Milk and dairy products packaging: technology and design

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packaging helps to keep the goods intact and maintains hygiene standards. Packaging protects dairy products from environmental influences.

Several factors affect the quality of milk and fermented milk products:

  • composition of the product;
  • manufacturing technology;
  • conditions for packaging products;
  • the quality of the packaging material.

Poor packaging can reduce the quality of fermented milk products. For example, thick cardboard packaging transmits less sunlight than transparent plastic packaging. This means that milk will be stored longer in a cardboard box. Milk and fermented milk products very easily absorb foreign odors. Therefore, high-quality packaging does not have its own smell and does not allow strangers to pass through.

In addition to odors, dairy products absorb metals and volatile compounds . Therefore, the packaging should be made from the most harmless materials. Packaging must be resistant to fats contained in dairy products.

Also on the packaging they place basic information about the product: its purpose, rules of use, shelf life, manufacturer.

When choosing packaging for milk and fermented milk products, you need to be guided by the peculiarities of these products.

1. Glass containers. Glass for packaging dairy products dates back to the 18th century. The transparent surface made it possible to assess the quality and freshness of the product. Glass packaging can be recycled. Therefore, it is bought by people who care about the environment. Nowadays, glass packaging is used for premium and children’s products. It is glass containers that best preserve the taste of dairy products.

Дизайн упаковки молочной продукции - Pure Pack

However, this packaging has many disadvantages. For example, short shelf life . Milk can only be stored in glass containers for 36 hours. Such a short shelf life does not meet modern requirements. It is difficult for sellers to sell all goods in 36 hours. Glass packaging may break during transport. This leads to additional losses.

2. Plastic wrap. Also called milk film. Soft bags are made from such a film. The package can consist of several layers of film, which increases its density and grease resistance. For dairy and fermented milk products, a film is most often used, which consists of 3 layers. They protect the product from exposure to sunlight. Such packaging is widely used due to its low cost.

3. Thermoformed packaging. It is used for packaging dairy products with a pasty consistency. Such packaging is made from thermoplastic polymers, impact-resistant polystyrene and other materials with similar characteristics. Products in such packaging can be stored longer.

4. Combined materials based on paper and cardboard. For fermented milk products, packaging of several formats is most often used.

Tetra Brick. This package consists of 4 layers of polyethylene, a layer of paper and a layer of foil. It has a rectangular shape.

Tetra Brick Aseptic began to be used in 1963. The packaging is in the shape of a brick. It is one of the most popular milk cartons in the world.

Pure-Pak (Pure-Pak) This type of packaging was patented in 1915. In 1936-1937, milk was poured into the Pure-Pak packaging. The packaging has an elongated rectangular shape. Pure-pack is made from multilayer highlighted material, which increases the barrier characteristics of the package.

Due to the shape close to a rectangle, composite packaging takes up little space during transportation and on store shelves. It is easy to store in warehouses. This packaging is very durable. It can withstand several liters and does not tear.

Дизайн упаковки ложкового йогурта

Consumption of dairy products in Ukraine

Ukrainians consume 220 kg dairy products per capita per year. This figure is significantly lower than in the EU , where a person consumes 260 kg of dairy products per year.

When choosing dairy products, most buyers are primarily price-oriented . Natural milk products are expensive , which is why people take dairy products with additives.

Of all dairy products, most people buy milk . In addition to the standard use, it is used for the preparation of many dishes, added to coffee. Another popular product is drinking yoghurts . They are nutritious, fill up quickly and are easy to take with you. Drinking yoghurts are loved by office workers, students, and people who are on a diet or diet. The popularity of a healthy lifestyle among the population has increased the demand for cottage cheese . Parents buy a variety of yoghurts and curd masses for their children.

Consumers consider products labeled “for children” to be of better quality . Therefore, adults often buy it for themselves. Children’s dairy products are often fortified with supplements.

You can read more about the state of the Ukrainian dairy market in our reviews for 2016 and 2015.

You can order a more detailed desk study at KOLORO. Contact us and the manager will answer all your questions.

Концепт дизайна молочной бутылки

Manufacturers of packaging for milk and dairy products

1. “Ukrplastic”. The history of the enterprise began in 1927, when a rosin-turpentine plant was created. In 1960 the plant became the Kiev Chemical Combine. In 1997, the company began reconstruction aimed at introducing new technologies. The company produces packaging for the following product groups:

  • cosmetics;
  • household chemicals;
  • household goods;
  • products, etc.

