Mobile Optimisation – Why its important

In the general running around of your normal day to day life you have probably heard people talking about Mobile Optimisation. There are many terms and phrases that float around and get kicked about by different kinds of people and today we are going to look at this one.

Mobile Optimisation (Mobile Friendly)

Definition: Mobile Optimised websites are designed in order that when they are accessed on a smartphone, tablet or other device the user always enjoys the best possible experience – not only how it looks but also in how it works on a smaller device.

In its basic form – this means that a website changes how it displays the information to cater to a smaller screen size and potentiality one handed use.

Things that change are – menu location and function, text size, image size, button size and placement.

Want to try this out?

Simply use our website as an example.

Open on your computer or laptop and then do the same on your smartphone or tablet.

Now hold them side by side and notice how the information is exactly the same but how the layout is subtly different. On other sites the layout is significantly different from website to mobile site.​

Mobile Optimisation Website

Which websites have this feature? Well all good ones should! This is an essential feature in today’s mobile world. With so many people now having access to a small device in their hand, pocket or handbag with instant access to the internet it is now more important than ever to have this feature.

Lets think about this.

When you want to find the address or contact information of a business, where do you turn? Like millions of other people you turn to your phone and Google for all of the answers.

You get out your phone, search for the business you are looking for, click on the link and boom you are on your chosen website.

Now this is where the game changes. Imagine you have a full sized website but on a tiny screen. In order to be able to read the text or click on buttons you would need to zoom in and out, keep moving the page around the screen in order to find what you are looking for. This is not only time consuming but can also be very frustrating (I know from experience!) which ultimately can lead to the customer leaving the website to find an easier one to use and navigate around.

This is a big deal!

You may have great information or even fantastic products available on your website but losing a potential customer purely down to your site not acting as it should on a mobile device is definitely something that should be rectified immediately!

So now you know what Mobile Optimised or Mobile Friendly means. Keeping your website optimised not only helps you rank higher on Google but also keeps your customers happy and ultimately keeps them on your site in the hopes of buying an item or service.

If you want any more information or help on this feature then feel free to contact us for a chat and we will be happy to advise you.

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