How to mix and match styles and always look trendy

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At all kinds of shows and fashion influencers, we often see repeating silhouettes and models. And more and more the trend is not a specific thing as such, but its stylization or a mix of certain things and styles. The more contrasting and unusual combinations and mix in the image, the more interesting and stylish it looks. So, how to stylishly combine different styles of clothes?

Let’s first deduce some criteria for choosing clothes for such looks.

  1. The first criterion is fit, that is, how this thing sits on you. We do not compromise here – the thing must have a perfect fit, otherwise it runs the risk of looking ridiculous in the image, even being the latest trend. And if the image is in contrast and with an unusual combination, then everything together may look inappropriate.
  2. The second criterion is the relevance of the silhouette and cut, meaning that the item should not be from the hottest trends of the season, but simply correspond modern style, that is, relevant at the moment. An outdated thing creates a completely different impression in the image. And in such bows with unusual and more complex combinations, it can look ridiculous.
  3. The third criterion is that the thing must have a specific style. If these are sweatpants, then they should be made in a sporty style, in its classic design. I want to clarify that this is a very important point. Since speaking about a combination of styles, we mean a combination of things in an image, where each thing has a pronounced style that it represents, and it goes in contrast with the style of another thing in the image.

We in no way choose one thing that has a mix of two styles, such as a coat with a hood, where the thing combines classics and sports, or a down jacket with lace, when you want both sports and femininity, or the same sweatpants, but in the material under jeans, where there is a mix of sports with casual.

We follow a completely different rule and combine different styles in different elements of the image, and this is the only way.

The combination of styles in contrast in modern style is one of the most interesting and frequently used combinations in street style, so how the images turn out to be extraordinary. We often see play with proportions, contrast in masculinity and femininity, contrast in textures and materials. We collect in one image styles that contrast with each other for the same factors. For example, grunge, which has a harsh character, where leather goods are often used. We contrast it with a romantic style that carries femininity and tenderness. And accordingly, in a romantic style, the materials used will be flying, such as chiffon or silk. An image where these two styles are combined in contrast will look interesting and stylish.

Now let’s look at the examples of the combination of styles and figure out how the images were assembled:

In this image, we see a very popular version of the contrast in the image – the fragility and femininity of the romantic style with the rigidity of the grunge style in forms and materials, which was given in the example earlier:

  • Combinations of Sports and Grunge styles also look interesting … Soft and relaxed lines and materials in sportswear contrast with the hardness and texture of grunge:
  • In the following look we combine a white suit in a purely classic style, where trousers and a jacket have strict lines and in contrast there are sports-style sneakers and a top. It is this difference, in the severity of the suit and bold street sneakers, that makes the image interesting, and you want to consider it:

A few more examples of the combination of classics and sports :

  • In this look, we see a combination of the same classic suit, but with rough grunge style boots. Here, in addition to the contrast of textures, there is an ideological contrast between the correctness of the forms of the Classic style and the rebelliousness of the Grunge style:

A few more examples of the combination of Classic and Grunge styles:

tall lady wearing a coat crossing a street

At the same time, elements of the grunge style, for example, rough boots perfectly complement everyday looks in casual style, and give them character:

  • In the next look, we will look at one of the most beloved fashionistas mix of styles – Western and Romantic, especially flying feminine dresses with Cossacks, which, by the way, will be at the peak of popularity this fall-winter season. It uses the contrast of the softness of flying fabrics and the sharpness of the lines of the Cossacks, made in leather or suede:
  • In addition, the combination of a Western style jacket with characteristic fittings turns out to be very interesting, with a delicate silk dress in a romantic style:
  • And here’s another option, how interesting it is to dilute the everyday image – a combination of Western and casual, it turns out very casual and with a twist:
  • Military style outerwear and jackets will be popular this fall-winter season. In this image, we see how interesting the combinations of the Military and, for example, the Ethno style, turn out. The clear lines of the Military in contrast with Ethno-motifs create a very unusual and interesting image:

Another elements of Military will certainly add flavor and character to a casual look:

  • Combining the incongruous can also be a stylistic technique and very popular among fashionistas. For example, looks, where we combine the styles of Sport and Glam, are a very extraordinary solution, and the looks turn out to be unusual:
  • And also for those who are ready to experiment an interesting option – this is a combination of Dressy style with Casual. We take out that very blouse to go out or a dress bought for a birthday and combine it with the most everyday elements, for example, with jeans or sneakers. Thus, we reduce the elegance and fit these elements into everyday looks, making stylish and unexpected sets:

Keep your ideas, get inspired, compose images on the contrast of textures, materials and styles. And experiment with pleasure.

Author: Alena Palamarchuk @fromflorence_withstyle

How to mix and match styles and always look trendy

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