Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters: what are they and how do they work?

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Currently, it is important to use the latest digital marketing strategies to attract quality traffic to the different platforms that we handle, so that visitors can become potential customers.

An idea that can change everything revolves around Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters, as they facilitate the content strategy; and in the following paragraphs we will address both topics and explain how they work:

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What is a Pillar Page?

A Pillar Page could be defined as the base on which the Topic Cluster is based, since it covers all the main aspects of the topic in one place and in a summarized way, while the second covers that topic in depth.

It is important to develop and define the Pillar Pages, as they will help you to cover all the aspects of the subject in which you want to position yourself.

In addition, the main idea is to give a quick answer to the questions that may arise , which can be found easily due to their extreme organization.

Definitely, the pillar page should be a key part of a digital media plan.

Types of Pillar Pages

The Pillar Pages vary depending on the topic being worked on , and therefore we will show you which ones are the most used:

Pillar Page 10x

This type of Pillar Page could be the most important and elaborate of all those that we will explain, as it would be the equivalent of the content of an ebook.

It is based on placing content on the web page so that users can access it. However, one tactic that pages often employ is to approach visitors with forms that allow the content to be downloaded in PDF.

Pillar Resource Page

They are simpler than those previously exposed, and focus on internal and external links, that is, they include text in each section, and provide the reader with links on the topic they are looking for.

Pillar Page of Subtopics

This type of Pillar Page ignores the interests of the user and fully addresses those issues that allow the company / brand to be positioned as experts.

In general, it does not include a navigation menu, as the user is expected to invest time and interest in reading the content without distractions.

How to create the ideal Pillar Page according to your interests?

To create the ideal Pillar Page, it is necessary to focus all our attention on the various topics that we have at our disposal and with which we hope to generate value and position ourselves.

The next step would be to brainstorm with the chosen topics, with the intention of developing much more specific keywords that are related to the main topic, that is, they must be broad and have a certain link with each other.

Pillar Pages should answer the questions of those who visit the website, in a way that motivates them to continue exploring and click on the term they were looking for.

What is a Topic Cluster?

Topic Clusters are pages that deal in depth with each of the topics mentioned in the Pillar Pages.

If we want to give this term more meaning, I could tell you that a Topic Cluster are blog articles, however, they can also come in the form of infographics or a video.

Each Topic Cluster is developed from a keyword, and its function lies in solving the visitor’s doubts.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Let’s think for a moment that the Topic Cluster was a guide page and, in essence, it would cover different topics in the same Pillar Page. The idea of ​​this would be to organize the themes and position a large number of keywords in the same point.

What are the objectives of the Topic Cluster?

Although the information is housed in Topic Clusters, its objective is to provide visibility in search engines, mainly due to the keywords found in the Pillar Page.

Likewise, they also improve the aesthetics and content strategy , which makes it easier for users to find it.

Why are links so important?

For the structure to make sense for users, it is vital that it is linked correctly, so that it allows correct navigation through the web.

Different structures can be developed to organize the content, but the essence lies in the Pillar Page, since it is in it where each of the Topic Clusters will be housed, which will have to solve different problems that users have.

Final recommendations

The idea of ​​this note is to introduce you to the basic elements to correctly carry out your Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters, as well as to give you various tips that will help you restructure your website.

The starting point should be to reorganize the content and see how to translate it into themes, so that you can reorder them around the central objective.

It is also important that you be guided by the objectives you have in mind, although you should organize it in such a way that it makes it easier for the user to navigate the page without difficulty.

Another way to sort the content individually in each note is by adding a sidebar, as it will allow the user to find what they are looking for much easier.

In the same way, the design of the text in each Topic Cluster should be linear, that is, avoiding independent text blocks, as it will help your website to be found by the Google algorithm.

And most importantly, focus on quality content that includes text for images; and rank the content with H1, H2, H3 … Pillar pages are a model that adds up and helps to find information much easier. And we believe that any company that has content on the Internet should give it a try.

(Kit) Definitive Guide to SEO + Accompanying Worksheet

Everything you need to know to be on the first page of Google and attract more qualified visitors

(Kit) Definitive Guide to SEO + Accompanying Worksheet


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Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters: what are they and how do they work?

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