How to write the About Us page

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The About page tells you about your brand and builds relationships with customers and partners. It decides whether the job seeker will write to you. Influences purchasing decisions. It therefore depends on the text. We’ll help you write an About Us page.


It’s time for your new website. You come up with what and for whom you put there and how you put it all together. You will come to a place where you should introduce yourself. I know you keep it to the end and you hope that you will also come up with something other than a boring sauce about what a great company headquarters you have. Here are some tips for you to think about it and how to write an About Us page to help your customers.

Consider the audience

Think about who your customers are. Imagine them – they can be seniors, mothers at a parent or a dentist – and speak a language like them . It is important that they do not get lost or confused where they find themselves. Make them feel like everyone understands.

Share your story

The days when long stylistic works on the topic of About Us were written without interest and goals are not over yet. Try to be different – tell your story. We love stories. They are inspiring, informative, sometimes fun. Do you have an original story of how you chose the name of your company or business? For example, the nickname and at the same time the personal brand of the fashion icon Coco Chanel dates back to the days of her singing youth. A little bit of her personal life and she was immediately closer to customers.

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Say interesting

Try not to bore the reader. No resume or summary in points. Instead, write a few features about you, the company, the employees. What do you believe in your business? The owners of the Prague pub have expressed their passion clearly – they love craft beers from mini-breweries, they drink beer every day and even brew their own beer. Give your own brand a cut.

Introduce your BEST

This is the right place to introduce groundbreaking moments of your business – whether it’s a famous product like Baking Powder from Dr. Oetker or the expansion of the Zlín shoemaker to a foreign market. If you are proud of the expertise of your customer support, do not keep it to yourself. Show off the number of satisfied customers you have helped.

About Us page

Show your face

Don’t be just another anonymous face for your readers. Show them . This will emphasize the human side of your profession. Always think of your audience and choose the type of photos accordingly – a profile photo looks professional and expert – it is more suitable for the legal world, for example. On the contrary, more relaxed moments from work will confirm your devotion to your profession and passion for the cause – such bread from a craft bakery will quickly remind you of your grandmother’s childhood.

Share your references

Do you not like to brag yourself? Let those who love you speak for you – your customers. Thanks to the references of real customers, the reader can easily imagine what your products or services are suitable for. Who wouldn’t be convinced by the references of a large company that emphasizes fast and trouble-free delivery of its shipments? It must be immediately clear to everyone that such a courier will reliably bring him a new television today.


How to write the About Us page
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