Preppy style for schoolgirls or a new trend !?

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Autumn is a great time to try something new. And couture shows will help us with this. Increasingly, catwalks are broadcasting elements of the Preppy school style – a mixture of business style and smart casual. Neatness, luxury and convenience are the main features. And not in vain, because this style appeared from the form of prestigious private schools. And if earlier he was associated with us only with the “golden youth”, now everyone can afford to dress like that.

The first fashion line was launched for Yale University by the Gant brothers in the 1960s, preppy has become an Ivy League feature. The style peaked in the 1980s.

ShoesPreppy shoes are of high quality, expensive, stylish and always comfortable.
Moccasins, derbies, ballet flats, loafers, oxfords and, of course, shoes with small heels. In a word – English gloss.


Preppy accessories have a special meaning, without them the image will be incomplete … Preppy bags are voluminous and comfortable models: a backpack, a postman, a tote bag and a briefcase. all kinds of emblems on clothes are welcome.
And be sure to have a hairstyle. This is well-groomed and healthy hair, styled with ribbons, clips and of course headbands.

Preppy style wardrobe

Classic “School” style – these are “pencil” and “pleated” skirts, A-silhouette, famous “club” jackets with stripes, knitted vests, pullovers, jumpers, sweatshirts, polos. Outerwear in the preppy style is a coat and, of course, our favorite trench coats.

Well, a new wave of preppy popularity has come, thanks to the “bombed” TV series from the 2000s – “Gossip Girl”. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass showed us the most striking examples of style.

Fashion trend?

We are used to Preppy being exclusively “school” style.
But now we see that this style is for everyone. Fashion designers incorporate classic preppy elements into their collections. This is not the past century, but the present.

It is not necessary to adhere to all the rules. Nobody forbids mixing styles, for example: adding your favorite jeans to a jacket in a cage, and a leather jacket to an A-line skirt.y is the collections of Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Michael Kors.
And in the new autumn-winter 2021-2022 season they were joined by Balmain and Lorenzo Serafini, with a chic interpretation of this style.

And of course, Lorenzo Serafini’s preppy aesthetic is off the charts. There is everything here – color, emblems, trench coat in a new interpretation, well, a mix with other styles – it’s just a masterpiece!

Preppy style

And of course, Tommy Hilfiger. We see how the designer adds a touch of grunge, an animal print to the classic preppy elements, and this only adds zest to the images and shows that such kits are suitable not only for study.

We live in an era when “EVERYTHING” is possible, feel free to experiment. If you want preppy in your everyday life, it’s easy, dilute with modern accessories, use a mix of styles.

If you want to get a relaxed look, introduce sneakers and a trendy top. More romantic, slip dress will help you out. Well, if it is more aggressive, then rough boots and a modern leather jacket will be a great option. And you definitely won’t be a schoolgirl!

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Preppy style for schoolgirls or a new trend !?

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