Rules for creating the perfect wardrobe

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We all want one formula to create our ideal wardrobe with ease – hence the popularity among checklists, where ready-made universal solutions are collected: leather jacket, white T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, etc. …As it shows practice, such ready-made formulas are not suitable for everyone and do not cover our needs for clothes for different occasions. And yet there are universal proportions of the wardrobe! We will break them down below, and also touch on individual preferences.Let’s independently derive our ideal proportions of the wardrobe in 3 steps:

Step 1

This is how the formula for THE MOST WARDROBE looks like:

  • 60% – basic things
  • 35% – capsule
  • 5% – trends

Where, basic things are those wardrobe items that do not have a pronounced style accessory, they are laconic, simple in combination and fit 80% of your life situations.

Capsule is a set of 8-15 things that are combined with each other and united by some common reason. Capsules are often harvested for specific situations. For example, having assembled a capsule for celebrations, you will forget the problem of what to go to a holiday, wedding, birthday and other events.

perfect wardrobe

Trends are the most modern and fashionable things. Such things should be in a modern wardrobe, but everyone chooses the degree of fashion for himself. There are a lot of trends in each season, and 2-3 trends are enough to make the wardrobe modern.

For the most fashionable women it is permissible to have 15% of trend items in the wardrobe.

If we add more fashion trends, our wardrobe may turn out to be less functional and short-lived.

And we are collecting a wardrobe that will serve us for years, right?)

Step 2

Our way of life and areas of activity.

We draw up a diagram of employment – the percentage of our spheres of life. Each has its own, individual.

For example:

  • 60% – work
  • 20% – meeting with friends
  • 10% – home
  • 5% – sports
  • 5% – outdoor recreation

We draw up an employment chart based on what we do, what we devote our time to. It helps us to understand what percentage of clothes from our wardrobe is needed for a certain occupation.

Accordingly, if work takes 60% of the time in life, then clothes for work should be 60%

 creating the perfect wardrobe

Step 3

Comfort – how important is comfort to you:

  1. is not important at all, the main thing is that it is beautiful
  2. if the thing is uncomfortable, but very beautiful, and it suits me, I will wear it
  3. comfort is important, I want it to be both comfortable and beautiful
  4. important, ready to sacrifice the beauty of a thing for the sake of comfort
  5. very important, I won’t wear a spiky sweater, only comfortable shoes, I will find beauty in everything just to be comfortable

Considering things from the point of view of comfort, we will take everything into account:

  • Materials, how comfortable and pleasant they are to the body;
  • Cut, whether the seam is pressing anywhere;
  • Feeling of clothes – do you feel “at ease” in them;
  • Care – how easy it is to take care of this garment;
  • Even the color
  • Etc.

After going through these 3 steps, everyone will have their own ideal proportions of the wardrobe.

Now, passing through these steps any thing, we can understand whether it fits or not, whether it fits into your personal ideal rules wardrobe?)

Author: Image stylist Alina Aleksandrova, Instagram

Rules for creating the perfect wardrobe
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