In which cases should you opt for a custom-made piece of furniture?

in which cases should you opt for a custom made piece of furniture 61b0f998cf545

More expensive but perfectly suited to your needs, custom furniture is, in certain situations, essential!

You may be thinking that a custom piece of furniture is not for you: “Too luxurious! Surely too expensive… ” Think again! Today, tailor-made is everywhere, including the Internet, accessible to everyone with online planning tools. It is not only the furniture of the castles that is entitled to it! A custom piece of furniture is a piece of furniture that meets your needs. Considering the services provided and its durability, this is a totally reasonable additional cost option, which also has the virtue of having craftsmen work near you. In short, a smart way to consume. Here are at least eight good reasons to do it ASAP!

1. Inventiveness
When what you are looking for does not exist on the market, it is wise to think about the problem with a craftsman, a decorator, an interior designer… They will certainly find the right solution. revolutionize your space, in terms of space, comfort, aesthetics. In this Parisian creation by Olivier Chabaud, the space has been completely opened up. In the center of the space, a multifunctional room divider allows you to turn the TV to the living room or bedroom side while providing storage and privacy. Made-to-measure is also a smart choice!

2. Originality and artistic aspect
Made-to-measure is still the means to have both an ultra-personalized piece of furniture and something different, original, even artistic. This two-tone and graphic composition , which integrates the circulation doors, a rest area and storage space, is more than just a very practical functional piece of furniture: it is a real work of art!

3. Adaptability and optimization
Furniture in kit form, it’s all well and good, but when the space is atypical or quirky (in particular in the old, the attic, under the stairs, in the corners, etc. .), it is very difficult to find the right fit. Made-to-measure furniture goes hand in hand with optimization! In this Haussmann-style apartment, the wall of the living room is curved. A hard-to-convert space that is optimized by this made-to-measure composition.

In this staircase, it would have been impossible to accommodate a library found on the market. The one that Mélanie Lallemand imagined combines perfect integration, optimization and originality thanks to tailor-made.

4. Space saving
When space is very small, you hunt down every square inch. Full-height cupboard, bench with storage … Custom-made furniture, which can provide two-in-one solutions and adjusted to the nearest millimeter, can then be life-saving. Rue de Bellechasse in Paris, this room the size of Harry Potter’s storage room offers everything what’s needed. And this, thanks to this bed designed by the decoration agency A + B Kasha Designs to fit perfectly into the space and offer storage as a bonus.

We had to adapt to this tiny space wedged under the stairs to create a kitchen in this 28m² apartment. And we must admit that the professional did it brilliantly, creating a functional kitchen. Here we touch on the power of tailor-made.

5. Personalization
The made-to-measure piece of furniture is the champion of gaining both space, organization and comfort, because it can be totally adapted to the needs of a whole family, for example. This possibility of customization is particularly interesting for the entrances, which are often small and need to be very organized to fulfill their function. painted in a different color per capita. No more business is lost when it comes time to go out!

6. Integration
Also remember to call on a professional when it comes to matching an old room to a new one with a perfect aesthetic. In this apartment in Boulogne, “for the washbasin cabinet that we had it made to measure, we used rosewood, in order to be connected with the parquet ”, explain the architects Izabela Abratanska and Raphaël Philippe.
And in this penthouse in Val d’Isère, the owners had “a 3 meter aged leather Chesterfield sofa to accommodate the whole family”. The tailor-made satisfies every whim!

8. Do it yourself!
When funds are scarce and you still want a piece of furniture that suits your needs, you just have to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself! Here’s how young salesman Taylor Hoff transformed the bedroom. his roommate inspired by the presentation of clothing stores to create his own tailor-made wardrobe.Finally, tailor-made has only one limit: that of your imagination!

Do you want to opt for tailor-made? Boom!
In which cases should you opt for a custom-made piece of furniture?

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