Popup windows – are they needed?

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Popup ads are pop-up windows that appear automatically on the page that contain additional messages . They are used for various purposes. They may persuade users to take specific actions, e.g. to subscribe to a newsletter or visit a website on social media. Sometimes popups ask you to accept cookies or to approve the privacy policy and terms of use of the website. Pop-ups are found annoying by most Internet users. The interpretation could be as follows – popup ads are unnecessary on the page. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that this type of advertising can be very effective . The question of whether popups are needed becomes secondary. First of all, it is worth considering how to use them effectively on your website.

How to construct popups?

Find the right moment

Popups are an effective tool provided they are properly designed and do not irritate users. On the one hand, shouldn’t come too early. If a popup appears just after entering the website, most likely the user will close it before reading its content. On the other hand, they must not be too late either. It is worth using tools that allow you to learn more about user interactions with the website.

Remember that too much is unhealthy

Pop-ups may appear in different situations . They most often appear when you open a page. Some popups pop up when the page scrolls to a certain point (e.g. when the user reads the article). A pop-up may also appear when the visitor wants to leave the site . The windows should be well thought out. They cannot attack users at every turn – this will only discourage you from reading their content.

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Attractive offer and engaging language

For the popup to be effective, it must be attractive to the user. It is not only attractive, engaging message content and a clear call to action that counts, but also what you can offer . In return for subscribing to the newsletter, you can offer, for example, a discount coupon for shopping in your store or a free guide or e-book. Remember not to ask Internet users to provide too much data – an e-mail address should be enough.

Customize popups for mobile devices

According to statistics, we increasingly use mobile devices to surf the Internet. Taking this into account when designing popups is therefore a must.

Let users close the popup

We don’t like intrusive ads, and a pop-up window that covers the content of the page, and which cannot be closed, can drive us crazy. Give users the option not to use your offer , otherwise you will effectively discourage them from visiting your website.

Popup windows – are they needed?

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