Street fashion trends


Who sets trends first? Fashion house designers or trendsetters? Street fashion is bright, often disproportionate, balancing on the verge of adequacy and madness. But in complex images, you can consider the motion vector. Many fashionistas want to be the first, so it’s important to keep up with the street style trends. Let’s analyze the main ideas that trendsetters broadcast, repeating and ahead of fashion shows.


Delicate purple is often found on the streets of fashionable capitals. Combine lavender accessories (bags, scarves, socks) with black clothes and shoes. A light purple blazer works well with jeans and a white tee. The most daring can purchase a lavender sheepskin coat, it will become a style-forming item of the autumn-winter wardrobe.


Bralettes (bra-tops) – macro trend. Of course, not every girl will dare to wear it, and this thing also has age restrictions. And you also need to be able to reduce the sexuality of the bralette to a minimum.


Fuchsia is a trend that manufacturers and consumers love. Street style stars accentuate looks with deep pink accessories. Bags, bucket hats, fuchsia socks are ideal for sophisticated outfits.

Delicate blue

Almost every girl has a blue color in her wardrobe. The basic thing is a denim jacket, but street models show soft blue not in the texture of denim, but suggest adding a jacket, parka or hoodie of this color to the wardrobe.

School uniform

An interesting, fresh, understandable trend in street fashion – school uniforms for every day. Or rather, not just a school uniform, but its elements and colors. So relevant are short gray and black skirts, polo shirts with long sleeves, turtlenecks, black jackets, gray trouser and skirt suits, white shirts, knee-highs. School uniforms and office outfits should not be confused. The school uniform trend allows for carelessness and relaxation, and office bows are always collected and strict.

Neo boho

Boho style has come into fashion. With summer boho-style looks, everything is clear, but what are the boho-style looks for autumn and winter. Streetstyle answers this question with ethnic-accented jeans, sheepskin coats, furry cardigans, knitted skirts, wide printed trousers and casual hairstyles.


Hawaiians are sold this season even in mass markets, but they are very quickly sold out. Because the thing is universal. It can be bought and worn by the whole family. Let the spouse combine it with torn denim shorts, if the field of the Hawaiian is black, then it is better to choose black or gray shorts. In a women’s wardrobe, a Hawaiian print shirt will work with skirts, pants and even be the top layer on a dress.

Mix of prints

Printomania, replacing minimalism, rages on the streets of fashionable capitals. Of course, girls who want to get into the lens of street style hunters play with prints boldly and boldly. But for an ordinary person, it is better to start with understandable patterns for combining prints, focusing on the combination of size, color, shape. So, anime prints are difficult to combine in an image with baroque patterns.

5 women walking


If earlier a kerchief on the head was considered a bold decision, today there are more and more kerchiefs, they are complemented by logical and illogical outfits. So in the first photo the kerchief looks theatrical, in the second it is fashion, and in the third it is harmonious.


You don’t like the headscarves, then pay attention to the headbands.

Wide leather pants

If you want to enter the world of haute couture, but buy only one thing, let it be long straight or wide leather pants. This thing is universal. Pants will be combined with a basic T-shirt, turtleneck, shirt. It is enough to hang the bag under your arm and the image with the peppercorn is ready.


Not so long ago, pockets were relevant and now again. It is not necessary to buy a thing with a bunch of pockets, it will be enough to trim the pocket with fur, decorate with fringe, make the pockets noticeable in the image.

Gumshoes and bandana

Must-have under the slogan “cheap and cheerful” – sneakers, and the second – a bandana.


Berets are trying to infiltrate the fashionable Olympus again. While on streetstyle photos they are voluminous, often with a metallic decor. Perhaps the beret will go into men’s fashion.

Plaid Suits

It doesn’t matter what shape your plaid suit is. You don’t have to buy trendy plaid suits with giant shoulders. It is important to be able to beat a modern checkered suit, and for this we are looking at photos of suits in a cage on Pinterest for the request “street style checkered suits”.

Checkered skirt

And also, if the shape and imagination allow, get a mini skirt in a cage with pleats. It was she who was missing in combinations with men’s bulky jackets and panamas.


If you are tired of sewing and sewing collars, let’s start sewing cuffs. Long sleeves with exotic and lace cuffs are not only trendy for streetwear.

Walking Umbrellas

One of the unexpected things to see in the trendsetters’ looks is transparent cane umbrellas. Hurry up to buy.


If you are tired of Panamas, then in vain. They are still relevant, only now the Panama in the image is responsible for the “bizarre”. It does not have to be combined with anything. It may be different.


I didn’t want to touch on the theme of overalls, because they weren’t out of fashion, but there are a lot of cotton overalls. They are combined with sports and stiletto heels, creating multi-layered looks.

Men’s jackets

Oversized jackets have already replaced miniature and fitted jackets, but fashionistas all over the world continue to wear bulky men’s jackets jackets, exaggerating them with masculine elements or inscribing them in sexy feminine images.

Cropped Fitted Blazers

Don’t like hyper volume? Street fashion is diverse and individual, so it can be feminine, flirty in a cropped fitted jacket.


Streetstyle may be about trends, or maybe about basic wardrobe, so trench coats in the photo are often found, continue to remain relevant and desirable.

Coperni bag

What is the most common item in street style photography? Coperni bags.


Fringe on leather jackets, fringe on trench coats. This is not only a new interpretation of cowboy style by Burberry, Coach, Proenza Schouler, Longchamp, but a game of movement, accents and decor.

Baseball Caps

Try a fashionable mink coat with a Paco Rabanne baseball cap and black handbag. Baseball caps in street fashion are not mixed with feminine dresses, but with men’s suits.


Pearls love. This is a real find for giving the image in any style of relevance. Pearl thread works in grunge style, romantic and rude images are made with pearls.


So far, sundresses have not been sufficiently understood and accepted. They have not become a mass phenomenon, therefore they remain a favorite topic for playing with trends of stylish personalities of this world.


Street fashion trends

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