Plus size: your figure has no downsides

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It’s great that back in 1996 in the United States, two brave girls, feminist activists – Connie Sobchak and Elizabeth Scott, organized the “The Body Positive” movement. They urged to treat your body with respect and acceptance. A few years later, this trend was picked up even by big brands, which had previously provided very limited choices. Plus-size models began to appear on the catwalks, as well as on the covers of fashion magazines Vogue and Glamor. And popular mass-market brands are already expanding their size ranges. Now girls of all sizes can dress stylishly!

There is a great choice, but how to assemble a harmonious image for a plus-size figure from all the variety? There are some simple and effective ways to shape your wardrobe to please yourself and delight others.

Relaxed, straight fit

Add some air to your look. You can wear loose plus size clothes! Things should not fit snugly against the body. A straight, semi-adjacent silhouette looks advantageous almost always. It will visually lighten and stretch the figure. Give preference to fabrics of medium density, so that things do not “stick” to the body, but also do not stick.


By the way, about freedom in things. Yes, oversize is also possible. The main thing is to be able to put it on correctly. Don’t be afraid to take the item one size up. It’s just a number on the tag, but what an effect. A loose fit will create the impression of volume from the thing, and not from your figure. Open the thinnest parts of your body: wrists, ankles, neck. Roll up your sleeves a little, tuck your pants. Try to choose a top with a deep, or better V-neck. It will help open the neck and emphasize the décolleté area. Ready! You look great in oversized clothes.


Another way to make your look as stylish as possible – monochrome sets. An image assembled from things of the same color will not break your figure into horizontal parts, but, on the contrary, will create a vertical one. A completely white or black look is already a classic. But don’t limit yourself to just these two colors. For example, you can put together an image from different shades of pink, which is very relevant this year. Experiment!

An additional trick is to add a contrasting top to your monochrome set (jacket, vest, cardigan, coat). This is a great way to add brightness to an image, as well as create a vertical line in the center, which visually makes the shape more elongated.

Vertical print or wrap

How else can you visually stretch the figure? With a vertical strip. It is worth giving preference to a medium or large strip so that the print looks harmonious and proportionate to the figure. This also includes things on the wrap – tops, dresses, skirts, coats. A slightly curved vertical line formed by the wrap will add elegance to the whole image.Фигура plus size


use of accessories.

It is worth remembering a few nuances:

  • choose larger and longer earrings and pendants
  • large bracelets will help emphasize the grace of your wrist
  • when choosing shoes, you should avoid thin heels, sandals with narrow straps, thin flat soles
  • bags are best to choose bulk and more geometric shape.

In general, follow the principle of proportionality, as with prints.

Of course, all these techniques can and should be combined and used at the same time. But most importantly, remember, you are beautiful! Self-love is your main accessory.

Author: stylist Yana Mehrina

Plus size: your figure has no downsides

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