Lead Tracking: the solution to identify the leads with the greatest potential on your website

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Keeping track of Lead’s actions and the path he’s taken is especially important in companies with longer and more complex sales cycles. This is because, in this type of business, the sale is not given on impulse and, therefore, the Lead ends up having several interactions with the company before making the decision.

A very simple example: you are going to hire software to do all the financial management of your company. It is an important, complex decision and no company ends up simply changing software just because it is a little cheaper, without properly studying the impacts it will have on their business. This purchase is not made on impulse: you need to understand how the software would work for your company, understand the costs of contracting and implementation, the real benefits it can bring and everything. For this, it is common to spend months analyzing the software, researching alternatives, doing demos and tests.

Not knowing your potential customer and not knowing how he is interacting with your company has a clear consequence: inefficient sales. Your business may be doing well, but having this information would certainly take your results to another level.

Ways to follow the steps of a Lead

Most companies already use Google Analytics to measure the overall performance of the website, but it is not possible to track the visitor by trajectory.

With some lead management software ( RD Station Marketing , for example), you can use all these triggers to personalize your relationship with them. You can send emails to a very specific audience, create a sequence of emails for those who click on a particular link in an email, notify a seller of a specific action, etc. In these posts, we talk more specifically about the potential of Marketing Automation :

This is already extremely powerful for Marketing and Sales, but it can improve even more. All these forms of interaction, in fact, end up representing only 20% of the actual interactions of visitors with your company.

The other 80% consists of the interaction of Leads through visits to your website. Knowing exactly which pages your potential customer visited and when they visited provides great intelligence and allows you to further customize the way you engage with them.

RD Station Marketing: Lead Tracking

Thinking about this great opportunity for the marketing and sales teams, we created the Lead Tracking functionality in RD Station Marketing. This allows you to monitor the Leads from the beginning to the end of the purchase process, greatly increasing the personalization in the relationship and, consequently, the sales potential.

As Lead Tracking is part of RD Station Marketing, it is already fully integrated with other features such as lead scoring, email marketing, lead segmentation, and marketing automation.


Create more specific triggers and further customize the relationship

With Lead Tracking, RD Station Marketing considers visiting specific pages on your website as triggers for other actions. That is, if a potential customer visited your pricing page, it is possible to notify a seller or send them a specific email automatically.Focus on the Lead’s truly interested efforts and don’t waste time on the curious

As it is possible to see exactly which pages the Lead went through, you can identify the really interested ones and separate them from the more curious leads.

If a Lead has passed more than once through pages such as “Prices”, “Contact”, “Budget”, “Cases”, “Services / Features”, it identifies him as interested in knowing your company and adopting a sales approach. If the Lead downloaded a large amount of material but did not even visit your website (or visited pages that do not indicate much interest, such as “Work with us”), reduce the priority of the focus.

This means investing time in Leads that really have great potential and increasing your performance.

investing time in Leads

Make more and better sales: get in touch at the right time

As you will know exactly which pages the Lead has passed on, it is possible to identify if they are more interested in a specific product and direct the sales pitch.

An example of RD Station: If a lead enters the RD Station website and visits the “Marketing Automation” page, I can assume that this is the role that interests them the most and therefore I direct my sales pitch to highlight the benefits of that functionality.

Last but not least, it is also possible to create notifications through marketing automation. If a qualified lead enters the pricing page, RD Station Marketing already notifies the seller. This is the best time for the seller to get in touch, as Lead has his head on the subject.

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Lead Tracking: the solution to identify the leads with the greatest potential on your website

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