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A question to consider about age and technology

Something that I get asked and more often than not also get told is that ‘I am TOO OLD to get involved with all this new technology’.

Do you agree? Does someone really get to a place in life where they ‘can’t’ take on new information purely because they are getting older?

Or do you think that they perhaps have become disinterested because they feel disenfranchised and detached from the technology that is now available?

I want to challenge that thought process and hit back at ageism and the stereotype that comes along with it.

We live in an age where technology is interwoven with the very fabric of our lives. It has happened at such a pace that it has taken people by surprise at just how prominent and prolific the use of technology and gadgets are in our day to day lives.

Ever Too Old for Technology?

Is it a good thing?

With the general populous becoming more dependant on technology, is it of benefit in real terms?

Well think what it has allowed us to do. We can communicate in real time to anyone in the world at any time convenient to us. We can communicate in interesting way by sending pictures, videos, GIFs, Snapchats and more. But does this help us as a human race communicate better than we used to? This will be cover in another blog post.

But what if everyone else are using these tools and we are not? How does that make that person feel? Left out of the loop, left behind, left feeling unimportant? These are traits that I want to eventually eliminate.

Too old…really?

As a case in point, I work with a lady who has just turned 90 years of age. She has children, grand children, great grand children and may even have the opportunity to see her great great grand children. How has technology helped her?

With help from her family and myself, we have got her onto the social media giant of Facebook. She has her own account and along with being able to post her own comments and pictures, she is more importantly able to keep up to date with what all of her family members are doing.

She was able to see pictures of her granddaughters graduation from university, she is able to use Facebook Messenger to chat to relatives who live abroad and she even video calls me to arrange to book another IT lesson.

Being able to make use of this technology in even a small way has made a huge difference to her life and her family!

If this can happen for one dear lady, why can’t we get a way of getting more people of a senior age onto using all of the technology and gadgets that are available to them.

How 2 Use IT is working on making this a reality! Stay in touch to find out more about what we are doing and as ever…keep reading!

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