How to make money on TikTok? Find out how to do it

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TikTok has become the top social network of the moment , where practically any content that is uploaded to the platform has a high probability of being viralized by the Little competition and how recent the social network is, that is why many people seek how to make money on TikTok and use the network to do digital business.

Developed and created in China by the company ByteDance , it is the application with the most downloads so far in 2021, surpassing the classics of the recent years such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Created mainly for the vertical video format, the default format for phones and smartphones, started out as a place for teenagers , where they with High creative and inventive capacity, they upload funny, comical videos, montages, among others, very focused on this type of target.

However, over time, people of other ages, brands and companies have shown interest in the Internet as a source of traffic to sell products and services , and complement customer acquisition with other sources and networks. Learn 10 ways to earn money on tiktok and start making money with this social network now.

How can you make money on TikTok?

Grow your accounts and sell them

One of the common ways to earn money on tiktok that applies to all social networks is to make them grow in followers and reach and then sell them . Brands, companies and entrepreneurs are looking for accounts and profiles that have a high organic reach and then get hold of them.

Creating an account in networks and making it viral is not an easy task, it requires creativity, perseverance, discipline and time , a task with which some entrepreneurs and companies don’t want to deal. Directly they prefer to acquire an account that is already positioned for their niche or sector, offer a sum of money for them and use it for their business.

How to earn money this way? Create your TikTok account, orient it towards a market niche, make it grow and then you can offer it in exchange for money to certain companies or entrepreneurs who want to get one to sell much faster.

Make money on tiktok by inviting friends

The second way to earn money on tiktok is by inviting friends. The social network pays you directly for referring other users with its functionality called TikTok Bonus . With it you will get a link that you can find in your profile and that you can share with users who do not yet have the application downloaded. You will earn money for each person who downloads the app and creates an account with your referral link.

Not only that, you will also earn for the use that these users give to the social network , the more they use the application and consume content from it , the more you can accumulate money from the use that your referrals give it.

como ganar dinero en tiktok

Where is TikTok Bonus available?

Please note that it is not yet available for all Spanish-speaking countries. TikTok Bonus is available for Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. It is expected to be available for other countries in the region in the coming months and years.

How does TikTok Bonus pay?

Tiktok gives you the option of paying directly to your bank account or through a paypal account. In Spain for example, you can get 1 euro for each person who registers with your link. If you want to know in detail how much you pay in your country, you must enter the documentation of the network where you can find more information about it.

Earn money with donations

Like Twitch, a new platform that is also gaining popularity, TikTok offers a system of donations through coins that users can buy on the social network being one of the ways how to earn money on tiktok. What can be done with the coins? Donations to favorite content creators on the platform.

Once the content creator or influencer receives the coins, they can exchange them for diamonds, and these in turn for PayPal money. If you have a creative profile, and you love to entertain people, or help them, this can be an incredible way to make money with TikTok.

Just make sure to create content that your target audience likes and likes , the more they love your content, the more donations they will be encouraged to make. and with it, more money you can earn on TikTok.

The content format for donations is live broadcasts, lives or live streaming from your TikTok account. To do lives from your account you must have more than 1000 followers, with which you must first do a job of video content to gain followers, and then do live and receive donations.

Get sponsorship

TikTok being a recent social network, few people enter at the beginning, and this is a clear opportunity. Brands and companies are part of the entities that ride the wave in their mature state, and in doing so, to gain time, they seek to associate with influencers and content creators with which they can leverage the network quickly.

If you have a considerable following, or are planning to get one, record agencies, brands and startups are looking for you so they can promote their products with you.

There are platforms where companies can connect and find their preferred influencers, based on their reach, followers, niche and more. And even the social network itself is working in a digital space like these called TikTok Creator Marketplace , where brands and influencers can connect to work together. We invite you to take a look if you are interested in monetizing your content with brands.

Convierteté en influencer de tiktok

Earn money watching videos

Another way to earn money on tiktok is by watching videos . By watching an amount of time on the platform, you are awarded coins that you can exchange for money. If in addition to being a content creator on the social network, you like to spend time consuming the content of other creators, you can activate the option in the currency section and thus monetize that time as well.

As an alternative option to receive income is fine, since the rewards are not that high. Ideally, combine with other options, plus this way of making money with TikTok.

Sell products and services

If you know about sales and marketing, you know very well that TikTok is an incredible source of organic traffic, and even more so now that more audiences are joining the social network, an opportunity for all kinds of services and products that can be offered.

If you are a freelance, a consultant, have your own startup, brand or company, or your online store and offer products, TikTok can be a place to get clients. Sell ​​more your products or services, making content for the network to people who are interested in acquiring them.

Over time TikTok has increased the types of users that use the platform , unlike what was thought at the beginning when they only used it teenagers. Perhaps it is your next place to get more customers and position yourself as a benchmark in your sector, especially now that there is little competition and it is something that you should take advantage of.

vender servicios y productos en tiktok

Take your followers to other platforms

Another way to see how to make money on tiktok is also using the social network to take your followers and potential clients to other platforms where you can monetize much better. For example, if you have a YouTube channel that you monetize with advertising, you can take that traffic of people from tiktok to YouTube and thus offer them the content that you give on that social network.

But not only applies to social networks , it can also be a website for example, your own online store with products, your personal website where you sell your services, your startup website or a landing page to convert customers. Regardless of the platform you are on prior to TikTok, you can pivot those users to the platform you are interested in to sell and make money with your TikTok followers.

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Ads on TikTok

Like Facebook and Google, ByteDance has also integrated a paid advertising system on the social network . If you don’t want to wait for the organic reach of the platform, you can choose to make announcements if you have some capital that you can use. As in other social networks, you pay an amount depending on your goals and what you want to achieve, and immediately TikTok will highlight your videos above the rest.

Social media ads are always worth an investment, and it is treated this way to later recoup and gain from the investment of paid ads. With which, if you have a project, services, products or want to make yourself known, making announcements can bring you a return in sales, reach, influence, etc.

​​ TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok Creator Fund is an initiative of the creators of TikTok, to directly reward content creators who meet certain characteristics and numbers, related to views, followers and engagement . Currently in the Spanish-speaking community it is only available for Spain , but it is only a matter of time before it begins to be enabled in other countries of the region.

If you are a content creator or influencer, keep an eye out for this new way to earn money with TikTok, which is coming only for content creators.

Playlist Push

And the last way to earn money on tiktok is by Playlist Push. Like the previous option, is currently only available for the United States , but it sure does not take long to arrive for Latin America and Spain. The Playlist Push consists of making money on the platform using songs by artists, and you must also meet some requirements on issues such as number of followers, reach and engagement to opt for this option within the network.

generar ingresos con tiktok

How make money on TikTok? You can achieve this with the multiple uses that we can give to the social network, both internal and external uses. Whether you are an influencer or not, it can be a very good source to generate income, take a look and take advantage of the full potential that TikTok offers you.

How to make money on TikTok? Find out how to do it

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