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How to Search Using Google


Google is commonly known as a search engine.

A search engine is where you can harness the power of the internet and literally search for anything, these things could include websites, images, videos, maps and much more.

How to search using Google

Open Google Chrome from your desktop or click here to open Google.

Google Chrome Logo

(if you don’t have Google Chrome downloaded you probably have Internet Explorer or Safari which you can use by following the same steps below)

In the bar at the very top of the screen type in and press [enter] to get to the Google homepage.

You will then see this page:

Search Google

Here is where you can enter your search for absolutely ANYTHING that you would like to see or know about.

Simply type in what you want to search for in the box that has been highlighted and press [enter] to search.

Google Search

But you may be asking what kind of things can I search for or how do I know what to type in?

Lets look at a couple of examples that may be useful to you.

What to search for on Google

The possibilities are endless but we will have a look at just a couple of things that may help you in your day to day life.


This is a great way to help you find a good restaurant or get some more information about a local attraction as reviewed by the ever so truthful and sometimes a little critical general public.

As with everything there are multiple ways to do this but here are two.

How to do it [Example 1]

In the search bar type ‘best restaurant near me’

Google then accesses your location and will generate a map and list of restaurants that have been rated by real people using Google along with a star rating and written reviews. 

Google Near Me

You can then click on the restaurant that you want to see more about. I chose to find out more about the Takayama Restaurant so I clicked on it and you will then see this

Google Near Me

To see the reviews for a specific restaurant click on the Google Reviews and you will then see the reviews which you can look through. 

Google Near Me

How to do it [Example 2]

A very popular place to find reviews for restaurants is on a website called Trip Advisor, you can see the results for restaurants in Ipswich from Trip Advisors website here.

Trip Advisor

Here you can select the restaurant that you want to read the reviews on and see pictures and more information. 

Trip Advisor

These are just two ways that you can look at reviews by using Google. 

You can find reviews for almost anything online from services and products to local or distant businesses. 


This is an amazing tool to help you find your way to or from anywhere (in the whole world!).

Lets say you wanted to plan a journey to Colchester Zoo starting from Ipswich town centre.

Go to Google and type in directions and press [enter].

You will then get this page.

Google Maps - Directions

Now you can simply fill in your Starting Point and Destination. So in this example I have chosen to start from Ipswich and get directions to Colchester Zoo.

Press Get Directions

Google Maps

You now have a map of the driving route to your destination.

Specific Website

This may be something that is especially useful to you.

If you are given a specific website to go to such as a businesses website to look up some information or prices on products etc then this is what you need to do.

You will need to start with knowing the websites address which is also know as a URL and usually starts with www.

As an example the URL for this site is

How to do it:

Start by removing the current web address and any text in the address bar.

Google URL

Then type the web address exactly as it appears in writing including any numbers and or hyphens (-).

Google URL

Once you have typed in the correct web address you can then press [enter] and this will then bring you to the website that you want to visit.

Try this:

Try typing in these web addresses (each should take you to the homepage of this website)

We hope that you have found this article useful and you have any questions please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE

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