Original packaging for milk: non-standard solutions

Do you think that unusual packaging is created only for a rare product? The designers who have developed the concepts for milk packaging may disagree with you. A milk bottle resembling a beer bottle or a bottle with a hole in the middle is not the limit of creative thought. We invite you to see for yourself.

KOLORO branding agency will develop original packaging for milk and dairy products.


Packaging requirements for milk and dairy products

Concept. Packaging design should be consistent with brand positioning. For example, if milk is supplied by a small family farm that recycles all the waste, then this will definitely be reflected in the packaging. It will be made of cardboard or glass.

Environmentally friendly. The materials from which the container for milk is made comply with the established standards. The design takes into account the peculiarities of storage and transportation.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов

Milk packaging: types

There are trends in the design of packaging for milk and dairy products that foreign and Ukrainian creatives like to follow. In 2017, the emphasis is primarily on organic, freshness and high quality products.

Дизайн для израильского бренда Yoplait

Design for Israeli brand Yoplait

Nothing extra

The concept of laconicism is one of the favorites of modern designers. The best color scheme for milk packaging is the absence of the color itself. The most advantageous is the transparent or white version. The combination of white with blue or light green looks organic. Approximately 80% of all milk cartons combine these three colors. Of course, there are exceptions.

Концепция лаконичности

Bet on the taste of the audience

Despite the fact that the audience for dairy products is wide, manufacturers are trying to segment it and win each category of buyers separately. For example, packaging for teenagers. It is designed to overcome the dislike for dairy drinks, which is often observed among teenagers. The innovative milk packaging resembles a low alcohol bottle. It is convenient to take with you, and a funny label can complement interesting compositions on instagram.

Ставка на вкус аудитории


A quality design always contains a well-made story. If the focus is on sustainability, then the packaging will likely contain an image of grass, a cow, a country house and clay pots. You can emphasize the freshness by displaying a few drops of milk. This design solution is most common in a supermarket. It’s a classic.

Качественный дизайн

See for yourself

When a manufacturer once again wants to emphasize the naturalness of a product, he uses a transparent plastic or glass container. So, the buyer will see the product itself. The customer will associate this technique with cleanliness and freshness.

Прозрачная пластиковая или стеклянная тара

Luxury comes first

Despite the simplicity of the product itself, the design can be frankly luxurious and expensive. As a rule, manufacturers are thus fighting for the premium segment of the market. White and gold tones are often used, this milk packaging is elegant and concise.

Роскошь превыше всего

Quality Seal

If the manufacturer relies heavily on unique equipment, the environmental friendliness of the farm or the assessment of experts, then this will be reflected in the packaging. The label will be marked with words and numbers that argue for the quality of the product.

For example, the shape of this package is uncomplicated, made of cardboard. The color scheme (a combination of white and blue) is not new for dairy packaging. Attention is drawn to diagrams and diagrams showing milk composition and fat percentage.

Знак качества

Forgetting the classics

Fresh and bold ideas should find a way out, even if the product, at first glance, is very simple. Aspiring designers often come up with original ideas.

COLORO branding agency will develop creative and unique milk packaging.

Креативная упаковка молока

  • A future designer from San Francisco has thought about the packaging design for Hathor Creamery milk. One of the tasks of the designer is to emphasize that all production processes are linked to the preservation of the environment. Therefore, milk packaging is completely recyclable. The customer wished that there were no standard stories, and the unusual shape, colors and original fonts emphasized the uniqueness of the products. The designer used retro typography, rich colors and elegant shapes. They managed to achieve a vintage style, which allowed the brand to stand out from the competition. This milk carton has a bold, retro-inspired design.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов0

  • Australian designer Natasha Subianto has come up with a milk container with an unusual ergonomic handle. In the design project, it was necessary to create packaging that would emphasize the purity of the product. Only two colors are used in one container – white and bright color.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов1

  • Vitrina Advertising, a Romanian-based branding company, has redesigned the packaging for Monor Dairy, which is well known for its natural and high quality products. Therefore, the designer decided to show the source of fresh milk itself – a cow.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов2

  • The packaging of Jásztej milk is original. The focus is on the front of the box, not the brand. At first glance, it seems that these are “no name” products. The stake is based on the percentage of fat in milk. Packaging allows you to quickly answer one of the most important questions of buyers – fat percentage.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов3

There are student projects that have not yet been implemented, but definitely deserve attention. They broaden the views of buyers and consumers on traditional dairy packaging.

  • Student Alfonso Sotelo from Barcelona suggested a bold packaging for Milko milk. An aspiring designer created aluminum packaging that could be carried everywhere. The different colors enable consumers to easily differentiate the milk according to taste. The standard bottom of the package evokes familiar associations with the consumer. A striking element of the can is the multi-colored “legs” that imitate the udder.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов4

  • Concept from a student from Norway – Andress Drage. The student has developed a milk packaging design for the premium segment. Andres proposed a soft handwritten script, with an emphasis on the uniqueness of the bottle and the custom cap. The shape resembles a wine container with a cork lid.

Требования к упаковке для молока и молочных продуктов5

The unusual packaging design of the milk carton demonstrates the courage and willingness of dairy producers to take non-standard solutions. Examples of foreign companies inspire Ukrainian manufacturers as well. There is a hope that unusual shapes and colors will soon appear on the shelves of our supermarkets. You can read the analysis of the Ukrainian dairy market here.

Branding agency KOLORO will create milk packaging that matches the best design solutions.

Original packaging for milk: non-standard solutions

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