How to plan your marketing strategy for 2022

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How to successfully plan your marketing strategy for 2022?

Surely this question must sound like a lot to you, what do I need? Where to start? How do I execute without losing the target?

All the previous questions will be answered in this content and even much more so that you can start today and prepare yourself with everything you need to start this 2022 with a winning digital marketing strategy.

What is annual marketing planning?

It is the process by which you will create your plan (what you have to do) to achieve your marketing objectives aligned with the business.

Your marketing plan will give you a complete vision of the whole panorama and will keep all actions on track.

Doing your planning does not guarantee success, but not doing your planning if it guarantees failure.

What do you need to plan?

Before starting and explaining how to plan your annual marketing strategy, we recommend that you have this:

  • Ability to make decisions
  • Refresh your knowledge of the Inbound methodology
  • Full knowledge of the brand
  • Be clear about the problems and objectives of the brand
  • Previous analytics of your funnels
  • Define / know the budgets and resources you have
Planificación de Marketing 2022

Define the problem or challenge and your annual objectives

The first step in planning your annual marketing strategy, you must define the problems of your brand for the year.

If you don’t define this up front, you won’t fully understand where you are going.

On many occasions, companies make the mistake of using very ambitious digital marketing strategies, and at the same time unrealistic.

On the other hand, you should never forget to take into account global objectives and be aware of external factors that may affect your business, such as market trends, political, social and economic aspects, and technological advances.

Having a broad overview will help you see the situation as an opportunity and seize the moment to improve your marketing strategy.

Divide your challenges and goals

This is where the interesting thing begins, you are going to divide the objectives that you have into 4 parts, that is, in the 4 quarters that there are in the year and you are going to include in them, the available resources that you have.

In the first quarter you will work with your current statistics and the long-term pitch, to calculate your objectives for the quarterly funnel and maintain growth throughout the year.

Later, establish actions that will lead you to achieve your objectives ( Resources, Contents, Campaigns, Activations, Tools, Touchpoints and Temporalities).

Now all of the above, you are going to repeat it in the next 3 quarters, and with that you finish your general mapping of the planning of your marketing strategy for 2022.

Create your activities for the quarter in monthly

Once you have defined your objectives for the quarter, you can now start creating the activities you need to achieve your goals.

Distribute the activities of the quarter in small missions

You can distribute all global or general activities in small missions in order to have greater control of all the actions involved to achieve a certain objective.

Always remember to supervise and not have unexpected problems because the activities were not completed in their entirety or otherwise, review to make improvements.

These questions can help you to allocate and divide more efficiently and intelligently.

  • What is the mission?
  • What do you want?
  • How do you want it?
  • Who are responsible?
  • Why is it important that it be achieved
  • What if it is not achieved?
  • By when do you need it to be achieved?

Use a tool to control the project and assign those responsible for each task to be carried out.

There are many and very good and very professional, we recommend Trello or ClickUp, both are free platforms that allow you to add activities with description, checklist, expiration date, name of those responsible, attachment of digital files and much more.

Anticipate a “PLAN B”

It is normal to have expectations, and to work hard to make things go the way we expect, however you should not always trust that it comes out exactly.

Many times we will have factors in our favor, but there will also be situations that we cannot control.

We advise you to have a plan B or a backup plan in case this happens and you anticipate any risk.

Consider in your “PLAN B” the following factors:

  • Personal.
  • Suppliers.
  • Deliverables and approvals.
  • Changes in campaign.

Create your calendar

Build a first quarter-only deliverable schedule with a support tool like a spreadsheet, presentation, or Trello.

In your presentation you must include the following:

  • Cover.
  • Global background of the previous year.
  • The expected problem for next year.
  • What are the goals you want to achieve ( yearly ).
  • How are you going to achieve it ( problem, objective funnel, master activities, resources and calendar) .
  • Risk forecasts.
  • Conclusion.


Excellent! You have reached the end of this content, then it is time to get down to work, and build the new planning of your marketing strategy for 2022.

Remember, nothing is set in stone.

Because even if you follow all of the above step by step, you may not be fully successful on your first try, but it will be less so if you don’t try.

So start as soon as possible and don’t let time go by. The year goes by quickly and you need to have at least the vast majority planned to have more control of your annual marketing planning.

If you still have doubts, we recommend a Digital Marketing Agency, which is from our select group of Partners and that will surely be willing to help you with your planning.


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How to plan your marketing strategy for 2022

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