Limited Edition Packaging Design: How to Attract Consumers

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Global brands always develop limited edition packaging designs for certain events or holidays . Such packages increase brand interest, help differentiate your product from others, and stimulate sales. It should be borne in mind that the packaging and label design for the limited edition should be as colorful and attractive as possible , because it is the limited edition that becomes the collector’s item for fans.

Summer is the time to prepare packaging design for a limited edition of New Year’s goods , as well as think over an advertising campaign. If you already have Jingle Bells playing in your head, and you are wondering how to decorate the tree this year, you are either a very forward-thinking person or a marketer! About why brands are preparing skis holiday packaging in the summer and what reasons for a limited edition there are – read on!

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Why design special packaging and labels: 8 great reasons

All companies are looking for different ways to increase customer loyalty and attract new target audiences . Special packaging design is a great reason to increase sales, strengthen your reputation and advertise your brand. It’s worth remembering that seasonal or holiday packaging designs should reinforce brand positioning and be recognizable.. We have collected 8 suitable cases for the development of a limited edition packaging design. Even if your company operates in the B2B field, you will find advice for yourself here!

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Limited packaging is another way to make your product stand out

Packaging is the “face” of the brand , it is by its design that consumers choose most of the products. Among boring and gray everyday boxes, the limited edition in bright juicy packaging looks very advantageous. In addition, on the eve of holidays or important events, the lack of thematic packaging may look like a disregard for consumers’ attention. Customers will prefer to buy themed product with promotional packaging over standard candy.


Coffee in gift wrapping Nescafe AZERA. Design: PSONA 12

Remind consumers of yourself

Packaging dedicated to important events allows to show a brand as modern , one that keeps up with consumers. This is especially important for products that have the ability to release thematic packaging that will be strongly associated with both the brand and the event. The best reason to remind yourself is company’s birthday . For its 125th anniversary, the Coca Cola brand has released a limited series of cans featuring movie stars.

разработка упаковки ретро-бутылки

Cans for 125- anniversary Coca Cola. Design: Bulletproof in collaboration with NWEN

Limited Edition Will Help Increase Customer Loyalty

Launching a thematic limited line to support consumer interests is a great way to increase customer loyalty. Professional cosmetics brand MAC annually releases limited editions of products with cartoon characters, comics, celebrities, etc. These sets are collected by loyal fans out of love for the characters.

дизайн упаковки limited edition косметического бренда

Testing a new product is another reason to make a limited edition

Famous brands prefer to launch new products under limited edition . First, the limited release incentivizes buyers as they realize that they will not be able to purchase this product soon. Secondly, the limited edition will help to protect the brand from losses in case the product is not to the liking of consumers. In addition, you can try selling the product in a new market or rebranding the packaging. If the results are negative, it will be easier to return to your usual packaging and continue your search for the perfect one.

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Bright packaging design will attract new target audience

New striking packaging design will help to draw consumers’ attention to a familiar brand and finally try its products. Pin-up or retro packaging will definitely appeal to nostalgic shoppers.

дизайн упаковки и этикетки

Design a limited edition for your clients

Exclusive limited edition products are perfect for B2B in the lead up to the holidays . This can make a great gift for customers or distribute products through a network where potential customers can spot those products. These can be pens, notebooks, collectible sets, cigars, etc.

In addition, many brands that sell cosmetics or clothing often make limited edition sweets . For example, the fashion house Dior has partnered with Harrods to launch a set of cupcakes.

эксклюзивный дизайн упаковки

Release Seasonal Gift Boxes

If the brand regularly releases seasonal products, it is worth making gift wrapping for them. This increases the likelihood that consumers will buy this particular item for a birthday present or other holiday, because the packaging conveys the mood. Winter and summer packaging of RICH juices look much brighter against the background of other brands.

дизайн упаковки лимитированной серии сока

Get your premium gift set

Limited editions can be tailored specifically for the premium segment of consumers, which will draw their attention to the brand and increase its value in the eyes of all consumers . Wooden boxes are very popular.

ограниченная серия

Before launching your limited edition packs, make sure they are bright and unusual. Adding limited time only” reminds consumers that product is available for a limited time , and you need to get it faster.

этикетки limited edition

Festive packaging

There are 365 days in a year, and for each of them there are several holidays – from national to church. Another holiday is a good reason to draw attention to your brand with a creative limited edition packaging design.

Festive packaging design for New Year and Christmas

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, company sales increase by an average of 30%. shoppers succumb to holiday euphoria and are happy to make gifts to their family and friends, without thinking too much about their price. Launching holiday packaging on Christmas Eve creates a festive mood around the brand and helps improve its reputation.

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Sweets are the leaders in the frequency of release of holiday packaging. Global brands are chasing consumers’ attention, trying to make the packaging design as New Year’s and attractive as possible. M & M ‘ s always delights consumers with variegated packaging and unusual tastes . In addition to original packaging, they produce festive figures and other souvenirs. M & M’s classics are red, green and white dragees. A very popular New Years Eve flavor is mint & chocolate .

зимняя сезонная упаковка

All companies, regardless of their sales area – be it baby cookies or expensive jewelry, try to release a limited series of products or at least arrange their products in holiday boxes . Festive design is certainly used by catering establishments. The red cups of the Starbucks chain are strongly associated with Christmas. For the holidays, they have new cups, and the range expands with cozy warming drinks.

выпуск ограниченной серии к зиме

Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

If most people are preparing for the holiday of all lovers somewhere in early February, then marketers in September know what they will give their soul mates. Many people consider February 14 a far-fetched holiday, which was created only for the purpose of commercialization. However, most consumers willingly stock up on gifts for this holiday. A special popular gift sets of sweets in exclusive packaging, as well as champagne and cosmetics . The LUSH brand always releases a line of gift sets by February 14, making original packaging designs and filling boxes with themed gifts. The limited edition comes predominantly in pink and red .

Gift sets for March 8

Spring floral prints , joyful smiles women and limited edition chocolate sets herald the beginning of spring and another holiday – March 8th. This is a great reason to increase sales of “classic” gifts for women – beauty products and sweets. The production of gift wrapping for this holiday is often not so large-scale, and a label with a congratulation or flowers is simply added to an ordinary box. Thus, the gift looks elegant and without additional packaging. The design is replete with flowers and different ribbons, pink and green. Beauty brands collect their boxes of the best beauty products.

Horrible Halloween Packaging

Interest in Halloween is growing every year. In the US, consumers on average spend $ 60 preparing for this holiday. Our customers are still very far from them, but there is also a upward trend in demand for Halloween themed goods . Today’s brands are trying to outperform each other in the horror of packaging and are looking for new ways to grab the attention of consumers. Here the key colors of the packaging are orange, green and black. Starring zombies, skeletons, bats, witches, talking pumpkins and vampires.

Easter bunnies are coming

In all countries, Easter is associated with different attributes. For example, in the USA it is Easter bunny , in Ukraine – Easter cakes and eggs, in Germany – pretzel. World brands are preparing a special packaging design for this holiday. When developing the design, predominantly pastel green, blue and yellow colors are chosen.

Don’t wait for the holidays to fall on your head – create seasonal packaging ahead of time and delight consumers on time! KOLORO is always in touch to help you create unique packaging designs.

Limited Edition Packaging Design: How to Attract Consumers

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