Tea packaging design: 9 new trends

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Tea is a product that most people in Ukraine consume every day. Recent studies prove that Ukrainians buy tea once a month, or a little more often. Choosing a product in supermarkets and shops, the client focuses on the ratio of the price and quality of the product. At the same time, even in times of crisis, people are not inclined to choose the cheapest version of the product. If a client comes across an unfamiliar brand, they first of all pay attention to the design.

It usually takes a consumer 7 seconds to form an impression of a brand. It is during this time that he decides which product to give preference to. When developing a design for a product, it is worth considering:

  • the price segment of the product that is planned for release;
  • target audience of the product;
  • positioning and unique selling proposition (USP).

Tea is divided into two categories: packaged and loose. The first is considered to be of lower quality, it is preferred to buy it for offices, travel. However, not all tea bags belong to the economy segment. Many consumers prefer tea bags to loose tea because of the more convenient packaging format. At the same time, they want to get a quality product with a nice design and are ready to pay for it.

Tea can be roughly divided into economy, medium and premium price segments. And each of them has its own trends in packaging design. It is important that cheaper or simpler packaging does not mean bad. KOLORO designers are professionals in creating eye-catching boxes, labels and logos. Contact us to design your tea!

After the target audience and price segment have been selected, you need to answer a few questions. What are the characteristics of tea, what emotions should it evoke in consumers and what’s special about it (USP ). To communicate with your audience, you need to formulate clear and easily digestible messages. They must have time to reach the consumer and gain a foothold in his mind. Having learned the answers to these questions, you can start creating a design concept.

Packaging is not only the sealing of the item, but also the unpacking process. Ease of opening and use is no less important than a pleasant appearance. Therefore, packaging design should not only be attractive, but also convenient.

Global trends in tea packaging design

1. Keep it simple. “Essentialism” (focusing on the necessary tasks and discarding unnecessary ones) in design and demonstration of the purpose of the product is the main trend that has existed for several years. It was the answer to the congestion of the information field.

«Эссенциализм» в дизайне упаковок

2. Reuse. This trend combines concern for the environment and the desire to extend the life of packaging. The point is to make her beautiful. The buyer should have a desire to put it in a prominent place, to admire it. He shouldn’t want to throw it away. An additional plus will be the company’s logo, which will remain in plain sight in the everyday life of consumers. This will help in increasing brand loyalty.

Пример дизайна упаковки

3. White is a trend in product packaging design. This is especially pronounced in the design of tea boxes. White symbolizes purity and tranquility. Tea drinking, like nothing else, is associated with tranquility and silence. Therefore, the abundance of white in packages does not harm the design of the tea, but only emphasizes its main purpose.

Белый цвет в дизайне упаковок

4. History. Every package reveals the properties of a product, but not every one tells a story. Interesting facts about the company and associative visual images will help to display the history of the brand in the packaging. This is useful for creating an emotional connection with the consumer and remembering the brand.

Пример дизайна чая

5. Geometry and 70s style Simple lines go well with bold prints and geometric patterns.

Стиль 70-х в дизайне упаковок

6. Drawn packaging leaves a lot of room for imagination. This trend includes illustrations for watercolor, naive and vector drawings.

Рисунки в дизайне упаковок

7. Hand-made on an industrial scale. The fashion for handicrafts and organics is growing stronger every day. And using home design elements can be a good idea. These include kraft paper, handwritten labels, nature images, and all sorts of natural product enhancements.

Хенд-мейд в промышленных масштабах

8. Nostalgia for the old days. Tea is associated with England during its colonial greatness. He is also associated with India and China, their large tea plantations, unexplored territories. All this can be depicted on the packaging, creating the image of a traditional product.

Дизайн с отсылкой к Индии и литературе

9. Separate line for kids. Research shows that this is the time when kids make purchasing decisions too. That is why some companies produce separate lines of adult products for children (An example in Ukraine is children’s ketchup from Chumak).

детский дизайн

Successful reincarnations: redesign of 3 world leaders in the tea market

Packaging design is not created for centuries, over time the brand is forced to change. This is usually done to gain new audiences and maintain a reputation as a market leader. Three reincarnations of the world’s leading tea producers are discussed below. If your brand needs a radical redesign or a little refresh of the look, contact KOLORO. We will help you create a new image for your product. Read more about this service here.

This British brand hasn’t changed its design, but has found another way to gain new customers. In honor of the popular TV series Downton Abbey , The Republic of Tea has released a series of teas with images of characters. What’s especially nice, on the boxes you can find not only gentlemen, but also servants. In addition to ordinary cans, there were also Christmas cans (as a separate Christmas episode of the show).

Fashion trends in design change, but good taste lasts forever. Contact KOLORO, and entrust the creation of your tea design to professionals.

Tea packaging design: 9 new trends

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