Star stylists: who’s behind the scenes of celebrity fashion looks

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In the new article, we talk about several very popular representatives of this sensational profession.

We all love to closely follow and literally examine fashionable bows in detail, which celebrities are happy to “walk” both on the red carpet and on a walk, or even on the way to the supermarket. Usually, all the laurels for well-chosen images go to the celebrities themselves, although, in most cases, star stylists stand behind the scenes of their creation.


Maeve Reilly
Probably only the lazy didn’t notice how fashionable and stylish Megan Fox has recently started to look. Someone might think that divorce and a new relationship benefited the actress and breathed new life into her wardrobe, but the explanation for this is much simpler – Fox began collaborating with the star stylist Maeve Reilly, who also works with Hailey Bieber. It is thanks to the images chosen by the stylist that the model has long been called the queen of street style.

Looking at the looks of Reilly’s clients, one can sense a certain style and consistency. Obviously, in some of Fox and Bieber’s recent appearances, there are similar details, but at the same time, the stylist clearly feels the energy and character of the people with whom she works.

For example, in the bows, selected for the actress, there is an acute sense of slightly aggressive sexuality, eclecticism and catchiness, which is typical for the image of Megan. To a black leather coat, she can wear high-heeled sandals, adding trendy accessories from Bottega Venneta to all this.

Haley, in turn, can wear similar things, but more softly, diluting bows with calm accessories. “Walking” the same Bottega Venneta, which is so loved by modern women of fashion, the model will “calm” the image of an oversized sweatshirt and Nike sneakers.

Maeve Reilly

Mimi Cuttrell

The appearance of the Hadid sisters in public always causes delight and insane excitement. If you think that modern idols of young people choose spectacular and original bows for themselves, then you are deeply mistaken. This is all the merit of another star stylist – Mimi Cuttrell.

Besides Gigi and Bella, Mimi works with many other celebrities, including singer Ariana Grande and model Kaia Garber. Cutrell also handpicked Indian actress Priyanka Chopra.

Looking at the looks of these celebrities, you can immediately see that the stylist does not use any one universal method of choosing clothes, using the same methods in working with all her clients. On the contrary, Cutrell always tries to reveal the individuality of each, creating for this original bows that demonstrate the character and inner world of a person.

For the Hadid sisters, she often chooses a combination of complex prints, always adding a pinch of catchiness to the image, wears Ariana Grande in a sexy mini, but equalizes the image with cute accessories, for example, earrings in the form of flowers, and Priyanka Chopra dresses in an elegant clothing for a figure with elements of glamor and chic.

Kate Young

Kate Young is one of the few celebrity stylists with whom celebrities agree to radically change their image. It is she who is behind the change in the image of the actress Margot Robbie: from daring sexuality to gentle elegance.

In addition to Robbie, the stylist also dresses Selena Gomez, who, by the way, also recently dyed her hair from brunette to blonde, actresses Dakota Johnson and Nina Dobrev, as well as many others.

Scrolling through Kate Young’s Instagram, you will notice that she often chooses calm and elegant looks for her celebrity clients. So, on the Oscar red carpet this year, Margot Robbie appeared in a floor-length dress from Chanel, and to go out in ordinary life, Young chooses for the actress a cozy cashmere coat in a trendy camel shade.

But, despite this, the stylist also loves to “hooligan”, adding bright and catchy details to the bows. This is most likely why recently, we often see Dakota Johnson in clothes that combine complex prints with sequins and feathers, and Selena Gomez is so fond of fuchsia things.


Star stylists: who’s behind the scenes of celebrity fashion looks

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