2. PE “Aventin”. Since 1999, the company has been supplying and manufacturing packaging materials. Aventine is one of the industry leaders in Ukraine. The company takes an active part in international exhibitions of packaging materials.

The company produces packaging for:

  • dairy products;
  • groceries;
  • snacks;
  • household chemicals, etc.

PE “Aventin” cooperates with the following brands of dairy products:

  • Slovenochka;
  • Generously;
  • Olkom;
  • “Prize”.

3. Interagropack. Since 1998 it has been producing polymer packaging.

The company produces packaging for:

  • fat and oil products ;
  • fermented milk products ;
  • instant food etc.

The company’s packaging is used by more than 150 enterprises in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

dairy products

Dairy packaging design: 4 examples

Attractive packaging design encourages people to make a purchase. The KOLORO marketing and design team has compiled four examples of 2015-2016 dairy packaging designs that illustrate the main industry trends.

1. Dairy product design: minimalism in packaging

White is the main color for dairy products. The packaging design for dairy products by Järna Mejeri (Sweden, 2016) is a perfect example of how to use it correctly. Serif black serif adds sophistication and completes the look. It is worth paying attention to the inconspicuous small logo – a trend that is gaining momentum. Even in 2014, such a logo was used exclusively for private label retailers. But later on, traditional brands began to overshadow the logo as well . This allows us to put the product itself at the forefront, showing that the main thing is quality.

Дизайн упаковки молочных продуктов

Järna Mejeri dairy packaging design

2. Dairy packaging design: revision of the image of green meadows

Greenery on the packaging – classic trick of dairy brands. It is used to distance from industry associations associated with the dairy industry. Seeing meadow flowers, the consumer associates the brand with a natural product. Usually producers limit themselves to a small illustration of a green meadow. There may also be cows, sheaves of hay, mills – all this is associated by consumers with village life and milk. We wrote more about this in our article.

The Rodnaya Priroda dairy product brand (Russia, 2016) is a example of a different approach to “green” elements in dairy design. The illustrations of wildflowers do an excellent job of creating a “fresh” product image. Another plus is the individual images of each of the products. Colors differentiate products , with a similar design clearly visible on the shelf. The consumer will be able to quickly find the right brand among a couple of dozen competitors.

Дизайн упаковки молока, кефира, ряженки и йогурта

Packaging design for the Rodnaya Priroda dairy brand

Milky design: futurism and technology

An interesting approach was demonstrated by the creators of packaging for the Cheburashkin Brothers dairy brand (Russia, 2015). The emphasis they put on manufacturability . This is expressed in the use of unusual colors (such shades of purple and lilac are rarely used for dairy products) and font geometry. Also packaging as a whole looks extraordinary and more modern than any other representative of the Russian dairy shelf.

Дизайн упаковки кефира

Packaging design for kefir “Brothers Cheburashkin”

Like previous players, they sidelined the logo and moved the category name to the center. To showcase the boldness of the product, the designers used the power of typography. A product with a minimum fat content does not have extra serifs in the writing of the central letter (below is an example with “M” for milk). As the percentage of fat increases, new details appear on the letter-designation (“M” for milk, “Y” for yogurt and “K” for kefir).

Дизайн упаковки молока

“Cheburashkin Brothers” milk packaging design

4. Spoon yoghurt packaging design: illustration as a way to the heart of a young audience

The range of Kourellas (Greece, 2016) includes several types of Greek yoghurt and soft cheeses. The key element of communication with the consumer here is bright colors , (sets up a cheerful mood), handwritten font (emphasizes the organic origin of the product) and illustrations that successfully complete the look. Kourellas is a brand that targets a young audience, and the visual image fits well into this target audience.

Дизайн упаковки ложкового йогурта

Kourellas packaging design

For trendy designs, contact KOLORO. We can approach the heart of consumers.


  1. High-quality packaging is a guarantee of product safety. The shelf life of the product depends on the quality of the chosen packaging.
  2. It is necessary to select the type of packaging taking into account the main properties of the product : fat content, viscosity, density, etc.
  3. For milk and fermented milk products , combined materials and plastic wrap are most often used. Glass is used for premium dairy products.
  4. Modern developments are aimed at finding packaging that will keep products fresh for as long as possible.
  5. The main design trends are product focus and redefining classic approaches to the image of a dairy brand.

To become a regular guest in people’s homes and make your brand a popular favorite, contact KOLORO. We will create a brand image that will live in the hearts of consumers for a long time.

Milk and dairy products packaging: technology and design

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