue, as in the issue of color, naturalness is important, that is, natural fabrics: silk, wool, linen, cotton, etc. Yes, most likely you will feel a big difference in price between polyester and silk, but at the same time you will also understand that things made from natural fabrics will have a smoother seam, there will be no protruding threads, and in general it will be much more pleasant to wear them. It is not always necessary to buy a ton of things, it is better to buy one high-quality T-shirt than to buy 3 cheap ones at once and get rid of them almost immediately.


Accessories are an equally important element of every look. With their help, you can both successfully complete the image and spoil it, and no high-quality and expensive things will save you. We must not forget that an image is a collection of all the details and it is not so easy to throw shoes, bags and jewelry out of it. If you wear a good suit, but your shoes and bag are frayed, the image immediately deteriorates.

What to do if there is not enough budget for expensive shoes? Do not rush to the nearest store for a new pair before the change of season, wait for sales. You need to think about this option in advance. For example, in the summer, you can buy great shoes or boots at a sale, you just need to wait for the change of season and go shopping boldly.

With bags, everything is much more complicated, it is not enough to choose any bag. A tip that may come in handy is to take a closer look at the classic models, that is, bags that have a rigid shape. This will make your look look collected and elegant, and the bag of this shape will wear out less.

All of the above does not seem so new, but believe me, by adhering to these rules, you will always look expensive and tasteful.


How to look expensive and stylish without spending a fortune?

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