Livechat on the site – a small element that can help

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Why is it worth having livechat website?

Quick and cheap form of contact

Until recently, the most obvious (and most common) form of real-time customer contact was a phone call. Livechaty are a cheaper and more convenient solution, both for companies and users. A telephone consultant is not able to serve more than one client at a time. This means that other customers who need support have to wait for a slow connection. Meanwhile, the person responsible for servicing livechats can conduct several conversations simultaneously. Livechats allow for quick contact with the customer service office, and what is more, they allow users to multitask – they do not require such concentration as, for example, a phone call, so you can talk to a consultant while performing other activities . The introduction of live chat on the website is also a great help for people who do not like to talk on the phone and do not want to leave their comfort zone.

Better level of service and the possibility of increasing sales

When shopping in a traditional store, we can approach the seller at any time and ask him a question about the article we are interested in. Livechats also offer this possibility to customers of online stores. Establishing quick contact with a consultant helps to solve problems and dispel customer doubts , which is not without significance for the process of making their purchasing decisions. Exchanging e-mails or filling out a form and waiting for a response takes too long – the customer may resign from the purchase or decide to buy from competitors there, if he receives answers to his questions quickly enough.

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Building the company’s image and positively influencing the level of customer satisfaction

Livechaty help in building loyalty to the brand, good relations with customers and a positive image of the company . Thanks to the consultants who support live chats, users do not have to waste time searching for information that interests them. A quick response to a problem on the part of the user is a signal that a given brand cares about its customers, and this in turn has a positive effect on trust in the brand. Live chats are also a valuable source of information. Frequently asked questions may mean that there is no relevant information on the website and that optimization is necessary.

Livechat on the site – a small element that can help

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