Negative opinions on the fan page – how to react?

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There are negative opinions or comments on your fanpage? Read on why it is worth reacting sensibly and without unnecessary emotions.

The power of social media is enormous, and how important Facebook is a tool in customer communication and building the company’s image , nobody needs to be convinced. Many people, before visiting a website, first browse the fanpage – often to check what a given company has in the Facebook community. The website allows both commenting on posts and issuing an opinion (if we activate this option on our profile). It’s great if our customers are satisfied and there are positive posts on the website. What to do when unfavorable comments and reviews start to appear?


Unfair competition or dissatisfied customer?

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of trolls and haters, for whom slandering someone for no reason is a form of specific entertainment. Sometimes negative opinions may arise due to unfair competition , which instead of building a positive image, prefers to concentrate its strength on destroying it for others. There is also a third, perhaps the most obvious possibility – a dissatisfied customer. While in the case of the first two groups, we have no influence on whether or not we get a negative opinion, in the case of the last one, our impact is huge. It is worth remembering that a desperate client may involve his family and friends in displaying negatives, which means that instead of one (well-deserved or not) unfavorable review, many more will appear.

What to do with it?

A positive image takes years to build, but a few unfavorable comments or reviews are enough to strain it. The matter is relatively simple with comments – they can be deleted. Worse if there are negative evaluations. You can’t just remove them just like that. There is an option to hide the “reviews” section, but by the same token, we’ll lose all the positives that we’ve worked hard for. We can of course submit a review for moderation , but the site administrators have the final opinion as to whether a given post violates the rules of the FB community. In the case of extremely malicious and slanderous entries, you may consider taking the case to court.

Unfair competition or dissatisfied customer

Why shouldn’t I be provoked?

If unfavorable comments start to appear on our fanpage, it is worth knowing how to react. As? Certainly not in an aggressive way! For all sorts of trolls, haters and unfair competition, it will only be water for the mill. We should also be aware that our reaction is visible to all users and it is a testimony to us. If we know that the review comes from a dissatisfied customer, do not offend him, do not use verbal stuffing, do not blame him for the situation. It is much better to write that we are sorry and express the willingness to resolve the situation – even if a dissatisfied customer does not withdraw their opinion, others will see that we are able to admit our mistake and that any matter can be resolved with us.

Negative opinions on the fan page – how to react?
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